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Different Types of Manicures Available in Spas and Nail Salons

Updated on October 25, 2012

Manicure is not just a matter of fashion these days. Now it is considered as a symbol of personal hygiene and status. A good looking hand is always attractive to everyone. That is why now there are different types of manicure services available in the nail salons and spas. The choice of your manicure treatment depends on your requirement and preference. Some common and popular types of manicures available in NYC are:

French manicure

This is a classic type of manicure that generally features the use of light colors. A clear or ivory colored nail polish is used to paint the body of nail and white color is applied at the top. The shape of the nail may be round, square or oval depending on client’s choice. This type of manicure is generally preferred by those who like to have a light fashion.

Paraffin wax

This is one of the advanced manicure treatments available is spas and nail salons. Warm wax is applied to the body of the hand, wrist and nail. It helps your hand skin to become soft and smooth. It also improves the moisture condition of the body part.

Hot stone manicure

This is an integrated manicure treatment. It involves a hand massage and application of hot stone therapy. It improves a gorgeous look of your hand and makes it soft and smooth.

American manicure

It is a natural type of manicure that uses no chemical or artificial paints or polish. In this treatment the nails are shaped into different shape. It uses sharp tools so extra care should be taken during this treatment.

Luxury manicure

This is a complete manicure treatment. It includes all hand treatment that is necessary to beautify your hand. It includes a hand massage, paraffin wax, and heat treatment, moisturizing and softening. Sometimes additional services are included depending on client requirement.

Spa manicure

This manicure service is specially provided in spas that include a complete hand care. It provides all the necessary nail care including additional steps like hydrating mask or an aromatic salt rub.

Peppermint Sea twist manicure

This manicure treatment is done with freshly harvested peppermint with essential oil and gel. It helps to give your hand a young look and purifies the hand skin. 

Opi soak-off gel manicure

Opi soak-off gel is a natural nail care gel product. It is used in most of the nail spas for advanced nail care. This gel is applied to the nail tip and it lasts for as long as almost 2 weeks without any crack or chip. This outstanding nail fashion is available in top class nail care salons in NYC.

Brazilian Manicure

This is a natural nail treatment method that includes no use of chemicals, creams or water. Specially lined gloves are used to soften and moisturize your hand. This treatment helps to grow and strengthen your nails. 

Shellac Gel manicure

Of all types of gel manicures, Shellac is the most advanced type and is called hybrid gel manicure. One positive side of Shellac is it does not require the soaking of nails in an Acetone bowl. It lasts for two weeks and does not involve glue or fake nails. The gel coats are applied directly on your nails and after each coat the nail has to be placed under UV lamp to dry it off.

Velvet Manicure

Nail industry is ever evolving and new nail fashion and products are coming everyday. Not all get the attraction, one that did recently is Velvet manicure. It gives your nails a matt finishing with the help of velvet fiber. This manicure comes in three colors, Berry Poncho, Blue Suede, and Mink Cashmere. Velvet manicure is less expensive and a lot easier to put on then gel manicure. If you always admired velvet and matt color, then this is something you must try.

There are also some other types of manicures available which are not mentioned here. You may find a few special type of manicure in NYC only available in particular nail salons. You may choose your desired manicure treatment according to your requirements. But one thing should be considered that as it uses sharp edged tool, extra care should be taken and it is better to get manicure done from someone who is an expert in this service.

What type of manicure is your favorite?

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    • profile image

      Dineo 5 years ago

      I forever have a manicure but only French but at least now I

      know there's many unique manicures that I can try.As soon as I wake up I am getting me a manicure,my fiancé knows that's what really puts a smile on my face!

    • profile image

      sallie 6 years ago

      thoes nails are awsome i wish i could do those with my nails oh well.

    • Plarson profile image

      Plarson 6 years ago from Alabama

      Ty!! Now i'll understand where my money is going when my fiancé gets her nails done. I am willing to bet, that a lot more guys would be more understanding if the took the time out from trying to look like a "man" in front of their "boys", and instead took a day at the spa, or salon with their lover. Then again, not all men are really secure enough for that, LOL -Paul

    • Ms. Safeforwork profile image

      Ms. Safeforwork 6 years ago

      Thanks for the great Hub. To get away from the boyfriend and get a manicure is a super way to spend the afternoon!