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The Magic of Moonstone

Updated on March 13, 2020
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Cynthia has a degree in history and business economics. She loves archaeology and would happily spend every holiday exploring ancient sites.

Cabochon Moonstone Ring
Cabochon Moonstone Ring | Source

Moonstone is the gemstone that is closely associated with the silvery, mysterious light of the Moon and was, in fact, named because of its resemblance to our nearest celestial neighbour. But what is moonstone? It is the world’s most valuable variety of feldspar, and it is comprised of two types of intermingled feldspar, orthoclase and albite.

When they it is forming in the Earth’s crust it cools and the orthoclase and albite separates into alternating layers of stacked feldspars. If you look at a moonstone it will appear to have a milky glow or lustre and this is produced when light shines between the thin layers of feldspar. This phenomenon is known as adularescence, and is produced when the light scatters in the gemstone in many different directions creating the pale glow deep in the stone.

It comes in a range of pale, opalescent colours, with milky white being the most common, but rarer blue, pink, yellow or orange stones are also found. You can also find beautiful rainbow moonstone that is a milky white colour that contains a wonderful iridescent lustre.

Their clarity varies from transparent to translucent and they have a hardness grade of 6 on the Mohs Scale. Because moonstone is a relatively soft gemstone they need to be looked after carefully to prevent them from becoming scratched or cracked. They need to be carefully stored and you should never mix your moonstone jewellery with harder gemstones like diamonds, in case it gets damaged.

History of Moonstone

They are found in many parts of the world and are currently being mined in Australia, Mexico, Madagascar, Norway, Poland, Myanmar, the Austrian Alps, Sri Lanka and the USA. The very highest quality moonstones come from Sri Lanka and it is the state gemstone of the US States of New York and Florida.

They are very popular gemstones today, but they have been known and loved since antiquity. They were regarded very highly by the ancient Greeks and Romans, who associated them with their lunar deities. The Romans thought that moonstone was created from the rays of moonlight solidifying and that they were a favourite jewel of the lunar goddess Diana.

They were also revered as a sacred stone in ancient India. In more modern times, they became very popular during the years of the Art Nouveau movement in the United States, although they fell out of favour again from the mid 1920’s onwards. Moonstones have come back into favour again in recent years and are often placed in pendants, rings and earrings, usually set in gleaming sterling silver.

Moonstones in Crystal Healing

Moonstone is also used in crystal healing and has many myths and legends associated with it. One of these myths is that if you give your beloved a gift of a moonstone necklace at the time of the full moon it will ensure that your love for each other will remain passionate forever.

Wearing this gemstone is said to attract good fortune and be very helpful with predicting the future and telling fortunes. It is a good gemstone to wear while meditating as it boosts intuition and helps to give you inspiration. It is a stone of balance and can help you to release blocked emotions.

On the physical level, because of moonstone’s association with the moon and lunar cycles, it is said to be helpful for women who experience painful periods, have trouble conceiving or problems in pregnancy. Wearing this stone can also help to soothe conditions of the stomach and digestive system, and they are regarded as being especially powerful at the time of the full Moon. It is the gemstone for the zodiac sign of Cancer, which is a water sign ruled by the Moon, and is also the birthstone for the months of February and September.

If you are looking for a gift for your 13th Wedding Anniversary, then look no further than some exquisite moonstone jewelry, as they are the gemstone of this anniversary. They have also made their way into literature, with the most famous example being the Victorian novel ‘The Moonstone’ written in 1868 by Wilkie Collins.

Find The Best Moonstones

Moonstone is at its most stunning when set in gleaming sterling silver, and you can choose from a huge range of moonstone pendants, necklaces, earrings, rings and bracelets. They are often set in Celtic jewelry designs and are, not surprisingly, also often set in moon designs. Celtic knot jewellery is now very trendy, and there are many great moonstone Celtic knot necklaces, pendants, earrings and bracelets that you can choose from that look great when you wear them with your favourite hippy chic and Boho outfits.

Although they are most often set in silver, you can find pieces set in yellow or white gold. Gold moonstone jewelry does tend to be more expensive, but is very elegant and beautiful, so if you are looking for a very special gift for a loved one then why not splash out?. You may find it surprising, but one of the very best places to look for moonstone jewelry is online and you can browse a great selection on Amazon.

As moonstone is one of the more affordable gemstones, it makes a great gift for birthdays, Christmas or anniversaries, especially if you have Cancerian friends or family born in February or September.

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