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Peony Flower Tattoo Designs and Meanings

Updated on March 9, 2012

Peony a Popular Tattoo Choice

The peony is a highly regarded flower by gardeners, and is popular anywhere it blooms because of the larger, fragrant flowers that come out for a very short time. That has transferred into tattoo designs as well, with the peony being among the more desired flower tattoos.

As to meanings, the peony is a sign of prosperity and romance in Asian cultures, and is believed to point to a happy marriage as well as blessings or good fortune.

They also are great for working with other design themes, including koi fish, dragons and lions, among others.

Depending on the other characters included with the peony, the tattoo can be embraced by men or women, with the feminine and masculine both being able to be portrayed, although separately.

In this article we're going to look primarily at the peony as a standalone tattoo theme, with it being the star of the show rather than blended with numerous other themes to create a disparate scenario.

Peony Tattoo Art

Some of the artwork for the peony tattoos is magnificent in this tattoo gallery, capturing much of the beauty of the gorgeous flower.

We'll look at a variety of color, styles and realism related to how the flower actually looks, rather than creative interpretations of it.

The peony looks great in its own right, and keeping close to that as a guideline works better than any other way of designing it.

Peony Tattoo with Lavender Petals

We'll start off with the pretty peony tattoo with lavender as the color choice for the flower petals, and the stark green leaves. I like the way the petals are layered

The dark lavender shade moving out to the light also creates a nice effect.

Beautiful Lavender Peony Tattoo

Following we have another lavender peony tattoo, which was included just to show how some subtle differences can make a tattoo design look very different. Here the tips of the petals are kept a lighter skin color rather than including a hint of lavender. There are also less leaves in this tattoo, offering more of a presentation of the flower. Both look good, and of course they are placed on different areas of the body.


Peony on Elbow

Too bad the person with the peony tattoo thought they had to pose the elbow to give viewers a better look at is detracts from, rather than helps us see the image better.

Even so, if you can look beyond that, this does appear to be a good peony tattoo. The color is great when you back up some from it, and the inclusion of other flowers surrounding it create somewhat of a bouquet effect, in the sense of grouping different flowers together..


Ashley Simpson's Peony Tattoo

Here's a look at the peony tattoo on Ashley Simpson's wrist that generate a lot of buzz last year. Apparently when she received the tattoo she was reported to have been extremely intoxicated; although her rep the next day claimed she had been just overly tired when people saw the tattoo for the first time. It was an entertaining incident for a few days.

As for the tattoo itself, it's not too bad, although the placement of a fuller tattoo on a smaller part of the body like the wrist, always keeps you from seeing and appreciating the tattoo, as you can only see a portion of it. To me, that takes away from the tattoo, and more people need to think through the tattoo design they choose and whether or not where they're going to have it placed will work well for them.


Peony Tattoo on Wrist

With the next peony tattoo, we see one placed just a little higher than the previous one, allowing us to see just about the entire tattoo. See what a difference it makes when you can take all of the image in?

This is one of my favorites of all the peony tattoos, as it includes that gorgeous cream color on the leaves, accentuated by the red tips. Very nice looking.


Flower Tattoo Back Piece

The group of flowers looks great on the back below, and is the perfect canvass when wanting to display this type of tattoo flower design. Including the yellow rose in the middle of the image is a great touch, offering contrast to the subtle red and yellows of the other flowers.

Also very compelling are the dark, scrolling leaves which create such a great look.

Shoulder Peony Tattoo

Here is another case where the photo itself interferes with seeing the great peony tattoo. Fortunately it's only a little bit of glare that obscures it here.

These dark colors and lines merging with the natural color of the skin really makes this an awesome tattoo. The use of the curvy lines surrounding the flower offer a great way to highlight and present the beautiful flower.

Just as with the real peony flower, peony tattoos are a great way to express yourself. Instead of landscaping a garden or cutting flowers for a vase in the home, this time you carry the beauty of the peony with you wherever you go.

And the good part is you don't have to water, weed, fertilize, or otherwise take care of your peony tattoo. But you can still enjoy the beauty of it all year round.


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