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Shop for Moissanite

Updated on January 27, 2013

Where to Shop for Moissanite Jewelry

This page offers a collection of the best places to shop for moissanite jewelry. Many of these stores offer loose stones and will work with settings purchased from other retailers. Before purchasing it always smart to ensure you agree with the company's return policy.

The ring pictured is available from online moissanite retailer

Retail Stores Selling Moissanite - Online and brick & mortar moissanite dealers

Don't miss the eBay links in the section below this list of stores. LK Jewelry has some gorgeous designs and Moissanite Co. also offers some deals through their eBay store.

  • Moissanite Co.
    With the fall of Bella Jewelry Company, Moissanite Co. swiftly took the spot of shop of choice in the moissanite forums at Better Than Diamond. I haven't ordered from them yet, but I have my eye on more than a few of their items. Check out the ring style selection they have. They also over special moissanite coatings for colored moissanite or a special enhancement which is said to lighten moissanite a shade or two. The enhancement costs around $100 a carat and is highly recommended when purchasing fancy shapes.
  • Moissanite Diamond
    I've not had any personal experience with this company, but they do offer a 30 day return policy and a trade-up program. Good for us ladies with "shrinkage" issues.
  • Moissanite Fine Jewelry
    I have no personal experience with this company, but the custom design ring feature seems pretty awesome.
  • Overstock's
    Not a great selection, but maybe with the right coupon it could be worth it.
  • JCPenny
    Not all JCPenny's carry moissanite and it appears they've dropped moissanite from their online listings. Your local JCPenny jewelry counter may still have some, but honestly I never thought they had very good pieces. The settings were hollow and the stones held a lot of body color.
  • Kohl's
    Kohl's online listings for moissanite seem to be empty, but there are good deals in the store.
  • Desert Moissanite
    These guys are currently offering a free pair of moissanite studs with a $500 purchase!
    If you're into the handcrafted look there are some beautiful moissanite rings on Etsy.
  • Joseph Schubach Jewelers
    Lots of ring styles mixed with other colored gemstones. Gorgeous. This store is quickly becoming another favorite at the Better Than Diamond boards.
  • Amazon

    Lots of classic styles by a handful of vendors at great prices like this huge 3ct Solitaire.

  • Better Than Diamond
    This company is gracious enough to host a forum for us moissanite fans, however they have not offered moissanite for sometime. The owner felt his CZ Asha made for a better diamond simulate for his customers. In June 2011 however, he is introducing Mira Moissanite, a special application done to an original moissanite that is said to give it a whiter color. When the C&C patent is up, the owner of Better than Diamond plans to unveil a re-cut moissanite that is said to improve the sparkle, color and make moissanite look even more like traditional diamonds. These special stones will be more expensive as they use higher carat stones, cut down to the carat you are purchasing. Fans of moissanite are super excited for the release.

Moissanite Engagement Rings from Amazon - Plenty of gorgeous deals many under $900

Nina Elle Jewels - Detailed quality pieces, pave diamond paired with moissanite

Nina Elle Jewels settings are a bit pricier than a lot of moissanite carriers, but her settings are gorgeous, many with diamond encrusted bands.

OC Diamonds - Offering moissanite and diamond jewelry

I don't know a lot about OC diamonds, but they have competitive pricing on some great classic moissanite jewelry. They also have a fantastic eBay rating.

LK Jewelry - Unique and beautiful pieces

I am in awe of some of the incredible settings LK jewelry has. Her prices are a little higher than some stores, but she has fantastic eBay ratings. I received a comment recently that stated they purchased a ring from LK Jewelry where the setting was not up to their standards. I have also seen some negative experiences with craftsmanship from customers in moissanite forums. As with any online purchase, especially big ones like jewelry, make sure you are comfortable with the company's return policy.

Where do you shop for Moissanite? - Online or Local?

Women's 14k White-gold Moissanite And Diamond Ring
Women's 14k White-gold Moissanite And Diamond Ring

What is your favorite place to shop for moissanite jewelry?

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What do you think of Moissanite? - Do you have a favorite jeweler that carries moissanite?

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    • pixelposy profile image

      pixelposy 6 years ago

      @Angarastone: I'm having trouble locating the moissanite section of your store. Is this something you are considering adding? Would love to hear back from you if so. Thanks!

    • profile image

      Angarastone 6 years ago

      Gemstone Jewelry is My favorite place to shop for moissanite jewelry