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Skin Sin

Updated on November 2, 2018


Beauty Lingo for Beginners

Beauty Along's General Beauty Lingo for 2013

Hyperpigmentation Do you have Dark spots from acne, a wound or sun exposure? (Shame on your for not using SPF) That's what this is.

hypoallergenic I was recently asked about a good eyeliner & Mascara for this. Personally I don't use regular mascara, I use a clear one by Cover Girl (as you can see when it's time to buy a new one)

I am not sure if its hypoallergenic though, however the first names that came to mind for her question was Almay, Physicians' Formula & Bare Minerals or is it called bare Essentials? brand is for sensative skin


It means it will not clog your pores

so look for products that say this

(especially facial)

so you shouldn't get any nasty black heads.

Skin care - & misc. face & body grooming

Lubriderm Skin Nourishing Moisturizing Lotion Tube, 3.3 Oz
Lubriderm Skin Nourishing Moisturizing Lotion Tube, 3.3 Oz

I usually get the 16 oz. pump bottle of this. I use it everywhere including my face if I've run out of moisturizer (or i'm in a rush) and it won't clog your pores


Drink water to hydrate skin

Your entire body needs water.

Water regulates body temprature & flushes out toxins its a digestion aid and carries nutrients to cells.

Your skin's cells depend on on water to function efficiently & and repair damage.

There's no science to prove drinking extra water can make dry skin supple.

Just limit time in hot or chlorinated water, use gentle cleansers INSTEAD of soap or products that contatin alcohol moisurize as soon as you get out of the shower or to help trap water in your sk


Trouble Zones? Yep I've got them, not only skin wise

but my computer nor the pages seem to agree with the site, as it is the only site that loads slowly so

The Beauty Balm and it's pages have moved!

They will now have their own blog and the existing pages are in the menu

Tips and tricks

Turning down the heat will help boost your circulation (which is good for skin) American women have a tendency of sleeping in warm rooms when French women sleep in cooler ones. It also helps you sleep better . If your side of the bed is closer to the window open it a crack

as I mentioned on the main page of Beauty Balm the harmful UV rays of the sun not only hold the threat of cancer threat without the sunscreenbut the sun is 90% the cause of those wrinkles & age spots> Exposure to the UV light rays cause the skin to lose its strength and flexibility due to the damage the sun causes deep down in your skin to the elastin & collagen fibers which is what keeps your skin's elasticity or more simply keeps you loooking young. No Collagen & Elastin= skin sagging, & wrinkled skin

Wrinkles become more visble as your skin loses its elasticity and skin becomes drier as you age. Mo can help by trapp and oil already on the skin. This only temporarily plumps cells and masks the tiny lines & creases. The moisturizers do not penetrate the deeper layers of the skin and cannot stop wrinkles from forming. Factors beyond genetics, like the sun, poor diet, polution, stress, even smoking can speed up the process. Prescription retinoids can help smooth fine lines but may irritate your skin, you can also talk to your doctor about laser treatments and at home light therapy devices.

AVOID PiT STOPS (as in Arm pit spot) Using a face mattifiers like M.A.C. matte to sop up the moisture

Use an exfoliant 2x a week (my favorites are from Lush, Dark Angels is a fine one and Ocean Salt a medium one (during the winter I like to leave the Ocean salt container open on a radiator to get some o the moisture out to get it a bit more coarse feeling) If you have sensitive skin use a bit of the dark angels to try (you can get a sample if you go in the store)

To REDUCE RE-GROWTH between leg or bikini waxings (etc) use a SOY based HAIR Minimizing lotion like Aveeno Positively smooth moisturizing lotion around $8 in drug stores

Use a MOISTURIZER (especially in the winter) this will help you keep your skin from getting dried out & in the summer (using one with an SPF) will keep your skin from getting sun damaged. Try Garnier Fruitics Skin Renew anti-sun Damage with SPF

Want SUPER SOFT HANDS? BRazllian women rub Coffee grounds on their hands before they trash them!

DITCH your soap bar it clogs your pores & leaves a film behind so you skin cannot breathe use a liquid soap for your face & body.

To REDUCE the size of your pores use a TONER for smoother even looking skin

Before and after washing your face (especially if you wear make-up) use ASTRINGENT it helps clean below thepores to get the grime out. Test this.. wash your face, then with an astringent like clean & clear or even Witch Hazel using a cotton round swipe across your chin, forehead or cheek & see what happens

Have a Flushed Red Face? TONE it down by mixing half a cup of milk with a LITTLE water & apply with a cotton pad

To keep stretch marks at bay as well as dry spots Moisturize daily with Olive oil!

For SMOOTHER skin Chinese women know that WHITE TEA has age fighting antioxidants. (so THAT's how they stay so young looking! Apparently they'e found the Fountain of youth!) Sip on one or 2 cups a day


SPF/SUNBLOCK Weather its winter or summer you should still use a sun block. The effects of the sun can give you wrinkles esp. When you burn. If you are out on the beach re-apply every hour. Plus extra before you go in the water and when you come out even if its water proof.

They say to put on SPF 1/2 hour before you walk out the door so it can take effect.

However I've read that it blocks us getting Vitamin D from the sun. So to each their own.

WHERE CAN I FIND MY FAVORITE MAKE UP once its gone from the store shelves?

First Try the brand's web site. There's often a link to products that are being phased out, like Lancome's beauty Bye byes (

Estee lauder's Gone but not forgotten hotline (1-800-216-7173)

When all else fails, create a clone of the shade. Giella will copy lipstick, lip gloss or nail polish hue ($25-$27, Three custom colors Specialists can re-create any lip color ($55 for 2 tubes of lipstick, (credit to Good Housekeeping (Jan 2009 pg 32 & 61) check library or their website


Although you might feel squeaky clean after that shower, the chemicals found in your soaps & scrubs don't always have the same effect on the environment. Cleaning Guru Michael DeJong, author of Clean Body: The Humble art of Zen Cleansing Yourself which came out may 5th, explains how household ingredients can clean your body without relying on harsh chemicals. Here's a look at 3 of them.

Baking Soda- Its light grit and quick-to-dissolve nature make this the perfect exfoliant, with both soothing and antiseptic qualities.

Salt- Used as antiseptic, SALT water is good for healing abrasions & bruises. "Its amazing on diaper rash" Dejong says. Use Salt baths to treat entire body.

Olive Oil- Use it on your hands, knees elbows & feet to moisturize and soften rough spots.

MAINTAIN BROWS in line after a professional shapes your brows (whether she uses wax, thread or tweezers) it takes about four weeks for the hair to grow back fully. To preserve the shape, use a angled tweezers to pluck wayward strands between brows & under the arches as they grow in. (take care NOT to alter brow shape; just maintain it) * Stand close to a mirror while removing a few errant hairs, then step back to check your progress. (avoid looking in a magnifying mirror, as this can lead to over tweezing) * For expert looking results, fill your brows in with a matching pencil & seal them with brow gel. This makes them look as if they've just been professionally waxed or tweezed.

ZIT ZAP - DETOXIFY your skin We over touch, possibly over scrub and Over treat...too many products can irritate the skin. Try taking a break from the products (just use your facial soap) for a week or 2 to see if the problem goes away Then GRADUALLY add products back into the regime. CALM & TREAT Existing pimples may need a topical prescription that contains Benzoyl peroxide or clindamycin Over the Counter (OTC) products with salicitic acid are a good bet as well (however if you have sensitive skin test first) If your skin doesn't respond then go to a dermatologist.

You can also find out from them if its a condition of rosacea, Polycystic ovarian syndrome or something else (stress?) Fine-tune your diet. Some people get zits when they eat chocolate others may be dairy (gee isn't there dairy in chocolate) or salty snack foods. it might be a good idea to keep a journal of what you've ate to look back a couple days from when you get a zit so you know what might (if food related) is causing it. MOISTURIZE REGULARLY extreme dry skin can have an acne like reaction so if yours feels a bit dehydrated (or not) smooth some soothing moisturizer all over your face. Strivectin SD Sensitive Skin has a calming agent in it. & helps protect skin from the drying elements 7 give it a chance to heal. Rely on a retinoid to keep pores from clogging up w/ dead skin 7 breaking out again Try using a facial loofa rub around in a counterclockwise motion until pinkish red. You can also use the retinoid Good over the counter ones are from ROC, Oil of Olay, Neutrogena 7 Shiseido brands. DE-Stress! Adult acne is oft related to tension. Try deep breathing yoga or something that helps reduce your stress. You might want to find a hiding place to do it as ITs not always calming & relaxing to do it in the home front. Also get at least 7 hours of sleep, Rested skin is healthy skin & avoid alcohol before bed. it interrupts the sleep cycle & makes you more acne prone.

5 Fast fixers Toothpaste! If you have nothing else on hand put a little TOOTHPASTE on it & leave it over night to dry the blemish out. EYE CONTACT SOLUTION if wear contacts but you don't have astringent this will work as a substitute. The saltiness in the solution acts as the astringent. OTC STERIOD CREAM over the counter (1%) hydrocortisone can reduce redness fast. It can also be used for other skin irritations. TEA TREE OIL try a drop or 2 which is a natural antiseptic and anti-inflammatory & can reduce both when it comes to pimples (I've seen it work I carry a Tea tree water spray around from Lush) Last but not least.. Your Dermatologist. They can inject a tiny bit of the steroid solution into the blemish. For a wide breakout prescription gels Epiduo & Duac can clear it in a day.

Get an INSTANT FACIAL! Who needs a spa? Close your eyes, & with your fingertips, rub your face from your temples downward in a gentle circular motions to relieve anxiety. A Bonus: It'll also help prevent little lines!

Got sensitive skin? Irish Women use oatmeal to soothe their skin Try Aveeno daily moisturizing lotion $6.99 (in U.S.) & yes I have used this in the past & still do I love it. & is great during the dry winter months!

Do Expensive skin care products work better

Just becaue it costs more doesn't mean it will work.

What makes the difference is:

1. formulation

2. concentration

3. active ingredients

Prescription products likely have a higher consentration of the active agent (& use w/ doctor supervision)

everyones' skin is different. You have to find what gives you the best results without adverse side effects


dab acne with nasal spray and Visine eye drops. They both will shrink blood vessels, thereby taking away the redness. -from @TheBeautyTips

(you can also do the same thing with toothpaste (from what I've heard), hemerroid cream or Ice however I do not use these methods myself)

Any questions? Please feel free to ask - I'll answer ASAP

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    • Zodiacimmortal profile imageAUTHOR


      5 years ago from Yonkers, NY

      @Othercatt: Othercat... the thing is... some of the products (if you look at my Bauty balm lens) should be kept at varying intervals.. some 3 months to a year. I could understand with something you can have for a year (or 2 like Powder products) but not for something for jsut 3 months 6 months is a so so thing if you will definately use the entierty of the product in that 6 months then yeah. see the Make-up section I have a listing of how long they keep You will find it under 'Male up CLean up" in that section

    • Othercatt profile image


      5 years ago

      When it comes to beauty products for my face and hair, I always choose to splurge. Most of the time the store brand and name brand products are so close in price, it'd be ridiculous to not buy the name brand.


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