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Make Up For Ever, Long-lasting Foundation Makeup

Updated on July 27, 2009

If you are hunting for long-lasting foundation makeup, or in fact any long-lasting cosmetics, then Make Up For Ever will most likely have something for you since they are the leader in this sector.

Their Face & Body Liquid Makeup is available in 19 shades. It has a gel texture which is light, fresh and very smooth. It evens out your complexion and creates a natural effect by leaving a slight sheen of powder on your skin. It is also water-resistant meaning it can be used as body makeup, as the name suggests, if you have the inclination to do so. It is formulated for all skin types. It is 80% water which makes it an incredibly light and fresh foundation. It has a non oily texture and contains volatile silicon for a silky feel and easy application. The manufacturer advises that you let it dry for 2 – 3 minutes on your body and remove any excess powder with a brush or tissue before you dress.

Although it seems to offer sheer coverage because it is so light in fact it does successfully cover many imperfections and it is excellent even for skin that requires medium to full coverage. It offers a very natural look and you do not require a large quantity of the product to achieve some amazing results. The trick is to build to a fuller coverage, hence apply, allow to dry and apply some more, yet it does not end up feeling cakey.

This product is also very easy to blend, probably one of the easiest on the market. After applying it, it just seems to sink into your skin and looks completely natural, which also makes it ideal for men, so they can pretend they have nothing on.

The texture does seem to feel odd to some but most have had the best success applying it with their fingers and still consider it one of the best foundations available. It’s excellent for drier skins because of the massive water content which keeps your face wonderfully hydrated. It is good with oily skin as well but you will need a light dusting of powder to finish your look off.

It is really good for problem skin as well, from covering acne scars, rosacea patches and hereditary dark circles to breakouts and giving sallow skin a wonderful, healthy glow.

True to Make Up For Ever’s reputation it is long-lasting but because it is a water proof foundation makeup you will have to take extra special care in cleansing. You will probably find it easier to remove with an oil based cleanser, but that is a small price to pay for a streak-less face in the rain.

A slight drawback is that it takes a little while to fully dry and it’s best to apply to your whole face, wait a few seconds and then begin to blend. But the result is completely worth it as you will have a healthy skin finish, which is neither shimmery nor matte but perfect.

Make Up For Ever Face & Body Liquid is bottled in 1.67 oz bottle which makes the $38 price tag quite reasonable for that flawless look you get.


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