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Fashionable and Fun Pasties

Updated on April 9, 2014

Can Your Twirl Your Tassels?

Pasties can be fabulous and flamboyant. Rhinestones, sequins, velvet, lace or tassels. Or they can be utterly discrete, a form of discreet fashion camouflage. In skin tones, sometimes from moleskin or silicone, they act as a modesty panel beneath transparent blouses and dresses.

This lens has links for if you want to make your own pasties or buy them whether they are simple or fancy. Shown here are a pair of metallic, purple leather pasties that I had made to match an underbust corset that was also made for me.

The Beauty of the Pastie

Pasties are not clothing, but they are also not not-clothing! The fine line between female breast nudity and legality comes down to the nipple and areola. If that area is bare, a woman is considered illegally topless. Covered and the feminine breast becomes "decent."

Being a small breasted woman, I first got pasties as a way of being legal while not having to wear a bra. San Francisco alternative street fairs and events are great that way. One pair led to another and soon I found I had a small collection.

Black velvet for formal occasions. Marabou feathers for playful events. Metallic purple leather to match the underbust corset in the same material. My most special pair look like some sort of little bears or beavers. They are a brown furry material, in an almost rectangular shape. They have eyes and tongues, with one sticking its tongue up, and the other sticking its tongue down. They used to belong to SF educator Carol Queen and they came to me via a Drag Queen Swap Meet.

Beautiful Butterfly Pasties

Unique y2Clothes Sexy Velvety Soft Butterfly Pasties - Black - One Size Fits Most Plain Pack
Unique y2Clothes Sexy Velvety Soft Butterfly Pasties - Black - One Size Fits Most Plain Pack

These lovely pasties are shaped like butterflies and come with fun tassels!


What Makes Your Pasties Stick? - the adhesive debate

Pasties can be a bit of a sticky topic. How to keep your pasties in place requires some sort of glue and, most often, the debate comes down to one of two options.

I think the only sensible thing to use for pastie adhesive is...

Fun and Funky Pasties

teddy bear pasties
teddy bear pasties

How I came to own historic/vintage/celebrity pasties

I own Carol Queen pasties!

These charming little teddy bear pasties are part of my collection, and they are the only pair that I own that were once owned by someone else. I got them when I lived in San Francisco. These furry cuties were once owned by author/educator Carol Queen and were brought home for me by a former housemate who got them at a drag queen swap meet that Carol and her partner Robert organized.

A year or two later I ran into Carol at a kinky camp-out we were both attending and told her what had become of her former pasties. She laughed, said she was glad they found a good home and wished that I would wear them in good health!

Pasties In Action!


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