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Nivea for Men Face Wash Skin Care Solution

Updated on May 27, 2014

Skin Care Problems

Skin care. Sounds like a term a woman should use, right? I mean, we are men for crying out loud! We're usually talking about sports, chicks, and/or both. We're definitely not discussing skin care or anything remotely related to shaving gels or face wash. It's unbelievable. Skincare.

Yet somehow skin care manages to creep into the men's psyche, especially early in the morning. Words like sensitive skin, burning flesh, and facial cleanser become part of men's vocabulary. It gets so entrenched that men eventually say, “I need some of that freakin moisturizer, now!”

You know what I’m talking about. When you have that blade slicing away half of your face, and you apply some sort of crazy gel to relieve the pain. You're probably cursing the athlete who endorsed the product some years ago. Or maybe you don't have a gel and you get that pull and tug feeling as the razor dashes across your face. Meanwhile, the process causes irritations to your skin, or worse, forms those nasty little razor bumps that you can never cover up because it's on your bloody face! Yeah, you know.

Face Wash Skin care

Fortunately, there is a solution to such skin care irritations, the final solution, Nivea face wash. Before you even think about picking up that razor, you first need to throw down on some Nivea oil control face wash.

Apply this bad boy to your face and you will instantly feel refreshed. It's as if you can feel the face wash working, instantly removing the excess oils right off your skin. It's that amazing!

So, what does Nivea for men do exactly? The face wash accomplishes two things. For starters, it cleanses your face. It's important to keep your skin dirt-free in order to maintain a smooth and healthy look.

Secondly, the face wash prevents pores from clogging. Now, why is this important? Clogged pores traps dirt on your face, which in turn causes skin irritation and those hideous bumps we all love...pimples, ache, stuff.

Without a doubt, Nivea for men face wash is the way to go! You'll love it and, believe me, she will too!

Nivea For Men Shaving Gel

Nivea's sensitive shaving gel provides an extra layer of lather to keep your skin healthy and smooth.

So, after you've cleansed yourself with Nivea's face wash, lather up your face with the Nivea sensitive shaving gel. Then go to work with your blade. Trust me, it'll do wonders for your skin.

For advanced skin care, you will want the high performance shaving conditioner. Revitalize your skin with the best of the best, the Nivea Q10 double action shaving gel!

This advanced formula energizes your skin while still providing that healthy and smooth feeling of the sensitive shaving gel.


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    • LeanMan profile image

      Tony 7 years ago from At the Gemba

      I have some of these products also. My wife makes me use them, but they do actually make a difference.

    • K9keystrokes profile image

      India Arnold 7 years ago from Northern, California

      My brother is a guy who really takes good care of hiself. He actually uses the Nivea Mens line of products with very good results. He is a busy guy and has his girlfriend buy some of his items, I'm thinking I will share this with him so he can buy them more easily on line! Nice information.


    • sunforged profile image

      sunforged 7 years ago from

      I have a couple of items from the Nivea Mens selection in my bathroom now.

      Im pretty sure I paid twice as much for half the quantity - I didn't realize this kind of stuff was available online.

      Next time, Im buying Nivea for men online!