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Nautical Fashion for Women

Updated on July 31, 2015

Nautical Fashion Influence

Nautical fashion has been in style for decades, and refuses to go away, thanks largely to the woman who created the little black dress, Coco Channel, who when in relationship with her wealthy boyfriend, hung around the docks and boats while getting inspiration, which resulted in her eventually introducing the striped nautical look, which continues to be highly popular to this day.

We'll look at some examples a little later in the article.

That's not the only nautical influence in the fashion world though, as there are traditional sailor looks, wide-bottomed pants, and anchor hoodies, as just a sampling of the popular trend.

Barnacle Bill appreciates this ongoing trend, and looks forward to it continuing on for many years into the future.

It just looks too good on women for it to go away any time soon.

Nautical Fashion Design

Most recently, much of the nautical fashion for women includes, as mentioned, stripes, usually entailing blue and white stripes, although black can be found to a lesser extent, but still looks great on the ladies.

My favorite of all the nautical fashion, for those women who wear them, is the very cool hats accompanying their outfits. They're very cool looking, and the highlight of the nautical look to me.

Stripes and Wide-Bottom Pants

Here's an example of the black stripes mentioned. I like the cute black tie in the front, and the wide-bottomed pants seem to never go out of style. Remember ladies, everything in fashion comes back into style, and in some cases, never go out of style.

Navy Anchor Hoodie

This Navy anchor hoodie looks terrific. I like the white anchor with the dark blue background. It really works nice. The anchor design is of high quality.

Several Nautical Outfits

This photo of the five women in different nautical attire was included because it offered up so many different styles to whet the appetite.

While they all look great, my favorite of the bunch is the more simple stripped outfit in the middle. Being a fan of hats, I really do like that on the woman on the right.

Cute Nautical Skirt

The skirt and top below are cute and nicely detailed. Nicely design black and white contrast throughout the outfit work really nice together. But to me, that hat is just the best. How cool is that for any woman to wear?

Nautical Blue-Striped Top

This is definitely one of those Coco-inspired striped tops, and you can see why women love them so much. Note the different look the tapered white bottom looks in contrast to the wide bottoms in the first photo.

Blue Sailor Dress

This blue sailor dress, designed by Ellen Telmah, who is modeling it, is fantastic. It's unique and includes the traditional sailor look that is so compelling to people.


Great Nautical Look

It's not too often where I think every outfit of a particular genre works, but with the nautical theme I definitely do.

But the one below stands out for me because of the overall look, which blends together nicely, and of course because of that gorgeous cap. What more could you ask for?


There is no doubt I am tainted by my predilection for women's nautical fashion, but there really are great, don't you think?

In the right circumstance and social situation, any one of these would be a very compelling choice to wear. I really enjoyed them all. Hopefully you did too.


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