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Laser Hair Removal Surgery, Removal of Hair by Laser, Risks, Dangers & Procedures

Updated on December 5, 2015

Laser hair removal treatments are used to remove unwanted or unsightly hair from any part of the body. The laser hair removal procedures use an intensely heated and constantly vibrating beam of light which damage individual hair follicles inhibiting any future hair growth.

Laser hair removal does not give a permanent hair free area, it simply gives a longer hair free time without the necessity to continually use hair removal methods. Any type of surgery has dangers and risks involved.

Hair removal by laser is a non-surgical medical procedure, and like any medical procedure there are risks involved which could damage the skin, and in severe cases permanent damage may cause skin pigmentation discoloration.

Initial consultation

NB: Laser technicians need no medical background, qualifications, or training to perform laser hair removal treatments.

When initially meeting a surgical technician and consultant to receive laser hair treatment, they may refuse to treat you because of any medicines that the patient is being taken or because of skin problems.

A consultant will advise each client on their own specific needs and will talk about the risks involved and the side effects.

Laser hair removal technicians will need to know certain aspects of a potential clients medical history to ascertain the type of laser to be used in treatment. The law states that anybody under the age of 18 years must have written parental or guardian consent before any laser hair removal treatment will be given.

Laser hair removal, the risks

Laser hair removal risks are numerous and many patients will suffer the same side effects which all patients undergoing this type of treatment receive. Skin tone and pigmentation as well as the technician operating the laser can add to the risk factor whilst receiving laser treatment.

Burning skin

All patients will receive mild to medium burning sensations during and for a period of time after surgery. A redness will appear over the area being treated and will last for several days and may become itchy and difficult to lay on. The time scale depends on the fairness of the skin.


A stinging sensation is normal in all patients receiving laser hair removal treatments. Some patients indicate that the sensation is kin to being snapped with an elastic band. This is a continuous side effect again for several days but it will pass and the sensation will diminish on a daily basis.


This is a laser hair removal side effect which can affect up to 30% of patients with usually lighter skin tones. The scabs are the bodies natural defences and should not be picked at in case they leave a scar. Scabs form if the laser used was overly hot or was treating an area for a longer period of time.


All skin which has been exposed to extreme heat will swell to a certain degree. Slightly swollen skin is a normal side effect from laser hair removal surgery and will dissipate within a couple of days.


A slight flare of acne may prevail around the treated area for several days but is nothing to worry about and will gradually disappear before the next session




This is the bleeding under the skin leaving purple spots or rashes. This is an extremely rare side affect of laser hair removal treatments and a consultant will inform a patient if they are susceptible to this condition or not.


Once the skin is exposed after laser treatment, a slight chance of infection presents itself. The area should be kept clean and free of as much bacteria as possible.

Pigmentation discoloration

Hypopigmentation is where the skin color lightens and hyperpigmentation is the name for when the skin color darkens. Hypopigmentation can be altered with some medication and time but hyperpigmentation cannot be altered and will usually last a lifetime. This condition is very rare.

Home laser hair removal

Home laser hair removal treatment technologically advanced systems allow for an alternative method in removing unwanted hair by laser in the comfort of your own home.

The systems are not initially cheap, but when weighing up the costs of each session from a qualified technician can prove to be inexpensive.

All come with full instructions and if a person is not sure if they can use the equipment properly, then they should not use it. Home systems are ideal is there is another person assisting in the treatment.

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