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Princess Jasmine Costume: Be A Disney Princess Jasmine This Halloween!

Updated on October 5, 2010

Be Princess Jasmine This Halloween

Princess Jasmine is one of the all time favorite princesses. Jasmine is charming, plus she's really different from most princesses that we know from other fairy tales. She is independent and actually wants to be of use, help the poor, and use her power for the good of people. That is probably why both children and adults love Disney Jasmine Princess. If you are looking for special and beautiful children costume for this Halloween, you might want to consider Princess Jasmine costumes for yourself and your little girl.

Who Is Princess Jasmine?

The original story of Aladdin is a Middle-Eastern folk tale. It's about a poor young man, named Aladdin, living in a Chinese city, who is recruited by a sorcerer from the Maghreb, who passes himself off as the brother of Aladdin's late father. That is not true, of course, and the sorcerer's motive is to persuade young Aladdin to retrieve a magic lamp hidden in a cave somewhere in the desert.

Who is princess Jasmine? She is a fictional Arab princess and the heroine of the Disney film, Aladdin.

There are many adaptations of this story in movies, print and onstage. Currently the best known is the animated feature titled "Aladdin" from 1992 by Disney. In this version several characters are changed and have different names (for example, the Sorcerer and the Sultan's vizier become the same person, while the Princess is named "Jasmine"), have new motivations for their actions (the Lamp Genie now wants to free himself) or are replaced. The story takes place in an Arabian city of Agrabah, and the plot is simplified. 

Disney's Jasmine is the daughter of the wealthy Sultan of Agrabah. She does not wish to marry any of the princes her father suggests, so she decides to run away from home. Of course, since she has never been outside the palace before, she immediately gets herself into some serious trouble. That's when Aladdin comes in, trying to help her out. However, soon Aladdin is captured by guards sent by the evil vizier and sentenced to death. Jasmine is worried, believing that she’s responsible for Aladdin’s death. OK, I don't want to reveal the whole story - watch the movie and read the story of Aladdin here.

Princess Jasmine Costume

It's easy to love princess Jasmine costume! It's graceful and can be sexy too. She is a pretty princess who's ready for anything, all she needs now is her Aladdin! She wears many different outfits throughout the movie. The Disney Jasmine Classic Costume - the one she is most associated with - includes a blue top with character cameo, long, blue balloon puffy pants, headpiece, and gold slipper-like shoes. Other outfits she wears are a brown beggar’s outfit, a long, lilac gown, and a red and golden slave outfit. Finally, at the end of the movie, she is wearing a very fancy version of her usual outfit, in a dark purple with blue cloth. In the sequel, she often wears a purple gown, in addition to the usual blue outfit. In the third part, she wears a white wedding dress.


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