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How to Brighten up Your Face Without Using Too Much Makeup

Updated on May 12, 2021
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I'm a self-confessed internet junkie who spends way too many hours staring at my laptop screen (with love, of course).

The Maybelline BB Cream - I've Got Two!

Maybelline BB Cream (Radiance)
Maybelline BB Cream (Radiance)

Tired Of Using Too Much Makeup?

I wish someone had told me about BB creams earlier, especially the Maybelline BB cream. This is going to be a totally unbiased review.

The name "BB cream" here stands for Bright Benefit cream. The term originated in Korea and Japan and over there it stands for Blemish Balm. BB creams are a rage in Korea and Japan and rightfully so. It seems to instantly light up the face and gives you a fresh, clean look as opposed to the made-up look that you get when you use too much cosmetics. It's very light and all you need is some loose powder to give that brilliant finish.

BB Creams: An All-in-One Product

  • Moisturizing cream (tinted)
  • Anti-aging properties
  • Conceals flaws
  • Mattifying effect
  • Protects you from the Sun (SPF included)

Maybelline Clear Glow BB Cream: The One I Used

The one I am using in India is a little different from the one you get elsewhere. I have seen different Maybelline BB cream versions especially one named 'Dream Fresh' in a bigger package. The one I'm using comes in a small teal-colored tube but lasts long enough for me because I work from home and I use it only when I step outside.

If you are in India and you plan on wearing it every day (which I recommend so that it gives you that glowing natural fresh look) then you might want to purchase several packs of these. This is to avoid having to repurchase them at regular intervals. All you will need is a small coin-sized amount of this cream to make you look flawless (well almost!).

Whether it is for this version (available in India) or the Maybelline Dream Fresh BB cream available abroad - the reviews they seem to be getting are positive. Everyone seems to be raving about how their skin appears brighter after application and how it helps in hiding their flaws. This cream also makes a great base for your foundation, so it acts like a multipurpose cream.

Before and After - No Photoshop - Only Camera Flash

A swatch of BB cream
A swatch of BB cream
After blending in the cream
After blending in the cream

My Review

Initially, when you wear the BB cream you might feel that your face appears a bit too white but this is only during the first few minutes of application. After some time, your skin soaks up the moisturizer and it appears more natural, fresh, and dewy. I usually like to top it off with some loose powder to get a more clean look.

I use this whenever I head out and it lasts for more than a good 6-7 hours for me. Of course, results vary based on skin type. I have a normal skin type and this is how it works for me.

If you dread how your face looks after being photographed because of foundation, then this Maybelline BB cream is a good alternative. I have been quite impressed by the glow (not the 'ghostly' one) that came across on my face when photographed after using this cream.

This forms a good reason why I haven't reverted back to foundations after that. My friends are always ready with their cameras at any time of the day! I do not want that pale, washed-out look when our precious moments together are being captured.

The Pros and Cons

Well, I guess I already discussed the pros. I like how it acts as a multipurpose cream, and I love how I have to dab just a bit of this cream, put my kajal and a bit of lip balm and I am all set to step out of the house in 5 minutes!

The con I have noticed is when parts of my skin get too dry (those bad days!) then I couldn't really use the BB cream without making those parts look drier or flakier. But this was resolved by using a moisturizing cream first.

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