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Poems about Fashion

Updated on December 5, 2014

Exploring the World of Fashion and Clothing Through Poetry

So you came here to see poems about fashion. As you know, clothing is much more than body cover to keep us protected from the elements. I explore all things about fashion including clothing, purses and more through original poetry. There are also two fun poems about shoes.

After each poem I often have a few items for sale that are mentioned in the poem - like jeans and handbags. How cool is that ? There are also a few books on fashion.

New Poem Just Added ... "Transition" .... a poem about leaving the workplace behind. I hope you enjoy reading these poems as I have enjoyed writing them!!


All poetry copyright Mindy Makuta (aka MyFairLadyah) reprint with permission


At work I wear a three piece suit

My hair clipped back severely

Grey pumps that surely aren’t cute

Light makeup covers merely

I sport a purse and iPad case

That travel well to meetings

I walk the halls with poise and grace

And offer sundry greetings

I long to dress in comfy clothes

So I can bend and stretch

I long to peel the clingy hose

Before the inseams etch

I long to take my bra off

As nature had intended

And finally my makeup doff

To say the workday's ended

A Versatile Three Piece Suit

Kasper Women's Three Pieces Business Suit Skirt Tank & Jacket Set
Kasper Women's Three Pieces Business Suit Skirt Tank & Jacket Set

This 3 piece suit in blush/black is fully lined in polyester and woven of primarily easy care polyester and rayon

* No close jacket

* Knee length skirt


Shopping Curse

Go to the mall and everything is small

Or way too large or way too orange

Can't find what I want yet there's plastic in my purse

It's the shopping curse.

Go into every store and it's more of the same

Try on a skinny tee but it isn't me

Walk and walk, need new shoes

Four inch heels or sandals for the beach?

They're within reach

Can't decide, can't hide either

Want to have a coffee

Nearby there's skewered chicken offered

Get juiced up on java

To keep on shopping

Can't please myself, maybe I'll please him

Like a nice bag for the gym

Get a Kissy kissy thanks when I get home

Perfect consolation for no clothes of my own

Old Clothes Hanging on a Closet Bar

reflections on going through a loved one's clothing

Old clothes hanging on a closet bar

Harken back decades from where we are

They may have once been the rage

But now they are only for the stage

Harlequin patterns in red and white

Will accent a performance some night

At the other end a pearl and satin blouse

Still looks well within this still house

Empty hangers harbinge the ghosts

That wore the frocks on these posts

Once the closet is null and bereft

Another's choices will lend some heft

The Poetry of Fashion by Bella Veksler

Lace: The Poetry of Fashion : With Representative Values
Lace: The Poetry of Fashion : With Representative Values

Read about the fascinating art form that is known as Lace


On Wearing Clothing

Wearing clothing was started to keep us protected

Now clothes make statements or make us respected

I can't wait to dress down when I get home

I'll don a comfy night shirt and then pen a poem

Clothing Through History

Long ago the folks decided

They have to cover up their skin

Otherwise they'd be derided

Whether fat or whether thin

In the hotter climes they wore

Cloths for loins and simple wraps

No such thing as a mall store

All was made by hand; no Gaps

In the colder places, fur

From the animals they caught

Along with fire, warm they were

Not so fancy as store bought

Don't you just love that beat

From Hollister and A & F

Guess I'm not hip for that street

Think that I might end up deaf

History of Clothing

Fashion: The Definitive History of Costume and Style
Fashion: The Definitive History of Costume and Style

This beautiful volume traces the evolution of fashion from ancient times to the couture of today.

* stunningly illustrated

* showing more than three thousand years of developments in the world of clothing


Oh, I Love My Jeans

Not much beats the comfort of casual jeans

That give and stretch as you bend and move

Developed for using farm & ranch machines

They sure have grown into their groove

Victor Victoria's Secret

A Victor's Secret there ought to be

For the guys, don't you think?

Boxers and sleep shirts nice and comfy

And perhaps a "Blue" instead of "Pink"

Victoria's Secret Hot Pink Purse with Sequins

Victoria's Secret MINI Canvas Bling Sequins Hot Pink Purse Tote Handbag
Victoria's Secret MINI Canvas Bling Sequins Hot Pink Purse Tote Handbag

This hot pink mini canvas handbag from Victoria's Secret is sure to find a place in your wardrobe

* Measures approximately: 12"L x 7.5" X 3"D


Runway Duds

Watch the elegant models of the runway

Long-legged, slender, dressed with care

Don't we all wish there was some way

We could fit into what they wear

Not that those clothes are for any of us

To wear at work or play or on a date

But keeping in shape is worth the fuss

For off-the-rack styles at any rate

Dress Like a Frenchwoman

Parisian Chic
Parisian Chic

Let celebrity model Inès de la Fressange share the well-kept secrets of how Parisian women maintain effortless allure and glamor. From her decades in fashion, she also has personal tips for living with style and charm.


Wearing Hats

You'll Like this Poem

A Cap Upon the Head

Big Brim Hat for Women from Scala

Scala Women's Cotton Big Brim Hat with Inner Drawstring & UPF 50+ rating
Scala Women's Cotton Big Brim Hat with Inner Drawstring & UPF 50+ rating

This versatile yet cute hat has a wide brim that helps protect from uv rays and comes in many colors


Classic Men's Fedora from Stacy Adams

Stacy Adams Men's Felt Fedora
Stacy Adams Men's Felt Fedora

Here is a classic fedora from Stacy Adams that comes in many shades to coordinate with his coats and his moods.

* 100% Wool Felt

* 2 1/2" Brim

* Grosgrain Band With Stacy Adams Pin

* Satin Lining


Poems about Shoes

I hope you enjoy Stilettos and A Closet Full of Shoes


You'll never catch me in stilettos

'cept maybe for an hour

I'd rather listen to opera librettos

Like the Duet of the Flowers

I have Tevas and flip flops showing toes

Sneakers for walking and dancing

Boots for when the deep snow blows

And I go barefoot for romancing

Crocs, tho' odd looking are quite pratique

I've low heels for an office meeting

And yes, I do like styles that are chic

But stilettos just give my feet a beating

Find Your Stilettos - For Those Who Can

Penthouse Women's Vivien Stiletto
Penthouse Women's Vivien Stiletto

This lovely high stiletto from Penthouse has a patent polyurethane upper and a man-made sole.

* Heel measures approximately 5 1/2"

* Platform measures approximately 1"


A Closet Full of Shoes

A closet full of many shoes

Is what every girl desires

It's so nice that they come in twos

Some pairs are flat while others higher

Take those boots there in the back

I wear them when it's snowing

Five pair of sandals in shades of black

For summer errand-going

I've shoes in every rainbow shade

Amassed throughout the years

Not quite up to Imelda's grade

But enough for my careers


Why is it that his boxer shorts

Are pulled up high for all to see

And by contrast his pants of sorts

Are slipping downward towards the knee

His baseball cap's rim is pointing back

Which doesn't help to shield his eyes

It's not that money he does lack

He's just dressing like the other guys

The End of Fashion: How Marketing Changed the Clothing Business Forever by Teri Agins

Handbags and Purses

To be complete she NEEDS a purse

An accoutrement for better or worse

For her makeup, cards and money

Plus tissues for a nose that's runny

Perhaps she needs a handbag too

That matches her new shoes

Handbags for Her

Scarleton Large Drawstring Handbag H1078
Scarleton Large Drawstring Handbag H1078

This versatile handbag is made of ultra soft synthetic leather with a fabric lining and has classic gold hardware plus a drawstring closure with magnetic snap.

* removable and adjustable shoulder strap; crossbody drop is 25".

* interior cell phone pocket and small zipper pocket.

* can hold a iPad, iPad Mini, tablet or a laptop 12" and under.

* Measures 14"x12"x8"

* available in other colors


What Do You Think of My Poems on Fashion? - Thanks for Visiting

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