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How to dress retro for plus-size

Updated on August 9, 2016

Dressing up & feeling good is for everyone, whether you are small, medium or plus size shouldn't matter, and it doesn't!

This lens tries to find some plus sized vintage & retro dresses that can be bought online for a reasonable price. At the bottom, there is a place where you can suggest your own dress.

A challenge to dress vintage

Picking the right outfit for an occasion can be stressing, picking the right retro outfit for that same occasion can be hell, but picking the right plus size outfit for an occasion is probably the hardest thing in fashion world.

First of, start with a personal look. Don't just copy/paste from magazines or fashion websites.

Every person is different, and a dress that looks good on you may look bad on someone else (or vice versa).

The second tip is to combine. Take your current clothing and try to add some vintage touches. For example, wearing a vintage dress, sixties shoes and accessories is probably overdoing it.

Start out with one item and combine with your regular outfit.

A dress can be that one item. Another option is to start smaller (handbags, belts or other accessories).

What I do to find a good plus size dress

You should first take a good look at yourself. There are areas you want to emphasize and there are areas you want to hide.

For example, if you have small lower arms and short arms in general, a dress or shirt with 3/4 sleeves will emphasize your wrists and make your arms look taller.

A strapless dress will put a lot of weight on your shoulders and a belt or ruffles will hide a big tummy.

Secondly is the occasion. A party dress, work outfit, sporting gear, it all requires a different kind of style.

An important step that should not be neglected are accessories. Add earings to draw attention to your ears or hair. Avoid sophisticated necklaces if you don't want to draw attention to your bust. Add a belt, high to make your legs appear taller.

Evening & cocktail dresses

Going out ? Need a dress ?

These dresses are designed for an evening of joy and pleasure.

Intensity of red

If you dare to go in red, you'll be sure to be noticed.

These red dresses are available in different sizes and are available for between $40 & $60.

Red is a color that will make you stand out of the crowd. If you don't feel comfortable being the center of attention, you should pick another color, but if you are, you can make a big impression with any red dress.

If you are looking to add accessories to a red dress, think black. For example, a black belt on a bright red dress looks amazing!

Shoe colors can be red too, as long as you combine different shades of red. Going with all bright red can be overwhelming. If you are unsure, you can also combine the dresses with a black pump.

Fashionably black

Black dresses go for any evening, going to a party or visiting friends, black is a good choice.

For between $50 and $60, one of these dresses is yours.

Black dresses are a safe choice that go for any occasion. You will fit in with the crowd. Every woman should have at least 1 black dress in her closet.

You can combine black dresses with almost anything. A red jacket looks great, colored shoes or a colored belt will add a bit of flair.

Dresses designed for plus

If you go shopping for plus sized dresses watch out for "fake plus size". These are just dresses in regular sizes that have been modified to fit plus sizes, but that doesn't mean they look good.

The best outfits are those that have been specifically designed for the plus sizes, accentuating the right parts, adding details to cover up other parts. If you are buying a dress online, beware of these things to make the best choice.

Your best bet is to try them on and see how they look on yourself.

Big impact dresses

If you have a very special occasion, like a prom, a wedding or when hosting your own party, a regular evening dress will not have the desired impact. If you want to make a big appearance, check out one of these plus size dresses.

At your prom, you want to be the center of attention, so make your dress look like it. Your dress should fit you comfortably, stand out in color and be a little bit sexy. The dresses above all accomplish that.

Is strapless ok for plus size ?

It's OK if you want to go for a strapless dress, however, you need to make sure you have the full support that you need.

Especially for people with a big bosom I advice you to actually try on a dress, jump around a few times and see if everything is still in place after the try-out.

Strapless dress can accentuate your shoulders and should be worn by people who are comfortable showing a bit of flesh.

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    • Jenn Alex Brockma profile image

      Jenn Alex Brockma 5 years ago

      Love the 50's styles.

    • Sara Dowling profile image

      Sara Dowling 5 years ago

      wow love that row of red dresses, especially the middle one