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Beautiful Casual And Formal Maternity Dresses By Momo

Updated on December 23, 2015

Momo Embraces Pregnant Figures

At some point in your pregnancy, you will probably find yourself worrying that your husband no longer finds you attractive. When this time strikes, remember that your husband has nothing to do with it - from the moment he found out you were pregnant he has been fully aware of what your body is going to be preparing for and the changes it will be going through... Okay maybe not fully aware - but he knows you're going to need to get bigger in order to accommodate that growing baby! It is YOU that no longer finds yourself attractive - because it is extremely difficult to feel sexy when you barely recognise yourself any more.

Just because you're body has changed does not make you any less attractive, but it can make you feel it. So my best advice, having 'been there, done that' is buy yourself a nice maternity dress and see what an amazing difference it makes.

When I was pregnant I heard a saying;

"Three months weary

Three months cheery

Three months dreary"

In case you haven't guessed, it's talking about the three trimesters of pregnancy - the first, where your body is growing the placenta - your baby's precious life line - as well as the tiny new person you just learned about. This trimester is for sleeping, day dreaming and sleeping some more... Oh, and getting used to the long list of things you now either cannot have, or are having to limit yourself on...

The second trimester is just lovely... You go from walking zombie-person to spring-in-your-step Earth mother and Goddess of new life and beauty. You are carrying your future son or daughter inside you and you are proud, glowing and beautiful. All your friends are jealous and your partner is in awe of you. I adored the second trimester - I had my energy back, and it was very clear that I was pregnant, not just overweight. I was so excited to meet my baby and I was completely relaxed about the birth.

The third trimester I spent as a beached whale, slumped like a depressed sack of potatoes on my couch, big, uncomfortable and unbelievably emotional. I had stretch marks - which itched like you wouldn't believe. I didn't think my body could accommodate one more centimetre of baby... But more centimetres of baby there were and bigger I got. The cravings didn't happen too badly for me - I ate healthily and had cut out tea, coffee, chocolate and a multitude of other yummy deliciousness... Yet I measured three weeks too big at my next midwife appointment and so I was sent for a growth scan.

The growth scan said that the fluid around the baby was completely normal. "Great!" I thought... Only the doctor then surprised my partner and I by telling us the scan indicated that our baby was going to be five pounds twelve ounces. We were shocked and baffled because of my size, but I spent the next month worrying about my baby's health and thinking that at least birth would be that much easier...

Guess what?

My baby was 9lbs 6oz (I was a size 6 pre-pregnancy so that was definitely unexpected... Also, I didn't drink or smoke before or during pregnancy...) But it at least showed why I had been so big and uncomfortable all those months...

Whilst some level of discomfort was completely normal, for many months I really didn't help myself. I tried to avoid buying maternity clothing because I didn't think I could possibly look or feel good being the size that I was. On the contrary - when I finally caved and bought a couple of dresses, I felt far more comfortable... And they looked pretty great too, which made me feel better about myself.

Would you be more comfortable in...

Would you be more comfortable in...

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Looking Good Is Important During Pregnancy

This may at first sound incredibly shallow, but it is more about emotional well being and happiness within yourself than simply "looking nice".

Pregnancy is an emotional roller-coaster and you probably will at some point worry about whether your partner will still find you attractive and may be finding the normal body changes difficult to cope with.

This is not about vanity. People who haven't been through pregnancy may judge pregnant women who worry about their weight, figure and new 'wobbly bits' but as a woman it is incredibly difficult not to when we are constantly shown pregnant women on TV and in magazines who look like they've had a solid 12 hour night every night since they were born, have never touched chocolate and don't have a single stretch mark in sight. The reality of the body (and hormone) changes in pregnancy is simply that things like stretch marks are down to genetics and you never know until they start showing (or not) how lucky you are going to be.

Gaining weight is a fine balance too. Too much and there could be health implications for you and your baby and too little weight gain is also linked to health problems in mothers and babies. Walking this line when you are seeped in uncontrollable cravings, the knowledge that you are carrying a baby and watching your waist disappear altogether make appropriate weight gain a real challenge.

You may find that looking good and feeling good about yourself helps you to look after yourself more. If you are really struggling with anything at all don't hesitate to contact your doctor or obstetrician who can guide you through all the toughest parts. You will never be judged by professionals and they can help lift worries and problems off your shoulders which you never even knew were there.

Did You Find Maternity Wear Easy To Feel Good In?

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