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Choosing Raincoats & Rain Gear For Kids

Updated on October 20, 2018
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Protect Your Child with Raincoats and Rain Gear!

Keep your children healthy and dry this winter when the weather turns wet, cold and windy. Kids love playing outdoors at any time. They don't even seem to notice the weather. How many times have you reminded your kids as they run out the door to, "Put your coat on!"

One way to keep your child warm, dry and healthy is to have a durable and easy to wear raincoat and rain gear that kids will love, and want to wear. Raincoats can be a good investment as they can be worn for all types of weather; wet or dry, especially if there's a cloth lining. Kids want to just "grab their coat" and go outside to play. They don't care about checking the weather report first.

Rain gear caters to children with numerous styles, colors and favorite themes from which to choose. So, your child will love wearing his or her new raincoat which is light-weight, water-proof, snow proof and wind resistant. Even when the sun breaks through, and the rain clears up, raincoats are still a favorite among children.

Be Prepared

Prevent your child from getting sick this rainy season with rain gear that will keep them warm and dry.

It's Hard to Resist a Puddle


What to Consider When Shopping for Raincoat

When shopping for a raincoat, it's important to consider waterproof versus water resistant. Waterproof will get you through any heavy rain; whereas water resistant is best for the lighter rainfall.

If you do choose waterproof, make sure it's "breathable." As you child plays and works up a sweat underneath the rain coat, you want the ability for that extra moisture to evaporate - not build up inside perspiration.

You'll find that waterproof is usually windproof; as they are made to resist the heavier rain and wind that comes at you from all angles. Whereas, the wind resistant also applies to the water resistant. Wind resistant are usually the lighter garments; great for close outings or expected sunshine later in the day.

Some raincoats are also adaptable, including (usually fleece) an inside lining that can zip in and out of the coat. Thereby, handling all different weather.

Consider the length and weight of the raincoat. It should be long enough to endure the fun of stomping on puddles and water splashes from getting their clothes wet. It would also be a consideration the height of your child's footwear. If wearing rain boots than the coat can be a little shorter with more mobility.

There are many designs to choose from, such as long sleeve, pockets, ponchos, hoodies, etc. Colors are also available in multiple choices. Depending on various outings, your child can have a couple of different protectors to keep their clothes dry in wet weather.

Whatever the little one loves this season, whether it be Superman, Spiderman or the Paw Patrol, delighting them with a raincoat that serves a dual purpose of keeping them dry and healthy is a perfect solution for the rainy weather. You'll find that they'll love wearing them even when the sun is shining.

Raincoats are so popular with kids, they even like wearing them in the sunshine.

Raincoats are so popular with kids, they like wearing them in the sunshine.
Raincoats are so popular with kids, they like wearing them in the sunshine.

Children's Gloves & Boots - Keeping Toes and Fingers Warm

When children are having fun in the cold, they don't realize that their hands and fingers, as well as feet and toes, may be getting a little frostbit.

When choosing gloves or mittens, you can keep their fingers warm yet flexible enough to use so they won't be wanting to take them off every minute.

My grandson in Seattle loves his insulated gloves as they will keep the cold out and the warmth in.

Hands are also the most vulnerable to cold germs and there is an added protection by wearing gloves. You know your children won't be washing their hands as often (or as long) as they should to kill the germs. Gloves are a great way to offer that protection.

Because kids love to jump into puddles and don't mind the rain when it's playtime, rain boots can keep their feet and toes warm and dry.

Rain boots are so practical as they can be worn in any cold weather. The advantage, of course, is keeping your child healthy and avoiding as many winter hazards as possible.

Keeping Dry with an Umbrella

Many colds and/or the flu can be caught when the hair gets wet from wet and windy weather. Sometimes boys and girls will have differing opinions on umbrellas. Many times, boys just don't want to be seen with an umbrella, while girls may like to parade around with theirs as a "wardrobe choice." However, there are some great designs to choose from that'll make your son want to bring his umbrella with him; whether it rains or not.

Whatever design or character you choose (or your child's favorite character) will delight in helping to keep them dry. Wet hair in the cold, sometimes windy, weather can cause colds. Keep them healthy and dry in whatever best suits your likes and your child's preference.


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