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A Review on 38mm Milanese Loop for Apple Watch

Updated on December 7, 2016
Your apple watch can look more elegant.
Your apple watch can look more elegant.

If you are looking for the best apple watch band 38mm for your Apple Watch or if you want to change the band of your Apple Watch to give it a little sparkle, there are a lot of apple watch band out there. However, looking for the right one that matches your apple watch is frustrating. Maybe you already found one but it’s just not the right color.

There are bands for active lifestyles, for casual comfort, for elegant occasions, bands with pins, with magnetic fasteners, and with traditional buckles. There are bands with earth tones and made of metal. There are a lot, even tons, of bands out there.

Let me help you find the right watch band for that precious Apple Watch of yours.

Milanese loop makes your apple watch look classy too!
Milanese loop makes your apple watch look classy too!

What to look for?

  1. When buying a band for your watch, you would want something that exactly matches the color of your watch. Buying something that is off color will not only make other people look at you twice but will also make your Apple Watch look cheap. You would not want that right?
  2. Leather straps are timeless. However, if you want something dramatic for your Apple watch, you may want to look for a Milanese loop. Milanese loop has a magnetic closure, which means you can make just as exactly tight or loose as you like. Moreover, it is quite comfortable to wear around your wrist and removing the watch is also a breeze. However, since Milanese loop uses magnet for closure, look for a loop that has a strong magnetic clasp.
  3. As previously mentioned, if you’re looking for a dramatic effect for your Apple Watch, Milanese loop is one of the best. However, look for a stainless steel loop because it will make your Apple Watch look elegant and stylish. These kinds of bands are durable and can be used for a long time.
  4. You may also want to consider the weight of the band you are using. Using a heavy band can give your hand muscle ache. Choose something that is thin and lightweight so you can easily wear and remove your suit or jacket without your watch getting caught on the cuffs.

Leather bands can also be a good choice.
Leather bands can also be a good choice.

Third Party Apple Watch Bands

Apple Watch owners would most likely want to own one of those official straps sold by Apple. However, the price of these official straps will make you think twice. Good thing there are a lot of third party bands for sale now like the Geotel Apple watch band 38mm and they are far cheaper than the official ones. They may be cheaper but they also give the same elegance as the official straps give.

I found this apple watch band that offers the same exact gold rose color as the original apple watch. It offers a strong magnetic metal clasp that can replace the 38mm apple watch band. This band also has good reviews which is something I always check when I buy something online. Another good thing is that they offer exchange once you encounter problems with your apple watch band such as weak magnetic clasp, does not fit, loose, or the color fades.


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