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Stunning Rose Gold Rings

Updated on January 30, 2017
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Rose Gold Rings

We are all aware that pure gold is bright yellow and this is the gold usually referred to as 22 carat. But gold is a very obliging metal and will create a loose lattice alloy with many elements of the periodic table. Most common is with palladium, platinum or silver but in fact many the rare earth metals are also to be found in gold. Their silver colour simply makes gold paler and paler and harder and harder. If you compare a 9 carat gold ring with a 22 carat, it is appreciably harder to the feel and definitely a lot paler. To truly change the colour of gold requires the presence of another strongly coloured element and there is one simply waiting to oblige. Namely copper. Red copper creates the striking colour of rose gold, red copper while considerably less valuable than gold, has the ability to create an incredibly beautiful precious 'metal'. This is the story of rose gold.

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Rose Gold for Valentine's Day or any occasion

Rose Gold Ring
Rose Gold Ring

Rose Gold in Jewellery

Great gifts for Valentines Day

As already mentioned, silver slowly makes gold go paler as the silver content increases until it eventually becomes the product known as white gold. Copper introduces a spectrum from gold with a pink tinge, to rose gold to finally the striking red gold found with Welsh gold. This gradual change gives you a lot of choice and there is a broad area of copper content that can be considered rose gold. So when you shop for Valentines or indeed any occasion, I recommend you look at quite a few items until you find the hue that you desire. Remember the colour as well the style of the item is important. Rose gold can be a little overpowering in colour so rings with a yellow gold base and rose gold as a decoration on the top have developed. In fact many rose gold rings are 95% yellow gold and then a small motif or decoration made of rose gold. These can look very pretty so again, have a good look before you decide. Finally you can find a lot of rose gold rings which are actually silver with gold plate. These look lovely too as long as you understand what you are buying so ...shall I say it again? Look at lots before you choose.

Clogau Welsh Gold - Perfect for Valentine's Day And Many Other Special Occasions

The gold ring pictured here contains a rare Welsh gold from the Clogau St. David's gold mine in Bontddu, Snowdonia, North Wales. It has a beautiful pink sheen produced by the presence of copper and two tiny little diamonds mounted in a pattern of leaves. Clogau gold has actually been labelled, 'The Gold Of Royalty' being favoured by Her Majesty the Queen, The Queen Mother, Prince Charles and the Duchess Of Cornwall and the Duchess of Cambridge. This gold is now so rare that there is talk of reopening the mine. The rings that are used at Royal Weddings are made from an ingot of Welsh Gold that is especially stored for such occasions.

Rose Gold Ring
Rose Gold Ring

History of Rose Gold

A story of beauty

Folklore has it that rose gold became popular in Russia in the nineteenth century. It was known for a time as Russian gold. A lot of experiments were done into different amounts of copper and the Russians particularly like three coloured rings that contained bands of white, yellow and rose gold. Rose gold was also more popular with rubies and pink diamonds, setting off the colour most dramatically. It was Cartier who introduced the three banded gold ring to America in the 1920s. It was known as the trinity ring. More recently there has been an upsurge in interest in the colour and this is seen in plenty of product being made available on the street but more especially online through such companies as Amazon. The modern interest has been attributed to fashion moving away from plain black and white lines to more colourful styles of the 21st century. So to own a rose gold piece is to evoke modernity. Lastly I should mention that rose gold is priced fairly comparatively with other golds. Its apparent exotic nature increases the price but being based on copper which is relatively cheap the price balances out. If your finances are limited then it is still possible to buy a silver ring that has rose gold plate, of limited value but a good inexpensive alternative.

Hawaiian Heirloom
Hawaiian Heirloom

Rose Gold Rings

A personal perspective

I have always been fascinated by metals ever since I learned about the periodic table and how the further down you go and the further left you go then the more metallic the material. Think of some of those exotic elements like Germanium that is a semi conductor and doesn't know if it's a metal or a rock !!! But without it the modern transistor would never have been created and the electronic world would still be massive tubes. Gold on the other hand has never had a lot of use other than being pretty, so why do we seek gold rings and not rings made of germanium. The reason I believe is partly to do with the electron make up of the gold element in that it does not absorb yellow light and this is therefore the colour that we see. The second reason is that many metals tarnish easily, copper being a good example, whereas gold shines even if it lies at the bottom of a river. It is not coincidence that Gollum's ring in Lord of the Rings is gold. Another reason is scarcity, gold is not common yet it is also stable as an element and so if it is present then it can be found. Finally there is the antiquity of gold, the same metal found today is also found on Tutankhamen's death mask from 3500 years ago. Most golds are yellow whereas rose gold is more unusual, so by colour, by antiquity, by shine, by rarity no matter how you look at it a Rose Gold ring is a lovely thing to possess and behold.

A few last thoughts

I studied Geology at college and by an obvious coincidence the science involves a lot of studying of rocks. Many field trips involved staring down at my shoes at the rocks around me. I can remember finding a lump of Galena once and I took it back to the lab where the professor reduced it in a furnace from a lump the size of my thumb to a silver metal droplet a millimetre or so across. He then dropped this into a clear solution and the silver dissolved to be left with a tiny flake of gold floating down in the water. Gold is in most metallic veins in rocks but in such tiny amounts as to be of no value. The Clogau gold mines above Bont Ddu were one of the richest and for over 100 years the mines operated. I have walked those hills and seen the rivers where the rocks were washed, it is anticipated that with the current resurgence in interest in Rose Gold that the mines may reopen. I live and wait and hope.....

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Clogau Gold Mines, Wales UK

Which rose gold ring did you like most? - Thank you for paying us a visit!

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    • delia-delia profile image

      Delia 4 years ago

      I love Rose Gold and have some very old choice is between the Diamond-Morganite or 14k Rose Gold Diamond band...rose gold is making a comeback.

    • marigoldina profile image

      Heather B 4 years ago

      All of them! I am a big fan of rose gold.