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Snowflake Face Painting Ideas and Designs

Updated on June 25, 2014

Face Painting Ideas Using Snowflake Designs

Snowflakes are a terrific choice for those wanting to display some wonderful winter or Christmas themes when face painting a design on someone else's face or your own face.

Not only do they provide seasonal relevance though, as they look fantastic throughout the year, and in mountainous regions of the world can be appropriate around the entire year.

Snowflakes are very versatile objects to use when face painting, as they can be painted as standalone designs with the creativity inherent in the snowflake itself. Some very well-designed snowflakes look great on their own.

The two other major ways people paint snowflakes on their faces is when included in a scene, or when used in conjunction with a snow princess, snow queen or snow fairy look. In those cases the snowflake is used in a complementary manner rather than as the major element of the facial paint design.

When you first look at the examples of snowflakes in and of themselves below, your first reaction may be, if you haven't painted a snowflake before, will probably be an overwhelming one, as it looks very hard to do.

But when the design is broken down into parts, you'll see how easy it really is. We'll help you with that in this article by pointing out the several parts of the snowflake design which makes up the whole.

Let's look at several ways to incorporate a snowflake into face painting designs now.

Face Painting of Snowflake Princess

With this first example of a face painting design using a snowflake theme, it has a little bit of everything, so it's not only cute and nice looking, but a guide that can be used for most other snowflake themes used.

The first thing to notice is the colors used. By far the predominant colors for snowflake designs are blue and white. The reason for that is simple: the colors go great together with a snowflake and/or winter theme.

Next is using a base color to display the snowflakes in order to help them stand out more. In this case the choice is blue, which interestingly is used on part of the face while a small portion of the face uses natural skin as the canvass to work on. A little bit of white is also scattered throughout the design, adding a nice effect to the overall look.

Finally, and probably most importantly to those less experience in painting snowflakes, is the snowflake designs themselves.

With these snowflakes the focus is on a small circle in the middle of the center of the design, which is used to build out the snowflake details. They include a hole left in the center that reflects the base color it is placed over. So some of the snowflake holes are darker blue, while others lighter blue.

As for the design of the snowflake from there, there are straight lines added to the circle, with some being the same length on some snowflakes, while others alternating shorter and longer lines. Some have oval-shaped ends with others having slanted lines added to create a very different look.

It may sound complicated to some, but all it is is a circle in the middle, with different thicknesses, as you see below, and then adding some straight lines. From there you simply add whatever else to the snowflake you want to create the desired effect.

Finally, you can also add some scrolling lines or other elements to the snowflake face painting to make it more compelling and full.

For those wanting the snow princess, queen or fairy look, usually there will be that piece in the center of the eyes which resembles a tiara of some sort. The idea is to recreate that as part of the design, although there is a lot of creative license that can be used to retain an interpretation so the art and snowflakes can be appreciated.

Blue and White Snowflake Design

snowflake princess face paint design
snowflake princess face paint design | Source

Red Mask and White Snowflake Face Painting

When you see a design around the eyes like the one below, most people call that a mask. I wanted to include it to show what it looks like when using a different color with the white snowflakes.

It's simple and cute, and when wanting to use it as part of a Christmas theme, would look great. In that case you could also use a green for the snowflakes, or maybe add a few green design elements to give it the traditional Christmas colors and look.

Again, the snowflakes at first glance may seem difficult to do, but remember if you put a dot or circle in the middle as the starting point, all that has to be done from there is to add some straight lines and build from there.

Here you have a couple of lines going up the stem of the snowflake, capped by a solid dot on the tip of each line. Very simple and easy to do while looking like a snowflake.

Snowflake Face Painting

snowflake face painting with red base
snowflake face painting with red base | Source

Snowflake Face Painting with Snowman and Tree

Many times the option of using a snowflake as a complementary part of a winter or Christmas theme is the choice of one wanting to use a snowflake design, and in those cases all that is needed to be done is to create a snowflake looking similar to stars below, or even as little dotted circles for those wanting numerous snowflakes appearing in the scenario.

Notice the blue base on the top and the white base on the bottom of the face. The white base represents snow on the ground, and the blue the sky from which the snowflakes are falling from.

This isn't an attempt to mimic reality, as obviously the sky would be cloudy when snowflakes are falling; unless there is a big cloud going by which drops some snowflakes temporarily. No one cares about that, as the blue always adds a nice color contrast with the white snow and snowflakes.

The tree and snowman, or most other objects included in winter or Christmas face painting theme, are also pretty simple to make. Those below include the simple circles of a snowman, with the additional hat and dots for the buttons. Incorporating a scarf or some other piece of clothing or object with the snowman is optional, but makes it look a little fuller and detailed.

You can also see that the tree is a very basis shape, with the roots exposed and branches curving out over the eyebrow. Including the snow-laden branches adds a nice touch to the overall look and feel of the winter scene.

Look at how easy this would be to make.

Snowflake Face Painting Scene

snowflake face painting scene
snowflake face painting scene | Source

Snowflake Face Painting Scene with Butterfly and Mountains

How cool is this wonderful snowflake face painting of a butterfly incorporating a mountain scene into the design? It's fantastic looking and amazingly creative.

This is an example of what was mentioned above as to using simple round dots for you snowflakes to complement the scene that is created. They would best be added last when using them in this fashion.

But the star of this face painting isn't the snowflakes, but it's the awesome combination of a butterfly with the wings being dramatically transformed into a snow-capped mountain scene. Very cool.

Again, before you may get overwhelmed by what looks like a difficult face painting design, look at the shape of the butterfly wings first. They just need to be painted in first, or you could place the blue base down then draw in the wing design. Either way works good, and is very easy to do.

Next you add the snow to the top of the mountains to complete that. Add the snowflake dots and you have a terrific winter scene. Oh yeah, don't forget the butterfly antennae in the middle to let people know what it is that is being portrayed. Otherwise it'll look like some mountains alone.

While that would look really nice on their own, it's the creativity of the butterfly and mountain combination that makes this look so great.

Unique Snowflake Face Painting

snowflake butterfly face painting
snowflake butterfly face painting | Source

Snow Fairy Face Painting

This final example of a face painting with a snowflake theme is one of an interpretation of a snow fairy.

I like it because of the different hues of blue included in the base color, as well as the light color around the eyes.

At first glance it may appear it was a mistake to leave the bottom part of the face bare, but many times this is how people like to design something like this when considering it a mask. I'm not 100 percent sure this was the intent of the one doing the face painting, but it is the only explanation that would make any sense.

Other than that, it could be considered a job that wasn't completed, but it is very doubtful someone would leave the bottom part of the face bare and fill in the base later. Either way though, it is very well done.

Take a quick look at the design of the snowflakes to see another way they can be designed. These flakes were done with a wider brush, creating more of a smudged look.

What that does is make the larger flakes appear to be closer to the eyes of the viewer, with the smaller snowflakes shaped in the form of dots look to be further away.

Now what little girl wouldn't enjoy this cute and gorgeous look. Since the snowflakes are simple, the reason why this works and looks so well is the time taken to carefully lay a unique base. Keep that in mind when contemplating the type of look you or another person may want.

Snowflake Face Painting with Blue Foundation

snow fairy
snow fairy | Source

Face Painting Using Snowflake Designs

Snowflakes are a terrific object to use for face painting Winter and Christmas designs. While we didn't show standalone snowflakes painted on the cheeks or other part of the face in this article, it's easy to look at these snowflakes and see how they can be readily adapted in that fashion.

Unless you're extremely creative and want to create a unique piece of art and make a personal statement, going with the blue and white color combination is the easiest way to go with snowflake snow painting.

And even if you're making a scene on the face, incorporating those colors into it, as you see with the snowman and tree above, always makes it look like it should while retaining that feel of the winter and Christmas season.

You could add all sorts of objects or characters to a snowflake face painting if you keep that in mind.


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    • Audrey Baker profile image

      Audrey Baker 5 years ago from Arizona

      These designs remind me of the ornaments hanging on my Christmas tree. Very festive! I'm sure if I tried it, it wouldn't look nearly as pretty. My family is full of talented artists, but I'm not one of them. It makes me appreciate others' talents that much more.