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Smart Body Art

Updated on March 5, 2018

What are the advantages and disadvantages of wearing a tattoo?

Like everything else in life, tattoos have their merits and demerits. One needs to make carry out some research and make an informed decision about wearing or not wearing one.

If properly done, tattoos are quite attractive.
If properly done, tattoos are quite attractive. | Source


A tattoo is a form of body art that comprises designs on the skin made with needles and body ink. For some people, it is a beauty sign much like the beauty spot and birth mark.For others it is a statement in status, a form of expression, a signature or symbol of identity. Yet for others, it is the hallmark of the undisciplined, swinish, ragtag mobster.

A few years ago, wearing a tattoo or any form of bold body art was frowned upon in certain circles and attributed to certain behavioral groups. Often, it was associated with the dregs of society. These included hippies, the wannabes, the lost and confused.Today; tattoos are as common place as the sign on the street.

Origin of the tattoo

Contrary to common belief that tattoos began as gestures of rebellion in the sixties, they have been a part of human society from the beginning of time. In Africa, body art which included tattoing was commonly practiced in ancient times. In the sixties, tattoos were associated with renegades and the uncouth. Even today, certain job descriptions, religions and family groups do not make allowance for body art of any kind. However, in many other places tattooing is an acceptable form of body art.

The irresistible allure of the tattoo:

Many people will confess that they got their tattoo without giving the move a serious thought. For some, it may be due to peer influence, a deep urge for recognition, a need to be different and stand out from the crowd or simply something you got into because ‘all your friends were doing it’. A number of people have expressed regret as they grow older.” If I had to do it again, I probably wouldn’t’’, one writer, Tom Gauld, who is over thirty eight years old, has stated in his article; The Existential Anguish of the Tattoo.

Advantages of having a Tattoo:

Some people believe that tattoos make them’ respectable ‘in that trouble makers steer clear of them. They are a unique body art that if done by a professional, look beautiful and attractive. Some people consider them to be landmarks symbolizing a certain stage in their lives.

Disadvantages of tattoos:

The healing process is long and painful, especially if the tattoo is large. There is always a risk of infection either from exposure or often due to accidental use of needles that were not sterilized. Some employers are averse to any form of body art.

A dermatological view of tattoos:

There are health and toxicological risks associated with tattooes.Acording to Scott Bryan who is a spokesman for the American Center for disease and Prevention, ‘’people who wish to express themselves through tattooing, should first visit a licensed health facility in order to make an informed decision. At the health facility, they will be told about the safety procedures and risks involved’’.

Health risks associated with tattooing include allergic reactions, Scarring as the tattoo heals and infections such as hepatitis which can result from use of needles .There are also concerns that the ink used could turn toxic.


Like everything else in life, tattoos have advantages and disadvantages. They come with risk and it is imperative that one makes an informed choice about having them as a form of body art.


Intricate tattoo  pattern.
Intricate tattoo pattern. | Source
Introduction-Origin of tattoos
Advantages of tattoos
Disadvantages of Tattoos
A dermatological view of tattoos
Contrary to common belief, tattoos have their origin in antiquity.

Tattoo or no Tattoo, the choice is yours

Choosing to wear a tattoo is a matter of personal choice. However, it is imperative that one takes time to understand the pros and cons of wearing one.


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