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Adorable Mini Miche Bags & Mini Shells

Updated on October 10, 2011

Mini Miche Bags Changing the Way You Think About bags!

Miche Bags got so much popularity and attention they just couldn't stop there. That is why had to add the Mini Miche bag to their wonderful unique collection of Designer handbags.

Mini shells comes in fantastic designs and colors to select from. Its great to hang out on evenings with the girls, or to go out on a romantic dinner. It is also perfect for parties and is great for young girls as well.

With the Miche Mini bag all you do is simply change the outer shell of the bag and which will take only a few seconds to do and you have yourself a newly design bag.

Forget all the drama and wasting time transferring items from one bag to another, say hello to Miche's quick, easy and stylish designer interchangeable shells which give you multiple designs all from one base bag..

Below you can view the Mini base bag and look at cute photo gallery of Mini shells!

Mini Base Bag
Mini Base Bag

The Mini Bag Base

Miche Mini Bag Base Dimensions

  • 4“ (wide)
  • 8“ (long)
  • 6” (tall)


Sarah Mini Shell


Sierra Mini Shell


Paige Mini Shell


Eden Mini Shell


Lulu Mini Shell

These are just a few pictures of the wonderful designs and colors of the Mini Shells.

Hope you enjoy this small Mini Miche Shells gallery!

If you like what you see and will love to see more wonderful designs click here!


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