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Neon Lipstick the New Lipstick Colours

Updated on February 8, 2015
PURPLE / VIOLET Neon Black Light UV Lipstick , cream stick Theatrical , Rave Lip stick
PURPLE / VIOLET Neon Black Light UV Lipstick , cream stick Theatrical , Rave Lip stick | Source

10 Best Neon Lipsticks for Black Light

Scream neon with new lipstick color. Neon is the hottest fashion color for spring 2013. Go get neon shades of lipstick to match neon fashion. Go subtle with neon flash accessories or clash neon colors. Shine out in the dark with neon shades of lipstick, fluoresce under black light and stand out from the crowd with these new lip stick colors.

Neon lip stick is rave lipstick and really come into its own under disco blacklight. This is pure theatre - theatrical makeup for pure fantasy.

Get noticed with neon lipsticks.

These top ten neon lipstick colours come in neon pink lipstick, bright purple lipstick, neon red lipstick, bright orange lipstick and many more zany lip stick colours. Whatever you do for lip color - do it neon.

Image - Buy this at Amazon PURPLE / VIOLET Neon Black Light UV Lipstick , cream stick Theatrical , Rave Lip stick

HOT PINK Neon Black Light UV Lipstick, Cream Stick, Rave Lip Stick (NOT Kryolan)

Shine out in the dark with fabulously bright neon pink lipstick. Shockingly bright in the day but positively luminous at night. These neon lipsticks shine out under black light and this screaming pink is hot, sexy and steamy. Nothing could be more sensual that this thick, creamy and brilliant pink that shouts out, cries out "I'm Here - come and get me!"

Kryolan Neon Lipstick Color

Bright by day and fluorescent by night

Kryolan neon lipstick colours are vibrant and intense by day but under black light it will fluoresce and really shine out. How? They have a specially cream lipstick base that makes them brilliant rave lipsticks. Remember, though, these lipsticks are designed for the disco. They are theatrical FX lipsticks for that special night out. Don't use them on a daily basis.

All the pictures of Kryolan neon lipstick here are taken under UV Black light - they don't look like this in daylight.

Choose from seven Kryolan colors of Neon UV Lipstick. Lucius pink, gorgeous green, briliiant blue, yelling yellow, raucous red, violent violet and outrageous orange.

Amazon Spotlight Personal Review - Brighter bright pink lipstick

Kryolan U-V Day Glow Lipstick - Pink 91202
Kryolan U-V Day Glow Lipstick - Pink 91202

Shocking pink, shouting pink, fuchsia lipstick goes on easily to lips , can be used on skin. This lipstick is a rich, deep pink in normal light, but shine bright neon pink under disco UV blacklight.

This lip stick is safe and totally non toxic.


What is Black Light?

And how does blacklight make neon lipstick glow?

Neon lipstick is great in black light, but what is black light exactly? Blacklight is also known as UV-A light, ultraviolet light or Wood's lamp, and it gives out long wave (UV-A) ultraviolet light doesn't emit visible light thanks to it's dark purple filter. It's used in disco's and nightclubs or at rave events.

Black lights look like normal fluorescent lights but when you turn on a black light you'll see a purple glow - you won't see the Ultra violet light that the black light sends out. It is this light that makes white objects glow brilliantly in the dark, and it makes your neon lipstick shine out strong and loud.

White T shirts and other white clothing glow bright fluorescent white under a black light because they've been washed in detergents containing phosphors. These phosphors change UV light into white light.

Neon colors

Get neon orange, yellow, purple, green, red and even yellow!

Ultra Violet Neon Purple - Bright purple lipstick

PURPLE / VIOLET Neon Black Light UV Lipstick, Cream Stick, Rave Lipstick

Push out that purple pout! Deep purple in day and shining out passionately purple by night. Get your UV purple lipstick and go poutingly purple today.

How To Make Neon Lipstick Work For You

Get the most out of neon rave lipstick colors

How to get the best out of your neon lip stick colors. Follow a few simple rules - remember neon lipstick is not for the everyday - it's super-special and intended for nights out on the town. Team your neon lipstick with other neon cosmetics - bold neon eye shadows, neon body paint.

How To Make Neon Lipstick Work For You - Fluorescent VIOLENT violet lipstick that glows in the dark

KRYOLAN UV Dayglow Violet stands out in the bright lights but glow in the dark!

Bright in day light and artificial light but in the dark this neon violet lipstick glows brilliantly fluorescent under black light - and you don't need to stop at the lips!

You can use this fluorescent violet lip stick all over - the face, the body and even on your hair.

Be outstanding with Dayglow neon lip stick.

Green Neon Black Light Lipstick - Bright green lipstick

GREEN Neon Black Light UV Lipstick, Cream Stick, Rave Lipstick
GREEN Neon Black Light UV Lipstick, Cream Stick, Rave Lipstick

Green is for go - go gorgeous with this dream green. Remember, you could have green fingers too - paint your lips and your body gorgeous, glowing green when you're out painting the town red.


You'll Literally Glow in the Dark With This Dream Neon Green Team - Clear neon lipstick

Transform any lip color to glow in the dark lipstick with this clear lipstick that comes with it's own matching, clear nail polish. That means that you can buy just one product and use it with all your normal lipsticks. Go in a shrinking violet and come out a shrieking violet!

Want to Bid for Neon Lip Stick on eBay? - eBay is brilliant for neon lipsticks

Get these same brilliant neon lipsticks but with the additional fun of bidding on eBay for a neon lipstick bargain!

Learn How To Wear Bright Neon Lipstick - Get the neon look just right

Elle beauty expert, Emily Dougherty, shows you how to make up your face to show off the new neon lipsticks to the full. she suggests soft eyes to compliment strong lip colours. Note those trim and highly defined eyebrows though. If your eyebrows are not up to the latest HD standards, there's a bit of help for you in the article below.

UV MAKEUP tutorial inspired by KELLY ROWLAND

Glitter lipsticks

Glitter Lipstick Works Brilliantly With Black Lights - Use black lipstick with tons of glitter or a glitter lipstick for a great rave makeup effect

Try black lipstick, glitter lipstick or glitter lipgloss. Experiment with combinations of glitter and neon lipsticks. Find out what you can achieve. Be creative and own your black light lipstick look.

Tish & Snooky's MANIC PANIC N.Y.C. Creamtone Raven Lethal Lipstick
Tish & Snooky's MANIC PANIC N.Y.C. Creamtone Raven Lethal Lipstick

Use this black lipstick as a base for glitter lipstick topped off with lip gloss for fantastic black light disco effects.


Go for glow in the dark neon lipsticks!

Will You Go for Glow? - Do You Love to Glow in the Dark?

Tell me about your rave lipsticks! Do you love neon? Are you going for the glow?

Will you be going for glow in the dark neon lipsticks?

See results

© 2013 Barbara Walton

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      Margre 2 years ago

      I certainly Will

    • BLouw profile image

      Barbara Walton 3 years ago from France

      I did a search on line for white lipstick with opal blue shimmer but couldn't come up with anything. If you find one would you come back and share it with us? I'll add it to the article. Thanks for the question, Margre.

    • profile image

      Margre 3 years ago

      Where is there a manufakturer who sells a white lipstick with an ultra shimmer of opal blue???????

    • BestRatedStuff profile image

      BestRatedStuff 4 years ago

      These should be good for halloween.

    • Gypzeerose profile image

      Rose Jones 4 years ago

      These neon colors remind me of my children's glow in the dark lipsticks that they used to play with, only for grownups. Nice lens indeed - pinned to my board "products I love" and blessed.