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Little Girl Lotus Raincoat and Boots

Updated on March 11, 2015

When my granddaughter opened the box from Amazon that I send her, she laughed with sheer joy as she pulled this Lotus Raincoat by Kidorable out of the box.

She shrieked when she realized she had gotten the coordinating accessories too and immediately wiggled into her new raincoat and pulled on her new rain boots.

The colors and design of this pretty pastel Lotus Raincoat are so perfect for the springs rains which will be coming soon enough in the mainland. The rainy season had already started in the Hawaiian Islands where my granddaughter lives, when they got their box, so this collection turned out to be the perfect gift at the perfect time.

My granddaughter did not want to wear any other other coat and boots since she received this set.

Other than how cute the Lotus Flower Collection is, but my daughter likes the fact that the PVC material the raincoat has been fabricated from will be easy to wipe down with just a sponge or towel. She loves the look of the collection too and says people are already asking where she got it when they see Umi wearing it.

This adorable spring Lotus Flower Raincoat is the center of the Lotus Flower Collection. It has panels of pastel pink and yellow PVC with the most adorable collar. The collar looks like lotus blossom petals and stamens. It is just so very, very cute and we all really, really like it. The front of the rain coat is a wavy cut accented with green trim and snap closures with little leaves making it look like a vine stem growing up the front.

The sleeves of the rain coat are scalloped, with a darker pink trim. A cute little bee print accents one of the sleeves. The absolute best are the two pretty pastel pink and lilac lotus blossom applique pockets on the front of each coat flap. They are the pretty accents that first caught my eye when I saw this adorable collection.

Included with the coat is a matching handmade wood hanger which has been hand-painted with lotus blossoms. My daughter told me that my granddaughter loves hanging up her raincoat by herself now that she has this sweet little hanger. It has made teaching her to pick up after herself fun instead of a chore. Granted it probably won't last very long but it is a good start for a toddler girl.

I did end up getting more hangers for her from the Kidorable Site so that she could hang more of her clothes by her little self than just her new raincoat. There are also more accessories on their site.

Lotus Rain Boots by Kidorable

Lotus Flower Rain Boots

This coordinating pair of rain boots from the Lotus Flower Collection is almost a 'must have'!

I mean of course you don't have to get them for your little girl, but why would you not want too?

I know how little ones love to jump in puddles, so she might as well have the matching pair of boots to look oh so cute while out playing in the rain. These lotus flower rain boots are definitely puddle magnets that will inspire fun and laughter in every child.

My daughter told me that my granddaughter was jumping from puddle to puddle the first time she wore her boots in the rain; laughing with every jump. The great thing is that she just hosed them off when they got home, so the cleanup could be easier.

Believe me; everyone will want to know where she got her adorable rain coat and rain boots outfit.

Lotus Umbrella by Kidorable

OMG! It just doesn't get much cuter than this!

This umbrella encourages singing and splashing in the rain while jumping from puddle to puddle while having a fabulous time!

This adorable Lotus Flower Petals Umbrella has pastel panels which look like the closed petals of a lotus blossom.

Each panel is a different pastel color and the top of the umbrella is accented with a little honey bee applique. So cute!

My daughter like the detail that went into the construction of this umbrella. The handle was made for little hands to hold comfortably and it looks like a lotus flower bud.

If you already have the raincoat and boots then you must get the umbrella to coordinate for a matching rainy day outfit.

The only problem my daughter had with the umbrella is that Umi's cousin kept trying to take it home with her. My daughter called me to "please buy one more for her niece". I bought her niece the ballerina set so now both girls are happy when they have play dates on a rainy day.

Lotus Flower Coordinating Backpack

Every little girl needs a place to keep her own personal stuff and when she sees this toddler size Lotus Blossom Backpack she will want to take it with her everywhere.

It is just the right size for her to pack her jammies and a toothbrush for a sleepover.

She can use it to carry her very own, very important, personal stuff on her next adventurous day trip to the store, to the beach, on a picnic, to the zoo, to the park or anywhere else she needs to go to explore.

Kidorable Lotus Flower Rain Gear
Kidorable Lotus Flower Rain Gear

Popular with Celebrity Kids

The Kidorable brand is so loved by children, that many celebrities have bought sets for their children to wear. Katie Holmes and her daughter, Suri Cruise; Gavin Rossdale and his son Kingston; Sarah Jessica Parker and twin girls; Charlie Sheen's son Sam and daughter Lola; and Jennifer Garner and daughter Saraphina, to name a few.

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5 Fun Things to Play Outside in the Rain

  1. Put Up a Pop Tent - If the kids don't have a tree house in the backyard, let them put up a pop tent. There imagination will go wild while they pretend they are on a great adventure in an Amazon rainforest. It is fun to feel cozy and sheltered, while listening to the sounds of the rainfall beating out a natural rhythm on the the roof of the tent.
  2. Go Worm Hunting - Kids love to skip from puddle to puddle hunting down the earthworms that always come up for air when it's raining. We all know how important earthworms are to the success of our give each child their own bucket to collect the worms they find. They can bring them back "home" to the garden. Pay them a penny a worm if you like to begin teaching them the value of earning money for their "work".
  3. Play water balloon baseball - Use water balloons instead of baseballs for lots of wet fun.
  4. Play hopscotch using puddles.
  5. Make Mud Pies - The kids will have a blast making mud pies in the rain! Give them a beach pail, some old aluminum pie tins or plastic bowls to play with in the mud.

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