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Picking out the perfect hat

Updated on September 8, 2016
Vintage red hat in the collection.
Vintage red hat in the collection. | Source

How to choose the perfect hat

Are you a "hat person" ?

Some folks can wear any hat and look great - some can't quite seem to pull it off very well, and some do not care as long as it suits its purpose.

A hat can be new, vintage, handmade and designed for beauty, style, warmth or as a sun shade...

So, how do you pick out the perfect hat ?

Look below to get an idea of the variety of vintage and handmade hats available and ask yourself - "Why do I want a hat ?"

"Which hat do I like ?"

"What do I need the hat to do for me ?"

Another of the vintage hats in the collection
Another of the vintage hats in the collection | Source

So, why do YOU want a hat ?

There are SO many reasons to want to wear a hat.

What are your reasons ?

Are they purely practical ones, or are they worn just for fun ?

Either way, you can find one here that will suit your purpose.

Here are some ideas:

For a sun shade to protect your face/neck/eyes/ears/nose... from the damaging effects of too much direct and indirect sunshine - you can wear a simple baseball style cap to have the bill help shade your eyes which is practical.

But, who says that you can't wear a decorative, large brimmed, fancy, straw hat to add some fantastic fashion flair and add the practical solution of a little protective shade too.

Special event ?

What about the patent leather hat with matching handbag ?

Or, the Christian Dior Spring flowers hat for a wedding or garden party...

Just want to stay warm in the Winter ?

We have several new, hand-crocheted hats and a few vintage Winter hats as well.

Whatever the reason, you may have to try a different hairstyle to have a hat fit comfortably and look right.

Have fun and experiment with both.

Vintagely Contageous Designs

Hot designs from Northeast Ohio's/Western Pa.'s newest designer !

Vintagely Contageous Designs came about because this young lady loves to design and create hats and jewelry... for herself and for her friends and family.

She adores the sumptuous styles and fun, yet functional fashions of days gone by.

So, being absolutely gob-smacked by what she found, and so inspired by these, she couldn't help herself and creates her own designs using some of her own fresh ideas and sometimes combines those with what has inspired her from an old hat of piece of vintage clothing...

She is a local young lady who's from the Ohio/Pennsylvania border (Hubbard, Ohio) and she loves to mix and match styles, colors, decorations and materials to design crocheted hats that have a different and yet vintage flair !

She even uses vintage buttons and other vintage findings to reflect her style.

Stop by to see some of the hats and jewelry that she has made and please share this with other folks as well to encourage young folks like this to be creative and to start a small business of their very own.

Make your own hat or jazz up an old one. Stop by for ideas!

Diana's Gift Shop in Hubbard Ohio has vintage fabrics and craft supplies too !
Diana's Gift Shop in Hubbard Ohio has vintage fabrics and craft supplies too !

From vintage hats to handmade ones and supplies too

A nice little gift shop in Hubbard, Ohio.

Diana's Gift Shop

6177 Youngstown-Hubbard Road

Hubbard, Ohio 44425


Wed: 12:00 pm - 5:00 pm

Thu - Sat: 10:00 am - 5:00 pm

Sun: 12:00 pm - 5:00 pm

There are a bunch of books (new and used) for crafters from crochet to quilting to felting to design and sewing.... so you can learn to make your own hat or to fancy up a store-bought one.

Plus, there is a whole corner of the little gift shop that is full of various odd-and-end vintage and new craft supplies, vintage lace and notions, vintage fabrics, vintage buttons (some even are still on the old cards), some craft and sewing patterns, a little thread and yarn from time to time, and many other odds and ends which just might give you some fresh ideas for your hat or other fashion, crafting, and household projects.

It would be good to look at the hats online before you go as most of them are packed up for shipping out. If you are not near enough to the Hubbard, Ohio Gift Shop to stop in to see some of the vintage hats; handbags; scarves... that are there, please see the eCrater online store:

Tell us why you love hats ! - If you bought one of ours, send us a photo of you wearing it !

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