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short silk kimono robe

Updated on February 11, 2013

Where To Buy A Short Kimono Robe

If you are looking for new super chic lingerie items then you should have a look at shopping for a short silk kimono robe. This is something that is suitable for woman of all ages and can really help you feel attractive and sophisticated.

If you happen to take a look at just what is available to shop for at the Amazon site, for example, you will realize that you can find some great buys and it's effortless to order something and have it shipped to your property in just a matter of days.

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click to buy this short silk kimono
click to buy this short silk kimono

Buy The Perfect Knee Length Kimono

One example of the type of short kimono robe that you might consider choosing is this vintage style hand-painted silk kimono robe. It's created from 100% pure silk so it's going to simply look glamorous to the eye and t will also feel incredibly smooth and plush on the skin.

The kimono robe is designed as a one size fits all outfit, meaning it is going to fit a lady with a measurement of up to 48-50 inches at the hip/chest area. Each kimono robe measures 37.5 inches in total and that will reach the knee on the average sized person.

The hand painted design can be seen on the front and also on the back of each garment. Each design depicts a bunch of soft looking flowers. There are actually several different colours offered and the painted blossoms go with the shades of the robes. Among the shades that happen to be available include a blend of mocha, teal, plum and black.

click to buy this short silk kimono robe
click to buy this short silk kimono robe

Choose A Silk Kimono As A Superb Gift Idea

A short kimono robe is definitely the sort of thing that would be perfect for a gift idea for any woman of any age. Should you be thinking about treating your mother to a wonderful Mother Days gift this has to be beautiful thing to receive. Since this item of clothing isn't seasonal, you can get it anytime of the year and it would be an appropriate present for a birthday celebration, a wedding or even a Christmas gift.

Buy A Silk Gown To Take On Holiday

If you are heading off on a weekend getaway then a silk kimono is the ideal addition for almost any woman to take with them.

This is just one example of the kind of thing you could buy as a fantastic gift idea for a woman on the net nowadays.

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