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Lip Makeup, A Guide

Updated on July 27, 2009

Lip makeup has been around for a very long time, from the times of the Ancient Greeks and Egyptians. It is quite true that it has evolved quite a bit since then but the idea is the same. To make lips more attractive. You may have the loveliest lips in the universe, but a touch of lipstick or lip gloss will always add that extra something. It doesn't matter what you think your lips look like, with a bit of patience, a lip liner, some color and gloss you can create miracles.

There is quite a large variety of lip makeup available on the market today. On an inspection of a cosmetics store you will find lipstick, lip gloss and lip liners. Each of these in turn comes in quite a few varieties, and I don't mean just color here, since the option of colors are endless.

There is matte lipstick which offers a flat color, but it tends to be quite deep and dramatic. The color is intense but it is advisable to use moisturizer on your lips since this lipstick can dry out your lips. Of course you can find matte lipstick that is enhanced with vitamin E and aloe, which would be a wise choice.

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Creme lipsticks contain a larger amount of wax which helps protect the lips but can make them feel dry. The finish is not quite as shiny as other types of lipstick. Then there are pearly lipsticks which reflect light and make your lips sparkle. You can also find long lasting and transfer resistant lipsticks which will last from 4 to 8 hours depending on the type. These are rather dry products, so a good moisturizer beforehand is a must.

Lip gloss comes in a variety of shades or can be completely sheer. They can be used alone or to enhance a lipstick. There are also lip glosses that contain ingredients that will plump up your lips. They are referred to as lip plumpers or lip plumper lip glosses. Do not be alarmed if you feel a tingling sensation as that is to be expected.

Lip Makeup Application Tips

To get the most life out of your lipstick, apply a light layer of foundation on your lips and then dust with powder. After, you apply your color. The foundation forms a base for the color to better adhere to.

Another option is to use your liner to fill in all the lip area and then apply your lipstick, blot and apply again, blot one last time and finish off with a gloss to give shine. Using a small makeup brush to apply your lip makeup will also lengthen the life of your color on your lips.

You can visually increase the size of your lips by applying liner just outside the natural contour of your lips. If you want a fuller lower lip then go outside only on the bottom lip and the same for your upper lip.

Another, more permanent option, is to get your contour tattooed. It will be like permanently wearing liner although I like variety and wouldn't be happy with any form of permanent makeup.

Choosing a color for your lips is the fun part. Experiment to see what colors suit you best but as a general guideline, pick more subdued tones for the day and more dramatic colors for the evening.

For more makeup tips visit A Makeup Tutorial: A Quick Guide to a Flawless Look.


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