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Italian Leather Briefcases

Updated on February 21, 2015

Maxwell Scott - Italian Leather Briefcases For Men

Maxwell Scott's mens leather briefcases are hand crafted in Italy from some of the finest, vegetable tanned leather available. We use a combination of traditional Artisan crafting techniques and new technology to create durable high quality leather briefcases. We care about the longevity of our products and your complete satisfaction which is why each stunning Italian leather briefcase comes with an amazing lifetime guarantee.

The Jesolo Men's Leather Briefcase Satchel is one of our most popular items. It comes with either two or three compartments and you can choose from three stunning colours. The two-compartment Jesolo leather briefcase has room for a 16-inch laptop and enough sections to help you organize your small everyday essentials. The three-compartment Jesolo leather briefcase is spacious enough to help you carry all the A4 files you need for important meetings, plus your laptop, pens, mobile and other essentials. Both are made from high-quality, durable Italian leather that is designed to improve with age and last a lifetime.

The Paolo Men's Leather Business Case is designed to be a workhorse for businessmen on the go. You can choose from two or three compartments, each of which are spacious enough to accommodate a 16-inch laptop, A4 files, and your essential small items. These stunning Italian leather briefcases have been handmade in Italy to last you a lifetime. With the Paolo leather briefcase you are sure to look both smart and sophisticated.

More Quality Maxwell Scott Leather Briefcases

  • The Lorenzo briefcase combines style, practicality and durability with its V-shaped opening, compact size and luxury leather materials. It comes with a handy detachable leather strap so you can quickly switch between formal and casual! It includes smaller compartments for your phone and pens and has enough room for your everyday essentials. This versatile briefcase can be used by both men and women and always look completely elegant.

  • The Ranco briefcase is large enough to hold a small laptop, important A4 files and foolscap in its two main compartments. This small yet stylish briefcase includes a padlock to keep your documents safe and secure. Handmade from luxury Italian leather, this stunning stylish yet classic briefcase will last you many years of unhindered use.

  • The Battista satchel has been designed for those who seek a quality leather shoulder bag that is both practical and stylish. It can be used as an organized work bag or casual travel bag and comes with easy to access panels for your mobile, cards and pens. This makes an excellent organised gift for the discerning businessman and makes the perfect first impression.

  • The Basilio is a new model designed for lawyers and executives who need a quality leather bag with enough room to carry all their important documents. It comes with detachable holders for pens, a PDA, and a mobile phone and if you need more room for paperwork or a small laptop, you can simply remove these holders! The contents will stay secure due to the lockable front catch and it has been designed to look professional yet endure everyday wear and tear with ease.

  • The Lagaro Executive Briefcase is a luxurious and lightweight alternative to a traditional laptop case or briefcase. It comes with numerous interior pockets and compartments to carry all your small everyday essentials. It can even double up as a travel or flight bag making absolutely sure you will look smart and elegant.

  • The Alanzo Men's Briefcase is one of our largest and most practical briefcases. It is designed for those who carry a vast amount of paperwork and even features removable holders for more room. It contains a second zip compartment for business cards, a large pouch pocket on the front, and handy straps to stow your umbrella or rolled up newspaper!

  • The Volterra Laptop Case provides a roomy protective home for your laptop in a stylish way. It features an adjustable padded section in the front and a separate filing system for your important paperwork to the rear. The handle is padded so not only will you look elegant, but you can use it with comfort.

  • The Tomachelli Briefcase is a spacious leather briefcase that has been recognised by The Independent newspaper as one of the ten best around! It has enough room to hold a 17-inch laptop and all your paperwork and even features two large pouch pockets. Designed to stand the wear and tear of everyday life, this luxury briefcase is sure to be used time and time again.

  • The Scanno Attache Case features a rigid structure and tough closing mechanism to protect all your important papers. This case is handmade around a solid wood frame by master craftsmen in Italy and has been designed to last. Its interior cream suede lining complements the high-quality leather exterior beautifully for a stylish yet sophisticated appearance.

  • The Varese Pilot Case is our largest briefcase model. It can carry your laptop, a large amount of paperwork, and entire lever arch files. Improving with age, this beautiful briefcase will gain a unique antique look and last you a lifetime.

  • The Buroni Attaché Case is designed for the discerning businessman who seeks an elegant attaché case for his important paperwork. A traditional piece, this leather briefcase will not fail to impress. The interior features natural coloured suede with a panel for your PDA, mobile phone, and pens.

  • The Strada Expandable Attaché Case is designed for those who need to carry a vast amount of paperwork. The interior is lined with natural coloured suede and contains a panel for your small everyday essentials. This classic case has a traditional lid opening and a padlock to front for extra security.

  • The Varese Pilot Case on Wheels makes carrying large amounts of paperwork easy with its extendible handle and wheels. Take your laptop, lever arch files, tools and samples on your business trips and impress fellow travelers with this stylish briefcase.

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