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Mickey Mouse Necklace For Girls

Updated on April 16, 2013

Mickey Mouse Necklace

I love wearing jewelry so it is only natural for my little girls to want to wear some too. A Mickey Mouse necklace is the perfect gift for a girl of any age.

You can buy your little girl a beautiful pink Mickey Mouse necklace so she can dress up just like mommy or buy a special young woman a unique couture Mickey necklace for a special event.

Here you will find the best Gold, Silver, Crystal and toy Mickey Mouse necklaces.

Buy Sterling Silver Disney Mickey Mouse Head Charm Pendant at

Mickey Mouse Necklace For Kids

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Charm NecklacesCHECK PRICE

Mickey Mouse Charm Necklace - Disney's Mickey JewelryCHECK PRICE

Mickey and Minnie Mouse Necklace and Bracelet SetCHECK PRICE

I am sure you know a little girl that loves to play dress up. She studies her mommy as she puts on her necklace and earrings. She looks in the mirror and pretends she is all grown up. A Mickey Mouse charm necklace is great for dress up, birthday parties or Sunday school.

Mickey Mouse charm necklaces should not be worn by children under the age of three.

Mickey Mouse Dog Tag Necklace

My girl's like to wear necklaces but they are two rough and tough tomboys. They like to play in the dirt and roll around outside. They need a necklace that isn't going to break easily and is affordable for me to replace if they lose or break it.

Mickey Mouse Dog Tag Necklace (Pack of 2)
Mickey Mouse Dog Tag Necklace (Pack of 2)

I have twin girls so I love a two for one deals. It saves me money and the headache of hearing them arguing over a necklace.

Mickey & Minnie Mouse Tri-fold Red Wallet & Charm Necklace
Mickey & Minnie Mouse Tri-fold Red Wallet & Charm Necklace

This little dog tag is really cute and it comes with a little wallet.

Disney Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Metal Dogtag Charm Necklace
Disney Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Metal Dogtag Charm Necklace

Do you need some cute party favors for a birthday party? This necklace is less than $3.00 and the girls will love it.


Mickey Mouse Necklace For Teens

Personalized Mickey Mouse Name Pendant, Sterling SilverCHECK PRICE

I'm sure you remember your first necklace that had your name on it. Every girl had one in my neighborhood. We could buy them at the local flea market. They were inexpensive and usually turned your neck green but we loved them. I was so proud of mine. It made me feel so special.

This is a sterling silver Mickey Mouse necklace that is custom made for your special girl.

Disney Mickey Mouse 18" Necklace with Earrings SetCHECK PRICE

Disney Mickey Sterling Silver Necklace with 18" ChainCHECK PRICE

Avon Disney Mickey Mouse Heart Necklace Silver Tone KidsCHECK PRICE

Mickey Mouse Necklace For Girls of All Ages

Swarovski Crystal Elements Crystal Mickey Mouse NecklaceCHECK PRICE

Rhinestone Mickey Head Outline Alloy Pendant NecklaceCHECK PRICE

Add some color to any outfit with this beautiful rhinestone Mickey Mouse necklace.

My girls prefer a lot of color when it comes to jewelry and clothes. This necklace is absolutely adorable with all of the different colors and for less than $5.00 it is an absolute steal. This is one piece of jewelry I might have to borrow out of their jewelry box.

Disney Couture Moveable Wooden Mickey NecklaceCHECK PRICE

The Mickey Mouse Couture jewelry collection is very unique. It was created for the girl that enjoys being the center of attention. Each piece was carefully designed with different metals, pearls and wood.

Each necklace has unique features. The Mickey Mouse wooden necklace has moving arms and legs that are sure to be a conversation starter at any party.

Do You Own a Mickey Mouse Necklace

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