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The Benefits of Natural Makeup

Updated on August 2, 2009

Most conventional makeup you buy contains minerals and substances that are unhealthy for human skin.  These substances include petro-chemicals, synthetic dyes and artificial fragrances.  On the other hand, organic or natural makeup is made from minerals and organic plant extracts.  The minerals in natural cosmetics provide the wearer with sun filters and the makeup itself does not clog pores or accelerate already existing skin conditions. 

Makeup is universally worn to hide blemishes, enhance appearance and generally to make the person wearing it feel more confident, more beautiful and happier with the way they are presenting themselves to the world.  With so much makeup available these days and very aggressive advertising by the big-name makeup brands, how do you know what is really the best make up for you?  If you're a working woman or you wear makeup each day it is important for the sake of your skin's health to take care of your skin and to chose the right makeup.

It is fairly easy and common to actually damage or harm your skin by wearing the wrong type of makeup. Most makeup you buy these days contains substances that actually clog pores, irritate your skin and cause allergic reactions.  This leads to a vicious cycle; you apply makeup to hide skin blemishes but the makeup actually makes these blemishes worse, or causes rashes or other skin anomalies to show up.

Natural mineral makeup is known to be anti-allergic and it is especially good for anyone suffering from any skin conditions.  It is touted as being totally safe to wear, and is recommended by many dermatologists and plastic surgeons as the makeup of choice. If you have a problem with acne or even if you just have very sensitive skin, mineral makeup is the perfect solution for you.  It will not cause skin flare-ups or rashes, nor will it irritate acne.

Not only is it good for people with skin problems, but it's a good choice for any woman who is concerned about her health and skin care.  The minerals in this type of makeup act as a sunscreen and the makeup itself, being made from all natural ingredients, contains vitamins A, C and E. The absence of talc, a common known carcinogenic substance in most makeup, means that the makeup won't clog your pores. Instead it goes on very smoothly and is very light to wear.

Because natural makeup is made of minerals it can even be left on all night without any worries that it will damage or hurt your skin in any way.  You can also leave it on while exercising, or put it on at night before bed if you like.

While it is very beneficial, it does not have anti-aging properties, even though some manufacturers claim it does.  The main benefits to natural makeup is that it doesn't harm your skin. While protecting your skin from sun damage and the additional vitamins in this type of makeup will help your skin to be more healthy it does not reverse all symptoms of aging.   


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