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Silkn Flash N Go permanent hair removal device

Updated on October 12, 2014

Body hair removal with Silk'n Flash N Go

Ever since we first developed body hair, we've been looking for ways to rid ourselves of it. We will do anything to keep our bodies smooth: shaving, plucking, threading or waxing. These methods range from annoying to downright painful and expensive. And the worst part is, they're all temporary.

But now you can remove body hair permanently and painlessly in the comfort of your own home with the Silk'n Flash & Go Permanent Hair Removal Device.

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What is Flash & Go?

Flash & Go is a permanent hair removal solution. It uses IPL which is intense pulsed light therapy. Very similar to the laser technology used in doctors offices, except that you do it at home and it's painless.

How does it work?

It's a pretty simple concept. With intense pulsed light therapy a light is projected into the hair follicle and then the melanin (tint or pigment) in the hair absorbs the light. Once the light is absorbed, it completely paralyzes the hair follicle, making the follicle unable to produce hair again.

The treatment is done in a grid pattern and the large applicator makes this a quick process. You just place it on the area you want to treat and flash. All you will feel is a pop of heat or a snap like from a rubber band.

TV reporter reviews Silk'n and Tria hair removal devices. Silk'n Flash & Go wins!

At the time this video was made, the Silk'n could only be purchased through a dermatologist. Now you can get it through Amazon.

Also at the time, both Silk'n and Tria cost just under $1,000. Now the Silk'n Flash & Go is under $300 and the Tria is about $350.

How many times do you have to do it to get rid of hair in an area?

Everyone's different but it typically takes about eight treatments. Hair grows in stages and at different rates for each person. You use it every two weeks for the first two months, then as the hair stops growing, about once a month until all the hair is gone.

What parts of the body can you use this on?

Silk'n Flash & Go can be used on the face, arms, legs, underarms and bikini area. Waxing the bikini area is a humiliating and painful experience. Treating the bikini area with Flash & Go in the privacy of your own home is fast, easy and painless.

Men can use this device too. They often have unwanted hair on the tops of their hands, their backs and behinds.

Is Flash & Go expensive?

Doctor office laser hair removal treatments are about $800 and you need them every two weeks for about two months. The Silk'n Flash & Go is under $300 and you own it. You get multiple treatments, it's convenient, painless and permanent. After your unwanted body hair goes away, pass it on to your friend, husband or other loved one.

Does it work on gray hairs?

No, Flash & Go will not work on gray hairs because the light is absorbed by the pigment (melanin) in the hair. It can only be used on hair with pigment so it won't work on gray hair or blonde hair. It's good for brunettes, redheads and darker blondes--anyone with lighter skin and darker hair.

If you're very dark complected it won't work because there needs to be contrast between the skin and the hair so the light will know where to go. The picture below shows the side of the Flash & Go box. It's a little hard to see at that angle but it shows various skin tones. The last two skin tones on the right would have too much pigment for the Flash & Go to work.

Is Flash & Go safe?

Yes, it's totally safe, FDA cleared and a nontoxic alternative to chemical depilatories. The company that manufactures Flash & Go also manufactures the medical grade lasers used in doctors offices.

Get your very own Silk'n Flash & Go Hair Removal Device. Currently with free shipping. Includes two cartridges for 2000 total flashes.


© 2012 Lynda Makara

What's your favorite method of hair removal? Thank you for your comments and questions.

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    • goldenrulecomics profile image


      4 years ago from New Jersey

      Nicely done review.

    • Lynda Makara profile imageAUTHOR

      Lynda Makara 

      5 years ago from California

      @SimonJay: Yes, they only work on lighter skinned people.

    • SimonJay profile image


      5 years ago

      These look interesting but i have heard a lot of mixed views on these lazer removals maybe it works for some but not others who knows.

    • ItayaLightbourne profile image

      Itaya Lightbourne 

      6 years ago from Topeka, KS

      Would LOVE to have one of these! It's going on my wish list for sure. :)

    • Board-Game-Brooke profile image

      C A Chancellor 

      6 years ago from US/TN

      I still use a razor. :-\ Would love to have one of these permanent removal tools!


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