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Updated on March 13, 2013

imagination is beyond infinity


First of all, be eccentric.

In order to be different you have to forget what ‘normal’ is. ’Normal’ is what people do when they want to hide or escape intense moments and situations. For Salvador Dali, normal was plain boring and mediocrity was unremarkable. Being eccentric, automatically made him memorable. Even if someone didn’t know much of Dali’s art when he was still alive, he was definitely informed by the press for the artist’s whims. By that, his curiosity about that ‘weird’ and wackyman was growing and wanted to check him out and learn more about him. Being eccentric is a step which you have to make if you believe you have something to say to the world and want to stand out in order to catch people’s eyes. That of course doesn’t mean that you have to be shallow or poser, but by having a special behavior, lifestyle, believes or manners, you become more highlighted. Having an eccentricity makes you more noticeable and definitely memorable.

Never compromise.

Dali never compromised and degraded his artwork. Even when he was forced to change his lifestyle, the quality of his art remained in a high level. Dali was the kind of person who believed in his own powers and talent no matter what the occasions were. He was a professional perfectionist and if you have any ambition of succeeding in your life, you should follow his glorious path.

Spoil yourself.

It is very important for an artist having a good time by just himself and continuously boosting his ego. You should treat yourself with love, devote time every week just for you and do what you really like without borders. You can buy something expensive that you always wanted, dress fine, have a dinner in a great restaurant or relax in your bathtub for an hour. You totally deserve it! This time of the week is just for you and your spirit! Dali spent uncountable hours at his legendary pool parties and dined in the most famous restaurants and hotels. He even had an ocelot as a pet! The bottom line is that not only you should look expensive, you should be expensive too. Do a favor to yourself and get spoiled!

Get inspired by everything.

Last but not least, is the advice of keeping your mind open to try new things. You should let yourself experience with new materials and ideas without following any rules. If you let yourself completely free, and just go alone for a long walk, you will be amazed and surprised by all those works of art you will see that you never noticed before. It also might give you a great idea for creating the next great thing that will make you famous!


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