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look cute - quick!

Updated on July 13, 2009
Remove shine
Remove shine
Sunny Glow...
Sunny Glow...
Sleek Ponytail
Sleek Ponytail

Your crush is in your next class? With these super-fast tricks, you'll look cuter by the time he catches your eye....

De-frizz your hair.

  • How to: Prevent your hair from getting frizzy after P.E class by spritzing it with a leave-in conditioning spray. Lightly mist conditioner all over your hair, then finger two-inch piece around your face. Try: Davinces Defining System Defining Gloss...

Remove Shine.

  • How to: If your face starts to look greasy mid-day, sop up excess oil with a sheet of blotting paper. Press one against on area of your skin only once (Don't rub), and repeat on other oily areas of your face. This technique won't swear your makeup. Try: Clean and Clear Pink Grapefruit Oil Control Film

Wake up your eyes.

  • How to: No one has to know you've been out partying the whole night. Open up your eyes by curling your lashes three times: Place the curler at the roots of your lashes, then curl. Repeat in the middle, and on the very tip of lashes.

Get a sunny glow.

  • How to: Achieve that "I just came from the beach" glow by dusting shimmery bronzer onto your cheeks, foreheads, and the bridge of your nose. Use a powder puff for the easiest application. Try: CoverGirl TruBlend Minerals, or Golden Sunrise...

Brighten your whole look.

  • How to: Liven up your entire face (even after a post-lunch food coma!) with a swipe of cherry-red lip gloss - the color is so rich you'll need less makeup everywhere else. Try: Lancome Juicy Tubes by Nature..

Refresh your look.

  • How to: When your makeup starts to wear away after lunch, spray your face with toner, then pat with a tissue once. This will hydrate your skin and freshen your makeup, so it will look like you just applied it.. Try: Pond's Oil Solution Pore Conditioning Toner.

Look totally polished

  • How to: Appear pulled together when you're feeling frazzled with a super-sleek ponytail. Pull hair back into a pony, and spritz with hairspray. Then twist a two-inch piece of air around your elastic and pin underneath. Try: TGI S Factor Chic Shine Hairspray

Create a rossy flush

  • How to: You'll seem perky and awake even in your most grueling class with a shimmery pink highlighter. Get that dewy glow by smoothing it onto the apples of your cheeks and just above your cheekbones, then your using fingers to blend it. Try: Revlon Bare it All, or Pink-A-Boo


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    • jeunefemme profile image

      jeunefemme 7 years ago

      Great tips, they are perfect mid-day beauty solutions! Thanks for the hub.