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Laura Dare Nightgown

Updated on September 7, 2014

Elegant Nightgowns for Children

Girls love Laura Dean nightgowns! These frilly nighties bring out the feminine side in any little lady!

This boutique brand of children's sleepwear is available in sizes infants to girls size 14. Many accessories are available as well, such as robes, headbands and sleep masks. This is important, because as moms and grandmas, we know our little women love having everything match!

Most items are made from easy-care polyester fabric. All Laura Dare nightgowns are made in the USA!

My daughters are too big for these now. I wish I had known about them when my darlings were small. We would have enjoyed them so much!

Put a smile on the face of your special child when you buy her a beautiful nightgown by Laura Dare! She is sure to reward you with plenty of hugs and sweet kisses!

This pink gown is sold below.

Pink Peignoir Set - From Laura Dare

I remember my first peignoir. I got it for Christmas when I was about seven years old. My younger sister had a matching set. We took them on a trip to ski resort with my father's cousin and his new wife. She gushed over how beautiful they were, and made my sister and me feel so special!

Your little darling will be pretty as a princess in her pink peignoir!

Pink Victorian Nightgown - She will be the picture of femininity!

Enjoy classic Victorian elegance with this beautiful nightgown! It is so dainty and old fashioned! She'll feel just like a princess!

More Pink Nightgowns - Just Look at All the Ruffles!

She will be pretty in pink when you give her any of these lovely confections! Imagine how she will spin and float around the house in any of these diaphanous gowns!

Fuschia Nightgown Set for Girls - Like a Beautiful Flower!

She will love this bright fuschia pink peignoir set! Such a fun and feminine color! It's one of my favorites!

Fuchsia Nightie

She'll flip for fuchsia when you give her this lovely gown!

A fuchsia is a deep pink summer flower that dances in the breeze. And that is how she will look in this pretty summer nightie!

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Rosebud Print Gown - Like a Trip Back in Time!

This sweet rosebud print is reminiscent of grandmother's childhood! Every little girl should have such a pretty nightie!

It can be used as either a long nightgown or robe.

See these Lovely Gowns on Some Very Cute Models!

Interested in seeing how these pretty nighties look when worn? These beautiful models show them off in style!

Another Rosebud Print Nightgown - A Pretty One for a Younger Sister

Here is another choice in the pretty rosebud jersey print. Perhaps two sisters can wear gowns that do not quite match, but coordinate instead. My mother often dressed my sisters and I like that.

Laura Dare Nightgowns on eBay

Let's see what eBay has today from Laura Dare! Any frilly nightgowns or pajamas for girls?

I love shopping at eBay! You never know what you will find at these auctions.

Classic Red Christmas Nightgown - From Laura Dare

This red nightie brings back memories of my childhood and the sleepwear my Aunt Cassie would give us every Christmas Eve! My sisters and I always looked gorgeous in our pictures around the Christmas tree!

A Victorian-style nightgown never goes out of style! Create memories for your little one with this old fashioned gown!

More Christmas Nightgowns from Laura Dare

She will be ready for Christmas in her pretty red nightgown! For an extra special gift, add a matching robe! She will feel like a princess!

Which frilly nightie would your little girl like best? Is it hard to choose just one?

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    • maryseena profile image

      maryseena 5 years ago

      It definitely is hard to choose! She would love all of them!