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Body Shaping from Sara Blakely and Spanx

Updated on February 18, 2017

Spanx - How it started

Sara Blakely launched the phenomenon that has evolved into the Spanx brand when she discovered she needed to cut off the feet of her panty hose because she wanted to look good in a specific pair of pants she had, and the rest, as they say, is history.

About eight years later Blakely's company generates about $350 million in annual sales, and it's really just getting going.

What exactly is Spanx? When you clear out all the descriptions and products, it comes down to body shaping, where undergarments are designed to slim and flatter the existing shape of the woman in a matter of moments; no wonder it's so popular and growing so quickly.

The shapewear is marketed as a product to aid women in their contemporary situations and lifestyles, fitting into any new fashion trend that emerges. Many women adhere to and follow that belief.

Marketing Spanx

Knowing she would need a different marketing plan for a different type of company, Sara called the name of her company an edgy sounding "Spanx," and also launched her marketing campaign partially through her packaging which boldly, accurately and humorously declared that, "We’ve got your butt covered!”

Power marketing helped the magic nickers take off, and after a lot of effort at the beginning, they started to take off, and it's never stopped growing since, as Spanx continues to build onto its original product line with shapewear for many other parts of the body. 

Photo of Spanx undergarment

Spanx-flashing celebrities

More modest female celebrities are now getting into the newest fashion sport of flashing their Spanx around when they're entering and leaving their vehicles; that's a vast improvement from those shamelessly exposing their private parts for everyone to see.


Celebrities flashing Spanx

Challenge of wearing Spanx

When buying Spanx, you do have to be careful about the right size and fit, as their purpose is to slim and sleek your appearance, so if you get them too small, they could be uncomfortable in certain social situations like eating, where the entire evening could be ruined from wrong sizes that are so tight on you that they must be removed to function.

By most accounts Spanxs are great to wear, and most women are happy with their experience. Most accounts are they're great fits and do exactly what they promise, again, the key is in making sure you're wearing the right size for comfort. Even so, there will be some tightness as the purpose is to get you looking great. 

Another factor is how you care for them

You should never put them in a dryer, or you will feel like you've grown two sizes. What you should do is put your Spanx in cold water and wash them on a gentle setting, then allow them to dry naturally.

Some Spanx are also made to fit with certain types of outfits, so one size won't fit all, so you need to think of what you wear in most social situations and make your purchases accordingly.

Footless Spanx

Body Shapers

The value and attraction of Spanx is its ability to be a body shaper for women. This power panty really does the job, and women always testify to how the men in their lives compliment them on how good their dresses look without knowing they're wearing Spanx under them.

Spanx is sold in stores like Catherines, Bloomingdale's, Neiman Marcus, Von Maur, Saks Fifth Avenue and Nordstroms, to name a few.


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      9 years ago

      For the largest selection of slimming intimates, comfortable body shapers, shaping hosiery & tights, apparel and the latest innovations in shapewear visit by Sara Blakely.


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