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Less is more - rosehip's superior properties

Updated on December 29, 2013
Rose hips
Rose hips | Source

Over the years I have spent probably hundreds, maybe even thousands of dollars on skincare products. I haven't scrimped and have treated myself to some of the best on the market. What has become more apparent to me is that price doesn't always determine a better quality. If I'm really honest I have often been seduced by beautiful packaging and most definitely the aroma of the product. The latter still very important to me.

Having dry skin as a youth was great because I didn't experience pimples or acne. However, now as my skin starts to mature, along with the battering it endured during my backpacking days, it has become very thirsty for moisture.

Right from my late teens ( a while ago), I have experimented intermittently with essential oils for skin products and continue to do so. I am more conscious of the chemicals that are added to most skin care lotions and creams and the long-term affect these can have on health.

Nowadays, I am more interested in using products that I know are natural but still provide excellent skin care results. At times I even make my own for my dry skin and have seen some great results in terms of locking in moisture and preventing dry skin.

One of my favourite skin care products for mature and/or dry skin is rose hip oil. It has excellent moisturising qualities as well as other health benefits.

Why use rose hip oil?

Rose hip oil, which is extracted from the rose bush, is highly nutritious and almost contains all the fatty acids essential for making your skin better.

The benefits offered by the oil is countless and reportedly cures many skin problems such as scars, acne etc. It also great for wrinkles and brittle nails. Both mature skin and sun burnt skin reveal the same benefits from the usage of the oil. The oil moisturizes and nourishes even the driest skins. It also increases the complexion of the skin. More importantly the oil is natural and organic.

Healing properties of rose hip oil

Rose hip oil is obtained from the rose hip seeds, which are present in the organic source of Chile mountain region. The natural effect of the oil is maintained by extracting the oil using solvent free process.

Who can use it?

The oil can be used by any age groups of people.

  • During pregnancy, the skin stretches and leaves strain marks in the skin. The oil can be used by pregnant women and it is 100 percent safe.

  • wrinkles in the skin and sunspots are caused due to the free radicals present in the skin. There are some chemically imbalanced cells in the skin that also causes the above skin problems. The rose hip oil contains anti-oxidants that fight against the free radicals and imbalanced molecules, thus preventing wrinkles and sun spots. The anti-oxidant present in the oil is Vitamin C. Other oils in the market also contain Vitamin C, but they lose the essential anti-oxidant supply as time increases. But the rose hip oil is an exception. It does not lose its essential nutrients even after a long time. The oil also contains Vitamin A which has very small molecules that allows the oil go deep into the skin. Photo aging of the skin also occurs due to the ultra-violet rays from the sun.

Why rose hip oil is so popular

The major reason for the success of this oil is that it has a 100 percent natural formula. Some of the important ingredients in the rose hip oil are Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids. They improve the softness of the skin and increase the elasticity, moisturize the skin and avoid aging of the skin cells. The health of the skin is maintained by the Omega fatty acids. The other ingredients include Beta-Carotene, which helps in renewal of old skin and repair of cells and may be effective in reducing certain cancers in pre and post menopausal women. Skin is mostly affected by sunlight and stresses. Beta-Carotene helps in repairing such damaged skin cells. Oil residues are not left back in the skin for the reason that the lipids found in the oil is similar to the lipids in the human skin.

Lipids are the main source for avoiding bacteria and rejuvenating the skin surface. They prevent water loss from the skin. The lipids naturally get lower due to aging. The oil increases this lipid level in more natural way.

Rose hip for different skin conditions

  • The skin tone of person is different but the oil is effective for all the types such as;
  • dehydrated skin -kit absorbs easily leaving a nongreasy complexion.
  • sensitive skin - . It balances the oil level of the skin and soothes the sensitive skin. The oil can also be used throughout the body.
  • Scar tissue - it can help to speed up the healing process. Scars in the skin are as a result of fibrous tissue which causes redness in the skin. The rose hip oil should be applied twice daily for a period of two months for the scar to heel. The trans- retinoic acid is present in the oil, which is the main rejuvenating property. It is the main reason for the healing of scars and other marks in the skin. Oleic acid, linoleic acid and linolenic acid are the other ingredients present in the oil. The oil should not be used for open wound.

The beauty about rose hip oil is that it's quick and easy to use. After cleansing in the morning and evening just apply 2 to 3 drops to the face and gently massage into the skin.

There is no need for additional moisturisers as the oil allows the skin to repair and rejuvinate.

Do you choose to use natural skin care products?

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Make your own Essential Oils and Skin-care Products
Make your own Essential Oils and Skin-care Products
Do it yourself! How to make your own skin products.


Note: The guide is not meant to be fully comprehensive and is meant for information only. The author makes no guarantee, either expressed or implied, regarding the efficacy or use for any reason of the information contained within this article.


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