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Sky clothing & Sky dresses

Updated on February 22, 2015

Luxurious, chic and sexy

In 1998 Peter and Jennifer Kane started a shoes collection with the name Sky.

It didn't take long for Sky to be converted to a full clothing line with sexy, chic and luxurious designs. When they opened a store on Robertson Boulevard, L.A., well know for the hip stores and frequently visited by Hollywood stars, they soon became well known for their trendy designs.

Celebrities like Paris Hilton, Brooke Burke, Vanessa Minnillo, Christina Milian, Jessica Alba, and Ashanti have been spotted in Sky clothing.

Local brand

Sky clothing is a rather local brand. The only outlet is still the original store in L.A. and some web shops featuring Sky clothing.

Also in items, the brand is limited to dresses, tops, shorts and more.

The designs are sexy and luxurious and the materials used are comfortable and of the highest quality, there are silk clothes, wool and leather.

Your best bet getting Sky clothing is via the internet, check some of the items below to order them. Even if you are a local L.A. resident, it might be advisable to order through an online retailer, the store in Robertson Boulevard hasn't got client service high on its priority list.

Sexy in Black

If you would have to describe the Sky brand in one word, it would be "Sexy".

The asymmetrical dress below is an excellent example for that description.

Sky dresses

This dress is one of the best selling items in the Sky collection.

Understandable! It's a simple, yet sexy, and will make you the center of attention.

Get the dress @ Couture Candy

If you are not into black, gray is an option. This gray dress has been trimmed with a pattern.

Get the black dress @ Couture Candy

Celebrity status

Besides the fans among Hollywood celebrities, Sky clothing made a name through appearances in over 25 movies and several TV shows.

Hayden Panettiere in a Sky dress

Paris Hilton

Jayde Nicole

Megan Fox

Heidi Montag

More Sky clothing

Here's a small collection of Sky clothing available @ Couture Candy. Click an image for more information.

Love & hate

You either love the brand or hate it, what's your pick?


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