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★ Make-Up Tutorials & Tips for Newbies | Online Beginner Lessons & Video Tutorials ★

Updated on February 7, 2015

A Complete Starter Guide for Make-Up Basics

We don't get make-up lessons at school so us girls have to pretty much figure out what to do for ourselves - however with the internet becoming more and more accessible, huge resources for advice and tips have meant that teaching ourselves all kind of skills has become easier. So this page is a roundup of the guides I have put together myself, as well as lots of tutorials for everyday makeup and ideas for party looks.

I've also included beginner guides to buying makeup brushes, and different methods of cleaning the brushes to keep them hygienic and fresh. You will find a list of the best makeup Youtube channels and beauty blogs too.

I hope you find this collection useful :)

It's All In The Detail


Top-Rated Makeup Kits - For Makeup Enthusiasts

Gift sets and large collections are perfect if you like to experiment with a wide range of looks:

A Little Intro From Me

Make-up has always been a bit of a mystery to me due to the millions of products available with all kinds of different properties and promises, with new ones popping up every I've always just quickly put on a bit of mascara, some blue eyeliner, covered any spots and that's it!

So I've decided now I'm 25 I should put more effort into it, especially as my skin has always been oily with lots of breakouts so needs a bit more work than most anyway. Therefore, I'm going to research the heck out of all of the different categories of makeup and put the best info, tutorials, tips and products all on their individual page. I hope it helps the clueless like me, as well as maybe teaching makeup enthusiasts a few things too :)

Below this box you will find a list of the pages I have completed so far. Thanks for reading!

Looks For The Daytime

Makeup Looks For Evenings & For Nights Out

Add Glitz & Glam To Your Life


Make-Up Tips

Make-Up Brushes


About Make-Up Brushes

There are many makeup brushes available so it can be a bit confusing as to which ones you need. There are big fluffy powder brushes, foundation buffers, angled flat brushes for eyebrows, small flat eye shadow brushes and many more, and I will be pointing out the best brushes to use for each type of makeup on my pages listed above.

With regards to looking after your brushes, the general consensus is that you should wash your brushes every week due to the accumulation of face oils, bacteria, skin flakes, old makeup etc. on the bristles, and cleaning them regularly keeps them fresh and soft, and will mean that they last longer (which is especially important for any expensive brushes you may have :-)) Some people seem to clean their brushes daily but I don't think I could be bothered with that! The best thing to do is to wash them in the evening so you can leave them to dry thoroughly overnight.

There seem to be a number of ways people use to clean brushes, including olive oil, detergent, soap, baby shampoo and rubbing alcohol. There are also brush cleaners you can buy which are specifically designed for the job.

I've listed the best links I've found on the subject of brushes (see below) so you can have a browse of the different methods, techniques and products people use. As long as the brushes get clean there aren't really many rules apart from don't be too rough with the bristles, and also make sure you re-shape the brushes before leaving them to dry.

When looking into buying makeup brushes for the first time or adding to your collection, always try to go for quality. This doesn't necessarily mean expensive but the general advice seems to be to buy the best quality you can afford. 5 brushes is a good starting point for beginners, and you can use some brushes for different types of makeup too.

Make-Up Brushes 101

What A Transformation! - Inspiring Video For Anyone With Severe Acne

What kind of day makeup routine do you have?

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    • TheMakeupAdvisory profile image


      5 years ago

      A really nice lens and well put together. If you need any help or information please do not hesitate to ask:)


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