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Brazilian Hair Straightening Treatments: Are the Controversies B.S.?

Updated on November 15, 2010
Watch: The ‘I Am Not My Hair’ Video At The bottom Of This Page
Watch: The ‘I Am Not My Hair’ Video At The bottom Of This Page

Brazilian straightening treatments are hot new processes to tame curly locks that might be flat out dangerous.

While many salons claim their procedures are safe, the skinny on Brazilian straightening is that all the products contain formaldehyde.

The newest treatment, the Brazilian Blowout, claims to not have any form of formaldehyde, but government tests of the product discovered formaldehyde in small amounts, according to an ABC news report.

Some women exposed to the Blowout product have also complained of sensitivity symptoms like, difficulty breathing, nosebleeds and burning eyes and skin which are similar to formaldehyde exposure.

With so much controversy surrounding these very effective, but possibly unsafe straightening method, salon owners are now sweeping the dust under the carpet and calling the tiger a kitten.

Names like, BKT, or Brazilian Keratin Treatments have become more common than the original hazardous namesake, and some salons claim to use to smallest percentage needed.

But... where safety is concerned... it's best to be an informed consumer.

First, it's important to understand small amounts of formaldehyde are present all around us, it occurs naturally and is found in many man-made products.

Questions arose because the formaldehyde used in manufactured products breaks down slowly under normal circumstances and is not rapidly released into the environment.

However, heat (blow drying) and moderate humidity levels (a steamy bathroom)  hastens the breakdown and release of the chemical into the air.

Since keritan helps the formaldehyde bond to the hair, the chemicals will stick around awhile, meaning it will be hard to wash out in a few shampoos. There are concerns the chemical could accumulate on the hair over time and will be re-released with each wash and dry.

So, long-term use of the straightening method would also mean long-term exposure and accumulation on the hair.

What Are The Effects Of Formaldehyde?

1) Some people are naturally highly sensitive to formaldehyde, others may not be as sensitive but over time develop an allergy to it. It's in the chemical's make up to stir the immune system and cause sensitivity.

2) Runny nose, sore throat, headache, itching, and irritated eyes can occur with low levels of exposure.

3) It is also a known carcinogen, and smokers in particular are at a greater risk for cancers of the airways, including nasal passages when they are exposed to formaldehyde.

How Can We Protect Ourselves?

Pregnant women, people with compromised lung functioning whether from bronchitis or smoking, and formaldehyde sensitive people must make a great effort to avoid exposure.

Ask if Formaldehyde or the Brazilian Straightening System is being used in your salon. There are salons that refuse to use the system because of the risk to their clients.

People working with chemicals are just as at risk as the clients they serve. Wearing gloves, and installing a proper ventilation system could help, but remember you are still exposing yourself continuously thereby increasing your chances of harm.

If you experience the symptoms associated with low level exposure, get outside, if product is in the hair ask the stylist to ventilate the room, and rinse it out ASAP once you feel better.

If you suddenly experience shortness of breath, accompanied by hives, or burning sensations around your head, ask for help, call 911, and get to a ventilated area.

If after a few days with the treatment you or family members start feeling under the weather with respiratory symptoms and fatigue, consult your doctor, and tell him/her about your exposure to formaldehyde.

How Can You Get Straight Hair Without Chemicals?

Ceramic flat irons are great. They smooth, and give just enough lift and curl to make curly heads happy without the unflattering look of flat lifeless hair.

There are lots of people who thought bone straight hair was their dream and got the BS treatment only to find out that the look makes them look all washed up.

But.. if you still have a will to wilt the links below might be helpful.

As for folks happy with the treatment, there are many results.

My daughter had a mild Brazilian treatment to defrizz.

Her hair was still wavy and it gave her a little confidence boost when she started high school without frizzy hair. BUT... she hated the formaldehyde odor when it was wet or even dampened in a light rain. She decided to not go back for more treatments. Her hair grew out fine.

There are good and bad comments below (read them, I don't delete any because they don't agree with me). Some folks had the treatment without incident, others complained of breakage and hair falling out. Some believe it's worth the risks, others don't believe in the hype, and there are many more who have experienced reactions.

In the end, it's your decision to make. However, now you know the risks involved and the danger signs.

Best of Luck

I Am Not My Hair so... Let's Celebrate Our Souls


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    • Laura Wolfhart profile image

      Laura Wolfhart 5 years ago

      It's so much easier to just use a good quality flat iron to get straight hair. Heat protectant + tourmaline ceramic plates can make a lovely hairdo'. I use the Karmin G3 styling iron because of the heat settings and the plates are just great, but I have friends who used this Cocoa Keratin Smoothing system which is much like a brazilian blowout, just safer.

    • profile image Girl 6 years ago

      Congrats, good content!

      I'd like to recommend

      There you will find a high quality list of Brazilian hair and skin care suppliers, including the organic products from Amazon.

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    • profile image

      SCF 6 years ago

    • profile image

      smellychilly 6 years ago

      wow!!! so i don't kno how i ended up on this site...but im glad i did...good day ladies and west indian..from the caribbean.. i have straight to curly hair.. i like it..its pretty normal...BUT... how should i say this..? i wanted straight hair...yes WANTED.. no longer do i want this pin straight hair ive heard so much about....u guys scared the crap out of me.. u made me love my hair...and boy do i love my hair now..thank you.. flat ironing everyweekend is better than a bald head...sorryy.. so i say to all you 1st timers...learn to love ur hair as well. its not as bad as you think.... keep posted for more...

    • profile image

      Rita 6 years ago

      Janice, what happen when scalp looks like flaky is because the hairdresser when going to use the shampoo for opening the cuticles the hair they scratched your scalp, the shampoo is for use only in your hair, it can touch the scalp but the hairdresser CANT do it like washing the hair regularly, because the clarifying shampoo is not for clean the scalp it s for open the cuticles of the hair. so don't blame the product you had use , but your hairdresser that scratched your scalp. People and it doesn't matter the brand it is the same for all products, the clarifying shampoo its high PH , normally btw 6 to 8 , its to strong for the scalp and must be use only on hair. Pay attention in what your hairdresser is doing ( may say also that most salons who is washin your hair is an assistant that is an aprentice of hairdresser ).

    • profile image

      janice 6 years ago

      I used to relax my hair with pharmacy straightners and wanted to try something new so I tried the chocolate treatment once, which I liked but this time my hairstylist used a different one, and now my scalp is very flaky, to the point that it looks like a layer of skin is peeling off. After reading all of these posts, I think I'm going to stay all natural, curls or no curls. I'm done with keratin treatments.

    • profile image

      Rita 6 years ago

      Thats why i ll repeat..look for the brand, not for the treatment. The ones that use formaldehyde YES it damage after 3rd aplication.. The one i use is called NATURAL BRAZILISS, (don't make confuse with BRAZILISS , that is another brand) .. you can look on internet and you will not find any post complaining about this brand. its 100% satisfation, and I can tell from myself. I have been using it for about 3 years already..It s the most expensive brand in the market, but really does what it says. You ll not easily find in your salon because its expensive so many hairdresser really don't want pay for that. they are more likely to use cheaper products and have the problems you read above. The treatment is really good , products is the are not all good. so ask first with brand they are using .

    • profile image

      Gwen Mckechnie 6 years ago

      Please stay away. May daughter is mildly autistic and had the most beautiful hair. I was told that the brazillian blow is a protien treatment for your hair so I decided to do it for her. After the treatment she got flu, her behaviour went totally out of control, she started suffering from severe nose bleeds and her hair started to shed in massive amounts. I can not stop her hair from shedding and her pony is half the size. Please people it is very dangerous - for some the first and 2nd treatment will be fine but after that you will start having problems it is not worth the money and what it does to your health

    • profile image

      rebecca 6 years ago

      so i got the kertain simply smooth hair treatment and 4 days after it i washed my hair and its not straight! it also smells so bad!!! the smell is killing me i cant stand it

    • profile image

      FizzyHead 6 years ago

      I had a Brazilian Blow Out and sad to say it's not all that. The product stank something awful, my eyes burnt and watered, my throat got sore and I felt a hot and burning sensation on my scalp once the product was applied and a few days after the treatment, my scalp started flaking, big white flakes. Actually peeling. And I still have really bad, big dandruff flakes:-(

      I won't do it again. And I advise anyone against it.

    • profile image

      FizzyHead 6 years ago

      I had a Brazilian Blow Out and sad to say it's not all that. The product stank something awful, my eyes burnt and watered, my throat got sore and I felt a hot and burning sensation on my scalp once the product was applied and a few days after the treatment, my scalp started flaking, big white flakes. Actually peeling. And I still have really bad, big dandruff flakes:-(

      I won't do it again. And I advise anyone against it.

    • profile image

      Rita 6 years ago

      I do use Brazilian Treatment for more than 3 years already and never had any problem. First of all people need to reasearch the brand not the process, each product use different ingredients , no one has the same. Formaldehyde is not what makes the hair straightened because it s not a relaxer it s a preservative only. Also, formaldehyde don't have smell ( it s a gas without smell ). what u smell its the combination of many alcohois , normally most products use 5 alcohool diferent . The one I use has 2 alcohol and no formaldehyde, as a preservative they use phenoxyethanol. Don't have any smell, no fumes, no need use gloves even special ventilation. and also its 100% satisfation even for afro hair. So what i want to say is that YES lot of products lie and most do contain formaldehyde or others doesn't work well like they say , but u cant say ALL products are the same because YES there are products in the market that really care about you (client or hairdresser) but because is more expensive the hairdresser don't want pay for it . They prefer pay less and gain more... The few salons that really care about your safe and health will pay more and they will gain not just more client but the trust from them. HAIRDRESSER /SALON OWNERS please when buying products don't think only in your pocket.

    • profile image

      Melissa 6 years ago

      I don't recommend this type of hair straightening because to straighten your hair they use harmful chemicals that can damage your hair severely, that's why if I want to straighten my hair I use the flat iron or the hair dryer, I use a good flat iron that cause less damage to the hair, it's the Karmin G3 Salon Pro which works really good and it leave my hair soft, shiny, frizzless and super straight.

    • profile image

      Ken Wilkinson 6 years ago

      Being a hairdresser I am acutely aware of these risks

      & will not go near any "Brazilian" products,the company's lie about the contents & deem them as safe.

      I know a twenty something hairdresser who has been doing a lot of these for the past three years, she now has been diagnosed with Hodgkin's lymphoma, be warned people!

    • profile image

      Fernanda 6 years ago

      I Have a beautiful curly hair!!! And I decided just to do the Keratin that I was told and it would not take my curly away just to make it health!!! I almost died during the process!!!! I hate it and I will never to do this again!!! I regret very much... I want my natural beauty and my hair back!

    • profile image

      Bonnie Duerst 6 years ago

      The formaldehyde vapors released during a keratin hair smoothing treatment can cause headaches, irritate the eyes and nose, cause coughing allergic reactions of the skin, eyes, and lungs such as asthma-like breathing problems and skin rashes.

      People rely on what they see and what they smell, but the dangers are in what they don’t see and what they don’t smell. A lot of chemical vapors are dangerous to breathe that are odorless. A lot of dust that you breathe is invisible. It’s microscopic. So it’s becoming more aware about what you’re breathing and not relying on your sense of smell. This is not about removing odor, it’s about providing proper salon ventilation and providing clean air

      The Professional Keratin Smoothing Council (Cadiveu, Keratin Complex, Marcia Teixeira, SalonTech, & Aerovex Systems.), in their latest Press Release/October 2011 states that appropriate salon ventilation should be used for keratin hair smoothing treatments. Salons that are not equipped with the appropriate salon ventilation should NOT provide these services until this situation is corrected. Aerovex Systems, one of the PKSC founding members, has developed a hair salon source capture ventilation system, which provides the control measures to help salons meet OHSA standards while protecting the breathing zones of the stylist and his/her client.

      Links: and

    • profile image

      localgirl808 6 years ago

      I have straight hair already but was thinking of getting the Brazilian blowout to get rid of the frizz and that's how I found this site. After reading all the comments, I have to say that the Japanese straightening (JS) method is safe and effective. My best friend (who has kinky frizzy hair) has been doing the JS bi-yearly for over 10 years and have NOT had any problems at all. Granted she does not color her hair but she has not experienced any of the issues that all the people here have been commenting on. I believe that you need to follow the instructions given such as do not wash your hair for 24 hrs and also you have to go to a salon that knows what they are doing. Only downfall to the JS is that it's expensive (but worth it) and the process takes about 4-5 hours for right-below-the-shoulder length hair. She also gets her hair trimmed at the same time so to get rid of any damaged ends that she may have during visits. Good luck to all that decide they want to try the JS or Brazilian straightening!

    • profile image

      Val 6 years ago

      Hi i have had the brazilian gloss done 3 times and i have loved it but this last time i got it done on saturday and when im in the shower my hair smells sooo bad i blow dry it and it still smells :/

      It looks pretty it just smells really bad like a moldy wet towel. I don't know how to get rid of the smell or how long it will last

    • profile image

      Ruby 6 years ago

      I used the product the other night and ended up in the accident and emeregency department.

      I think that says it all.

    • profile image

      HAIRSTYLIST 6 years ago

      I have been a hairdresser for more than 20 years and got really sick using the copolla keratin.Initially I developed a bad headache that wouldn't go away,nose bleeds,couging, wheezing and dizzy.The symptoms were always worse when in the salon as by then my immune system was all over the place and seemed to be having allergic reactions.Over time this got worse,the headaches were unbearable(doctors initially said it was

      migraine!)one day at work I started seeing double and felt very nauseas and was admitted to hospital.After alot of investigation mri ct scans lumbar puncture etc they discovered swelling on my brain which they believe was caused by over exposure to formaldehyde gas.It took a while to get to the bottom of it as they had to rule everything out.It also took months for my eyesight to return to normal and lots of steroids for the swelling.

      Those of you who say its not harmful,well maybe not to you but it could be to one of your clients or co workers.If this product isn't harmful then why the lies? why market it as a completely natural conditioning smoothing treatment? yes formaldehyde is in lots of things but not in the form of gas that has been heated to extreme temp.Surely if people in our industry are getting really sick from this we have to care about the long term story not just the cash in our pockets.

      I still have on going health problems because of this product and I know I am not alone,these companys will continue to get rich and not care because they are depending on our ignorance.

      No one is saying this stuff doesn't work,it does and very well but is it really worth it? for me it definitely is not if I could turn the clock back I would not have gone near it.

    • profile image

      Shanraj 6 years ago

      can i color my hair if i have straigting

    • profile image

      Shanraj 6 years ago

      can i color my hair if i have straigting

    • profile image

      Juliabarros 6 years ago

      Hi everyone

      I am a Brazilian straightening specialist. Have been working with it for the past 7 years and the only thing I can guarantee to everyone interested. I use the product with formaldehyde in it, simply because that is what straighten the hair and seals the cuticles eliminating the frizz. Neither me nor my clients, some of them I've been doing their hair since I started, developed any illness from allergy to cancer. There's too much bad publicity about formaldehyde however anyone can research about people that acquired any type of illness related to formaldehyde and no one will find anything; simply because it hasn't been scientifically proved that it will be


      There's a considerable amount of companies that are not very happy with the success of the Brazilian keratin treatment.

      Make sure that that your stylist is using a product with good quality and enjoy your silky, healthy hair!!!

    • profile image

      deborah 6 years ago

      we are everyday expose to so many harmfull tipes of chemicals in the air we breath and in the food we eat! So, I don't think the BKT will kill you if once in a while you want to feel good about your hair! I love the Brazilian treatment we just have to make good choices!

    • profile image

      stacey marie quinones 6 years ago

      I’m a single mother of two boys and god knows I never have time to do my hair in the morning before work and take the kids to school. So, I go ahead and ask my hairstylist about keratin treatments. He recommended that I use the Natura Organic Hair Treatment System. I went ahead and did research and I find out that the Natura Organic Hair Treatment System is a certified organic product. The next day, I went to my salon and I did the Natura Organic Hair Treatment System, and in about 1 and a half hours my hair was silkier and shiner than its ever been. Now I don’t even have to iron my hair in the morning, giving me more time to cook the boys a good breakfast, and take them to school calmly not like a raging lunatic. The Natura Organic Hair Treatment System last for about three and a half months and, its about 200 dollars in South Florida.

    • profile image

      Izabella 6 years ago

      Btw, I always get the "chocolate" kind - so my hair always smells good, wet or not.

    • profile image

      Izabella 6 years ago

      I have been introduced to this product about 3 years ago by my Brazilian hairstylist and I love it.

      Pros: My hair is manageable, I can blow-dry it a lot faster, I can style it a lot easier and it's fine under humidity. It also keeps hair color for a lot longer if colored prior to applying the product.

      Cons: More breakage if you are not careful with it (I have fine hair) therefore it takes longer to grow. Which I don't really care anyway, cuz I keep my hair mid-size and wear hair extensions whenever I want it long.

      I have not had one for about 5 months now since I'm pregnant and I am dying for it. I can totally tell exactly which length of my hair is treated and which is not.

    • profile image

      laurie  6 years ago

      I hate it. It is a scam. don't get it. It killed my hair- I have five- six inches of dry nasty hair. It sux- don't do it. not worth it.

    • profile image

      Samantha 6 years ago

      John Frieda has come out with a product called 3-day straight. I have very curly hair in the back but straight in the front (weird). Anyway, it works wonderfully and lasts even through the humidity. You spray on damp hair, blow dry, then use a flat iron. Wallah you are done! I have very thick hair so this process takes me all of 30 minutes to do. Best Wishes!

    • profile image

      What part don't you get? 6 years ago

      Maybe it someone says it slowly, you guys will understand. It's having the chemical on your hair and in your immediate vicinity for months some are worried about. Ventilation at a salon makes no difference once you walk out with a head full of chemicals. Would you feel safe in a petrol soaked tshirt just because they applied the petrol outdoors in good ventilation? As soon as you got into an enclosed space, those fumes would start building around you. As for the hairdressers talking down to others like they are stupid, I am not going to take your word for anything when it is obvious you are defending something you have not bothered to research yourself...and your atrocious spelling and grammar tell me you would not understand the dangers on the labels even if they were telling the truth! Are people really so vain that they will continue to use a product that is this dangerous?

    • profile image

      jill 7 years ago

      You hag!

    • profile image

      Exhausted by this issue! 7 years ago

      Oh my goodness...go to the salon and die! How stupid. All of you freaking out about the deadly brazilian treaments better not get your nails polished, your hair colored or permed or worse than everything...relaxed! When done properly, there are minimal fumes involved in this process. Give it all a rest and pick your battles!

    • profile image

      MARY MARY 7 years ago

      I think it can take up to 9 months to stop falling? Someone else help me out here with your experience with this! I never had a keratin but mine fell out for like a year after pregnancy???

    • profile image

      Carol Jergen 7 years ago

      Can someone tell me how many months the hair fall out continues? I am about 11 months since I had it done and yes its still continuing to do so.


    • profile image

      Ballio 7 years ago

      Wow same exact thing here. Also August of last year. Still losing hair at a pretty rapid rate. About 100 or more a day. Hair is getting very very thin. I have new hairs coming in but it isn't making much of a difference in the thinness- Mine was the Brazilian Keratin Treatment. WHEN WILL IT STOP COMING OUT? ITS COMING OUT AT THE ROOT. How many months does this last?

    • profile image

      TO SHELLIE! 7 years ago

      Me too! I had my treatment in August and it is STILL FALLING OUT! When did yours stop? How many months after? I am in constant fear of going bald!

    • profile image

      Shellie 7 years ago

      I had the Surface brand straightening process done on my hair in August. I thought I was doing myself a favor because is was all natural with no formaldehyde. My hair the next day started falling out and by day 3 I had so much breakage all over my scalp it felt like it was buzz cut in spots. It finally stopped falling out but I will NEVER do it again!!!! I had a bend on all the hair that was falling out so I think it was combed wrong when it got applied but I don't really know. So think about that if you are told you are doing a process that contains all natural ingredients.

    • profile image

      greece 7 years ago

      had the keratine method last year , my eyes were red, the smell was awfull even after months in my pillow.i couldn't btreath rigth , caughing....i think i have a wart after the treatment....the results for me was ok , i didn't have to blow dry to fix my damaged hair from highlights only to dry them ..i was thinking doing it again but when i read this i don't know what im going to do cause it wasn't my idea for the smell...

    • profile image

      Sunshine 7 years ago

      I am a black american had GK done 3 days ago.Loving it!!!!

    • profile image

      snooks 7 years ago

      Formaldehyde is known carcinogenic substance, which means it causes CANCER! The OSHA regulation on formaldehyde is PEL (permissible exposure limit) is .75 ppm (parts per million) of formaldehyde over an 8-hour period. The STEL (short term exposure limit is 2 ppm) for 15 minutes.

      The Dermis (skin outer and sub layers) is one of 3 routes of this cancer causing substance to get in the body……….that is called absorption. The other 2 route are ingestion (by mouth) and respiration (breathing). The scalp is more porous than other skin areas, except where glands are (say arm pits). We…..our body temperature is controlled and cooling takes place through our head/scalp. Besides causing cancer, Formaldehyde can damage major organs damage to the liver, lungs and kidneys. OSHA Regulations are minimal safety & health standards and that means, stuff we can prove and that a standard may need to be stricter. I would not want it on my scalp. The beauticians, hairdressers, cosmetologist should have great concern about what this can do to them! When applying high heat to this stuff, who knows what levels of formaldehyde are being given off. It looks like it goes right up the nostrils of these hard working beauticians. Think about the levels of formaldehyde that are there when this is taking place multiple times in a shop. Customers and hair experts alike may be reaching the short term exposure level. Beauticians protect yourself. Search for testing badges and see what your level of exposure is. Individuals in this profession ranks high in cancer. Educate yourself.

    • profile image

      Never Again 7 years ago

      A lot of people on here keep talking about how the BKT works. No one is claiming it won't straighten your hair. It will. (not as straight for as long as Japanese, but it works). Yes, it is less damaging to your hair - but the rest of your body? Just Google formaldehyde and read what some chemists and scientists have to say.

      My hairdresser didn't go into the risks, just mentioned in passing that there had been articles about Brazilian process because of formaldehyde. After I came home and read the scientific articles, I was freaked out. Ironically, they BANNED the treatment in Brazil, because of the dangers. Also in Europe. So ask yourself why the U.S. is one of the only places that still allows it. Money. Someone's being paid.

    • profile image

      Beulah 7 years ago

      No other treatment before gave girls the possibility of manageable hair - permanent relaxers/Japanese straight all had only severe damage in store. Yes the Brazilian might have risks with over exposure,but having it done every 3 months not a match for what was previously on the market. I for one are very grateful for the frizzfree life I now have. Not sure where this will go, but can't see the hair industry without it. Inoar Maroccan definitely the way to go for me!

    • Sangay Glass profile image

      Sangay Glass 7 years ago

      If she has not had any symptoms of sensitivity there is no need to panic. Even if the initial application caused her irritation that was a long time ago. If she is having respiratory symptoms take her to your doctor and tell him about the treatment, but still there can be other causes. As mentioned in the article heat is the biggest problem, avoid blow drying. Don't be drastic and cut it off. This article was meant to inform people of possible problems with the products. My daughter had the treatment and hated the smell when it was wet. It eventually got washed and cut out. But she won't be getting anymore treatments because she says it's not worth the stink or risk.

    • profile image

      Romelia Perez-Marco 7 years ago

      What do I do now?! I just did it on my daughter's hair and didn't wash it out for 21 days. We used about 5 oz. I need to get this out of her hair ASAP. I'm concerned. What should I do?! I want my baby to be safe! I don't want to get drastic and cut it off.

    • profile image

      Momof2 7 years ago

      I have had the Brazilian keratin treatment done for about 3 years. It always had an odor, and would make my eyes tear from time to time while she was doing it. I knew about the formaldehyde but we did it outside or with a lot of fans. I would do it every 6 months and my hair was silky, straight, absolutely gorgeous. I called today to make an appointment and she is no longer doing the treatment because she has had a cough that she wrote off to allergies, and she was advised by her doctor to stop for 6 months. I am bummed about my hair and have to find someone else, but I understand her concern and worry doing 15-20 of them a week for years. I hope she is ok and they come out with another product that's safe and just as good. You need this is sunny south Florida..

    • profile image

      Maria 7 years ago

      I had this done at a Brazilian salon in South Florida about two months ago. I don't know the type of product that they used (but intend to call and ask). They used giant fans but no one wore masks and there was zero odor. I have never experienced an odor. My hair was fine a curly and a bit frizzy, and it has been shiny and soft all along, I am thrilled that I can wear bangs now. I even went snorkeling a month ago and my hair stayed looking great. It sealed in my color too, and I had a gloss done on top of the keratin and it looks fresh. It is slowly starting to become a little more wavy, and has felt straw like after shampooing but that went away immediately with conditioner. I wash my hair every three days and blow it slightly.

      Iafter reading these posts I think

    • profile image

      Elena 7 years ago

      I work in a histology lab that processes human tissue samples with formalin and I won't confuse the smell of formaldehyde with anything else. 2% is A LIE - it has at least 10% of formaldehyde in my opinion (the same concentration that is used for embalming bodies). I had my keratin treatment done today (unfortunately without any prior information about the product itself as none of the hairdressers in this reputable salon are knowledgable about the product at all). The treatment is very irritating to eyes, airways and scalp. It has the same side effects and smell as formaldehyde. The toxic fumes concentration is such that it could have imposed severe fines and/or loss of accreditation for any medical laboratory that were using such concentrations without proper ventilation, respiratory protection and warning signs. Yet, the hair salons use none for their clients or hairdressers during this treatment. In fact, they don't even tell you about the smell until after they start the treatment. A client with severe asthma would have been dead on the spot from such a treatment! On the internet some people complain about extreme hair loss following the treatment. I haven't experienced it yet but it is too early to tell. This product should be banned!!! Please don't use it!

    • profile image

      Cat 7 years ago

      I'm definitely going to stay away from this treatment (and my stylist). My hairdresser used to tell me that I didn't need the treatment (before she knew how to do it). Now, she keeps pressuring me about how I really need it. When I had an appointment for color, she claimed it was best do do the straightening at the same time. When I told her I had a time constraint and couldn't have it done that day,she said that she'll schedule the appointment for a few days later because it isn't good to have hair collared and straightened at the same time! I'm not having the treatment done, but I'm wondering what is the protocol about straightening in conjunction with color?

    • profile image

      Jessy 7 years ago

      I love the bkt my

      hair is beautiful and shiny i have done ten days ago

    • profile image

      Nsin1225 7 years ago

      I had the Japanese process done back when it first became popular and forums about the process were not up to warn me in 2002. I had very thick hair and now my hair is 1/2 what it was. My hair is still falling out in clumps after 8yrs. Thank goodness I had really thick hair or I would be completely bald. PLEASE DO NOT DO THIS PROCESS

      Does anyone know how to fix this problem? I've gone to so many doctors and they keep telling me it's part if aging. Meanwhile no one in my family; not even my dad, is losing hair. I know it's from this process because my hair was falling out right after this process which I only had done 2x.


    • profile image

      bje 7 years ago

      I do it myself at home with the RE5 which they claim is formaldehyde free. It does smell quite strong and will make your eyes wince when it comes near, but really, what hair product out there doesn't? Those crappy new natural things that barely last one wash?

      It says on the bottle to leave unwashed for 72 hours, which is pretty BS to me, so I just leave it a day and wash.

      Maintain with there sodium free shampoo and conditioner, and it's fantastic. Lasts about 6 weeks - 2.5 months, but nowhere even near the 4 months they claim. Still, I'm a happy camper.

    • profile image

      Flavia 7 years ago

      I had it done last September, and I really don't needed it as my hair is beautiful when I blow dry it, but if I don't, my hair gets freeze from the scalp to the ears for about 4 hrs. With full time school and a job I needed something I could just wash and go... Wow!!! My hair is much shinier and feels healthier... NOW I don't need use flat iron and rarely blow dry it! It has an incredible bounce. If I blow dry it until gets dry, witch takes half of the time now, it looks very straight as if it was flat ironed and still bouncy...(I never had bouncy hair) I heard that are many types of Brazilian treatments. I know mine had formaldehyde, because I had to put a wet cloth on my face and my hair dresser had a gaggles and gloves... I could not wash for 3 days, but I did after the second... I usually wash everyday, for me it stunk for about a week.. My hobby swears he didn't smelled a bad scent..he said it smelled as if I used the salon shampoo... The secret for a healthier after the treatment is, DO NOT any product with sodium on it... I use organic "sodium free" I got at whole food... there's many brands... The less chemical the better... but SODIUM is the worst... also do not overdo it... wait at least 4 -5 months before repeating it... My hair dresser told me to wait at lest a month before coloring and highlighting... conditioning, conditioning, conditioning... And you will have an hair to turn necks!!!!

    • profile image

      7 years ago

      I am a stylist who works in a salon that uses the brazilian blow out and they are certifief since being exposed i have had nose bleeds and asthma bronchitis and continual health problems. im not a smoker and have never had asthma or bronchitis before being exposed to this product

    • profile image

      sunshinegirl24 7 years ago


      I live in the UK and have had a treatment every 3 months for the last couple of years. My stylists have recently changed to another product as the old one apparently contained formaldehyde. The new one is said to be kerotine only and is left on for half an hour prior to being blow dried, and apparently originates from Israel. Does anyone know if this is correct that it does not contain formaldehyde?

      Also, I have been suffering from a tightness in the lower part of my throat and chest and heart palpatations, over a number of months, and am now wondering if it could be connected to the treatment. Any ideas?

    • profile image

      george Patricio 7 years ago

      Hi Girls,

      Brazilian Blowout got a bad publicity now...

      More formaldehyde, stronger results ( no doubt ) ...

      I am a brazilian hairdresser, and in Brazil we have a very restrict formaldehyde regulations, ( It's hard to do Business in Brazil) But in the United states, MONEY, takes way regulations, and rightness I am an independent hairdresser becoming a hairbrush designer, I love the results of this treatment, and it's here to stay.

      We are competing with American companies, and ( People had to change to sulfate free shampoos, which it's a good thing)

      As a Brazilian I think we are doing a very good thing!

      Please check my web site and Facebook link page ...

      Brazilian keratin its safe ,"When done professionally," and will give you the baby shine , silky hair , easy to blow-dry. Will stay for 3 months/plus. /

      Thank you very much!

      Stylish yours


    • profile image

      Patti NP 7 years ago

      Just had the Brazilian treatment and think it looks great but would never do it again. Had heard nothing of the toxic nature until I got to the salon and my hairdresser told me it was non toxic, but the Brazilian blowout had high levels of formaldehyde. I had burning eyes and have irritation of my throat during treatment and after for the past 2+ days. There is a difference between people coming into contact with something in small quantities and breathing the vapors and smoke of a toxic substance in while it is heated. I told my hairdresser the next day that she was crazy to continue to do several treatments a week and the long term effects could be cancer. And the people who are so laid back about getting cancer have got to be under 30 otherwise you would understand the risk is real and dreadful! Yes there is a lot of panic about a lot of things but vanity is not a great reason to subject yourself to this risk. I am sure they will figure out a safer way over time to use keratin to get similar results in time.

    • profile image

      Misty G 7 years ago

      This topic is certainly hot in the press right now especially with the lawsuit case in California now.

      A great article though at least explaining how best to protect yourself during the brazilian hair straightening process. Thanks

    • profile image

      Saramac 7 years ago

      Don' do this treatment- you will regret how much it ruins you hair- salon recommends highly as it is a big money maker- your hair will not be shiny- it gets gummy, tangles- becomes dry and flat and looks like straw- it will no longer hold shape and will break off very badly- you will nor look pretty any more

    • profile image

      Jaibee 7 years ago

      This treatment has ruined my beautiful thick hair. It is breaking off at every level. Broken hairs stick out all over. It feels like straw and looks like it. I use all the best products and spend so much money only to have the worst result. You will be crazy to do this. I warn you - don't do it. I nearly went crazy from the fumes. My eyes were stinging. I felt like I wanted to bolt away during the treatment. Deep conditioning does nothing. I will have to grow my hair out allover again before it is normal. On my brunette hair there are all these white ends and my hair is breaking off at these points.

    • profile image

      Robert Ray 7 years ago

      I am extremely sensitive to any Brazilian method Keratin treatment product. As soon as the hair with the product in it is heated with a blower, I begin sneezing. Within three days, I am infected. Within another day or two, I have bronchitis, and the last time, I spent ten days in a hospital bed. A doctor came in and told me that to work around heated formaldehyde is insanity, sure to cause genetic changes and result in some time as a cancer. This type of thing has happened to me four times, and this last seige is happening right now. I walked by a room in our salon on Saturday. The room was constructed with exhaust fans that blow into the attic. The doors were open, and the room was a TOTAL FOG of formaldehyde. Before I even realized what it was, I had breathed and got lungs full of it. I'm done.

      Called my boss this morning, and said that this is the LAST TIME I will endure this. If it ends up in bronchitis again, my doctor will put me on permanent disability through my social security. I will NOT go through it again.

      Two and a half years ago, I contacted the FDA repeatedly about this, telling them that it was outlawed in Brazil, and still legal here. Hey wait, do I live and work in a favella????? Oops, last time I checked, I was in Boca Raton, and that is a pogrom, but not a favella. The FDA offered NO interest, even though I presented them with sound and solid science that they already accept. It made a sound and solid argument for removing this type of product and service as a public health hazard. Would they do it? Not on your life. Bush was still president, and it was his policy to screw the little people and stand with business.

      This country does not give a rats ass about you or your health. So, I hope to be able to enjoin my social security and let the people pay my keep from here on in. Five years of this plague is enough, and I am damn mad and not willing to endure it any more.

    • profile image

      Sarah 7 years ago

      Years ago in med school anatomy lab we worked with cadavers soaked in Formaldehyde. We did not have masks. As a result of those 12 weeks, I am very sensitive to the smell of Formaldehyde. I got the BHS last year and could not smell it in my hair after washing it...only in the salon when they were applying it.

    • profile image

      kitkat 7 years ago

      Just purchased and used the Keratin Express on myself. After purchasing, I did a little reading up on the product, saw comments about symptoms people had in response to this treatment, and decided it was a lot of hype. Upon application of this product my eyes, nose and throat began to burn. I dried the product onto my hair, turned on a fan and proceded to flat iron the product in. The smoke was so acrid that my eyes watered like crazy and I found myself holding my breath with each pass of the iron. And the chocolate smell has morphed into what my daughter refers to as "old lady's house smell". The texture of and swing to my hair is gorgeous, however is not worth it. I am returning the other bottle I'd purchased. To me this stuff is a little scary.

    • profile image

      luca 7 years ago

      Some products contain aldehyde which is much safer. almost all perfumes and colognes EVEN ESSENTIAL OILS contain aldehyde. Oh OH ,But it sounds like its big bad brother you know the "f" word. Listen people some types of alcohol will make you go blind, but as we know some won't. Another example is the use of mea monoethanolamine in hair colour rather then ammonia its in all of the( non henna ) health store brands, promise ! Guess what its derived from ammonia! If your pregnant you should do everything in moderation and some things not at all, and as many things like hair colour, drinking, smoking, and hot air balloon rides keratin treatments are not recommended. Everyone else if you are that worried don't do it, but its safe and im sure walking down a city street breathing in all the exhaust is far worse. hope this was enlightening. Luca

    • profile image

      jeff cardarella 7 years ago

      A Chemical Source Capture System will remove formaldehyde vapors from the stylist's and client's breathing zone. The One That Works salon air purifier will cleanse the salon air and work station. Special filters designed to remove formaldehyde vapors from the building's HVAC are also available. These are the control measures and components of a 3 Zone Ventilation approach to ensuring fresh air in salons providing hair smoothing services.

    • profile image

      addesso 7 years ago

      i have been in the beauty industry for over 15 years. ever since I have used this product i am loosing my hair right from the root. STAY AWAY FROM THIS UNLESS YOU WANT TO GO BALD!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • profile image

      colette 7 years ago

      I am a hairstylist and work in a very busy salon with about 12 hairstylists. A few of us are having the same symptoms from the formaldahyde. Soare throat, blood shot eyes, cough and headache. After reading's comment at the top of this section, I have decided to never subject myself or my clients to this very toxic chemical ever again. Yes, it is true that formaldahyde is everywhere and can't be avoided, but the effects people are having (primarily hair stylists)proves that the levels in these straighteners are unsafe. I will not be responsible for a child to be exposed to formaldahyde that is on the pillowcase they sleep on in their mothers bed! The rep for the brand we use said she did the treatment her whole pregnancy and her baby is fine-but what person in their right mind would take that risk! It hasn't been around long enough for long -term effects to be proven. Some effects of smoking cigarettes while pregnant don't surface until the child is a toddler. Wow, what is this world coming to when Vanity is causing insanity! The sad part of this is that I have about 8 hairstylists to convince that our lungs and brains are worth more than the couple hundred dollars they are making on this service. For the selfish comments out there by clients who LOVE their hair and say "ViVa La keratin", think about inhaling this on a daily basis and then tell me how wonderful you think it is. It is this kind of selfish vanity that is going to harm the hairstylists who continue this service to make our clients happy. Instead of spending hundreds of dollars on this horrifying procedure- how about spend the money on a weekly Blowout service. That's a harmless treat that you can share your pillow with! If there is any hairstylist out there who have some advice for me as I tackle this issue with my salon, I would appreciate your comments.

    • profile image

      Natasha 7 years ago

      I try'd a product I brought of the internet called Zene. It is suppose to be 100% formaldahyde free. I did lose a lot of hair but I have an extreme amount of hair anyway. The end product is I still have curls although it midly relaxed them. I didn't get any reactions and for a few weeks my extremely dry hair was in great condition. The company told me to try it again and if it didn't work with the new instructions they sent me they would refund me, I try'd it again following the instructions as best I could and it still didn't work. I informed them and guess what no reply, no refund. It was sold by a company called escova progress. I must add that I have a very stubburn curl in my hair.

    • profile image

      Kris 7 years ago

      I did the keratin express treatment two days ago and was promised it was safe. I was able to wash my hair after 24 hours and it should not last as long as the regular treatment. I have had a horrible headache, and more recently difficulty with breathing clearly. My hair is fine, but my breathing is not. I would not recommend exposure to this product, it really is not worth it.

    • profile image

      rhonda 7 years ago

      don't do it..... my hair is falling out..... i had very thick hair, now it is baby fine.... and the texture is terrible.

      i thought this process was great for the hair.... i have been having it done at the salon,for 3 years... i didn't realize it at first, that my hair was falling out...kind of liked the idea that my hair wasn't so full, i just didn't realize how bad it was for the scalp.... i have had this treatment at least 8 times.

      i will never do it again.

      if you are thinking about DON"T do it.

    • profile image

      lady 7 years ago

      Sad I didn't know it was that dangerous. I do it myself with a 2% formaldehyde. I apply it every four months, on average, in front of the air conditioner and it's fine. Yes, a little annoying during application, but I never noticed any funny smells after the application. It seems to go away completely.

      What I do is only 3 to 4 times through with the flat iron, rather than the 10 times. I found 10 times to dry and make my hair look awful. Bascially, I am just looking for ease of management of my curls. Besides, even after 10 times, my curls would come back in a week or so anyway. So, 3 to 4 times does the trick and then I have nice soft curls for months.

      One other thing I do is use conditioner to scrub my scalp. Conditioning is the most important part of the treatment. Shampooing everyday isn't a good idea with this stuff... If you're like me and have a dry sensitive scalp, it's best to use conditioner everyday, and shampoo like every other day or every other 2 days.

      Anyway, that's my experience.

    • profile image

      Keratin hair treatment 7 years ago

      The method helps a lot of people, I don't see the point of scaring others to try. As long as you are smart about it it's good.

    • profile image

      Lisa London 7 years ago

      I had my brasilian blow-dry done about 7 weeks ago. I have never loved my hair so much and worried so little about how I look. I used to have to spend so much time on my coarse unruly hair and now I can literally just wash and go. I think so many people have blown this issue out of all proportion. We are exposed daily to dangerous fumes and chemicals but thankfully in such a small amounts that its not life-threatening. You are not being submerged in chemicals by having the BKT..simply having a tiny percentage applied will not make all your hair fall out or kill you.If you want to worry about which bus is going to kill you then you may as well throw out the microwave,put your mobile phone down the toilet and never leave the house again.Goodnight.

    • profile image

      Nancy London 7 years ago

      Please! Who started all this panic. One of the posts stated that Formaldehyde is all around us. Guess what? That's right!! Look at the amount involved.

      Formaldehyde has been class as a 'possible' carcinogen - at INDUSTRIAL levels. I'm sure if you filled your house with exhaust fumes you may die - that wont stop me going outside and breathing in a small amount of fumes from passing cars!!

      Please - stop the panic, grow up, and find something else to make a mountain out of a mole hill from. The scare mongers are boring me!!!

    • profile image

      Jeff Cardarella 7 years ago

      Without the proper ventilation cosmetologists may be over exposed to excessive levels of either formaldehyde or gluteraldehyde vapor.

      Repeated overexposure to either formaldehyde of glutaraldehyde vapors can cause upper respiratory tract irritation, difficulty breathing, occupation-related asthma and other related symptoms, e.g. skin allergic sensitivity or burning/watery eyes.

      When used properly, the Aerovex Systems’ Chemical Source Capture system* can help

      reduce a cosmetologists exposure to safe levels.

      * Aerovex Systems' Chemical Source Capture System has been tested by internationally known scientific expert Doug Schoon of Schoon Scientific and was found to be an effective means for lowering exposure to safe levels.

    • profile image

      Michelle Rupkalvis 7 years ago

      For great looking hair and health do not forget the common sense notion to eat well and get exercise. Lots of fresh fruits, veggies and get your Omega 3 fatty acids. Your hair and skin will look great, and even better if you see on of our stylists.

    • profile image

      Fiona  7 years ago

      Hey I had the keratin treatment done today the chocolate one, my hair looks and feels amazing ! Tamed all my frizz and my hair is so healthy and shiny I haven't rinsed it out yet. I am currety 8 months pregnant and I had no side effects to the product I feel perfectly heathy! But after all tear comments I am now worried that I put my baby at risk should I be concerned or am I just being paranoid? Should I rinse my hair tonight instead of waiting until tomorrow? My hair is natural I do not dye it but I really wanted to try this product and I am happy wig the results but how much is actually effecting my unborn child?? I'm really worried and have been really upset i feel so selfish since I could have waited after my baby was born to do it! Can someone help me thanks again!

    • LSKing profile image

      LSKing 7 years ago from East Coast United States

      Great article. I shared this on Facebook.

    • profile image

      Patricia 7 years ago

      I had the chocolate smelling Keratin Express on July 19 at my salon. Highly recommended by my stylist, the owner of the salon so he applied it to my hair and almost immediately I started loosing my hair and it is still coming out at a rapid rate. I have always had BEAUTIFUL thick hair and people would even stop me on the street to tell so. NO MORE - my hair is awful - so frightning!! Go to and you will read pages of commentary from women all over the country to whom this is happening because of this awful treatment. I don't know what I am going to do!!!!!

      DO NOT TAKE THE CHANCE - there are some success stories but is it worth you being the one it doesn't work on and you start loosing your hair????

    • profile image

      Lisa 7 years ago

      Hi Everyone, I'm brazilian and I have been doing Brazilian straighting for almost 10 years and I loved it. My hair is so smouth and shiny, I used I haven't had any problems, I have highlights in my hair, this traitement is amazing! On the beginning the treatment was rough but now a days they are much better. I feel I am very healthy person, thank God. I do my hair every 6 months! The problem is Professionals that are not trained to manage Brazilian straighting products and that's really scary too!

    • profile image

      Dee 7 years ago

      STAY AWAY! I AM LOSING MY HAIR BIG TIME! I got my first brazilan in Oct 2009, the chemicals were really bad during the process, I sat in the chair with a wet cloth over my mouth and nose the whole time, my fiancé didn't want to get near me for 3 days. I noticed right away that when I washed my hair it was like straw when wet. I did cut my blow drying time from 50-60min down to 20-25 min. and once it was dry it was smooth and silky, however I found it was a little to straight for my liking. I decied to do a second treatment 2 weeks before my wedding in March 2010 since I didn't want to take any chance with humidity and my hair frizzing for my wedding this time the stylist used that chocolate smelling one. About 4 weeks after my wedding (3 months ago) my hair started falling out in handfuls. I leave a trail where ever I go. The worst is when I shower the hair trails down my body in clumps. I have never been so fearful in my life that I am going to lose all my hair. I just saw an endocronoligist and there is no hormonal or thyroid reason for this to be happening. I can only relate it back to the straighting treatments. BUYER BEWARE! IT IS NOT WORTH BEING BALD TO HAVE STRAIGHT HAIR! (AND CANCER FROM THE CHEMICALS)

    • profile image

      Jacqui 7 years ago

      Hi I love your posting and was just wondering if you could advise as to where i can buy hair from brazil? I am in the uk and am finding it hard to buy hair extensions directly from brazil

      many thanks

    • NickyWicky profile image

      NickyWicky 7 years ago

      I've been using the BKT since December 08. I LOVED it instantly! I am of mixed ethnicity, so my hair is extremely thick, curly and in some areas, coarse. Relaxers damage my hair, so I went natural from Sep 06-Dec 08 until I used the BKT.

      I have used Trixeira, which was great, but contained way too much formaldehyde, as evidenced by burning nose, runny eyes, the masked stylists, etc. In May & Sep 09, I tried the chocolate Global Keratin, which made the hair drier and my scalp irritated. I had some breakage in the crown and a lot of hair fell broke in the front, one 1 side only...UGLY. SO I gave myself a break for 10 months or so, took iron pills every other day (helps tremendously with regrowth).

      In May 2010, I tried La Brasiliana, and I love it! No irritation, very gentle, but it doesn't seem to straighten the roots as well as the other 2 did, but that's maybe because the ingredients have less formaldehyde? I was, and still am very leary about the aldehydes, so I recently ordered the La Brasiliana ZERO BKT, which claims to have NO FORMALDEHYDE...

      Well, when I received it, the ingredient is BENZALDEHYDE, which is basically another ALDEHYDE; needless to say, I'm really irritated about their misleading advertising. I have yet to use the product that I spent $80 buying (4 oz bottle)

      On the plus side, the La Brasiliana makes my hair soft, supple and very shiny! It feels great, and I can flat iron it once a week to keep the straightness. It didn't burn my eyes much and the stylist in Queens, NY knew her stuff! That really helps!

      However, I'm very interested in the Zarrin Reform treatment, as i'm worried about the whole cancer issue with aldehydes, so if anyone out there has tried REFORM, can you please provide input? Thanks

    • profile image

      EMart 7 years ago

      Small amounts of Aldehyde are also found in over ripe fruits, cinnamon, vanilla, cilantro, roasted coffee, wine and other fermented beverages. It is found in essential oils, and many fragrances are also Aldehydes. It has a different chemical make up than Formaldehyde, however is in the same group.

      Sure its safer not to get the Brazilian Straightening done, however there are many other ways that we are exposed to these chemicals.

      I'm looking into having this treatment done, and im not going to stop eating foods that contain vanilla because of it either.

    • profile image

      DuET 7 years ago

      I've done the BKT twice already, every three months. It has has been great! However, I did do the research first on the pros and cons and who does it and what "experience" they have doing it. I ended up trying with a stylist who had been doing it for over 5 years and before she scheduled my appt. she asked me to come in for a consultation to see the condition and texture of my hair to see if I would be a good candidate for the BKT and for what type. You see, there are different levels for different hair and a professional will tell you that. Prior to getting it my hair was a mess and breaking off and dull. It is now past my shoulders, shiny (love the shine!) and healthy. it has even grown back in around my temple where it had come out. I agree it can be a horrible experience in the wrong hands but make sure you go to someone who knows what they are doing. I had a relaxer before for the record.

    • profile image

      7 years ago

      Im thinking about getting the BTK process done. Was wondering if you are still able to use a curling iron and if the curls will stay in after getting the process done?

    • profile image

      Carrue 7 years ago

      I have been thinking about the Brazilian Treatment for a few weeks. After reading this website and many others I starting questioning the whole formaldehyde scare. Searching on formaldehyde, I found some interesting facts.

      Did you know that formaldehyde is used in animal feed? Formaldehyde is found in our clothing, our car, our house, the make up we wear and the shampoo that washes our hair. Formaldehyde is even in the water we drink daily.

      The only way for formaldehyde to cause affects is in high levels. The International Agency for Research on Cancer has concluded that there is limited evidence for the carcinogenicity of formaldehyde in human beings.

      So ladies, I say go out and get your hair done!!!

    • profile image

      C1j 7 years ago

      I have only n seen beautiful results from the Brazilian blow out. I bought it got certified and tried it on my client who has overly curly hair. I have done research on all of these Keratin products. This one does not smell,says it is Formaldehyde free. Unfortunately I followed the directions and did not use enough product, as they said less was more. My client is unhappy, her ends are still unmanageable. The company has told me to redo it in 10 days which I plan to do as they say on extremely curly hair it may take a few times. Formaldehyde vs Sodium Hydroxide cmon stylists, be careful read directions and don't put on scalp. Think of how you would want yours done

    • profile image

      hiya 7 years ago

      hi, i got done BKT few months back and just hated it. it didn't gave me ny good results and evn i got some grey hair. nvr trust the hair stylist if he says its safe as mine one said.. now m thinkin to go to japanese hair straightening. i need help if someone can tell me is it better then it or not.. if not which kind of straightening i can go fo

    • profile image

      jen12 7 years ago

      Hi, I do think this is all kind of extreme.

      The type of treatment I use is from Italy and passes all Euro Health tests, which are very strict - its called something like Spazzola Progressiva. I had it done in NYC. Its amazing. However this is more of a treatment than simply straightening.

      After all, if you drank a thimble full of chlorine, you'd also have some nasty effects, or even die. However,I wouldn't swim in a pool without chlorine, that would probably kill me or make me ill! Look at the percentages involved. When you boil a pan of cabbage, you are also exposing yourself to formaldehyde, but i don't see any health warnings about that!

      I agree, there are products out there like BKT which can be harmful and dangerous! You just need to use common sense, and look for products out there which are 'safe'. Johnsons and other baby shampoos (l'oreal etc) also contain formaldehyde. Sometime nasty substances in very small amounts are helpful and safe....

    • profile image

      Miss Regret 7 years ago

      Just had BTK done 3 days ago -- the chocolate-smelling kind. I was assured that I would love my hair. The smell wasn't bad, but as the solution was applied, it was stinging my eyes something awful. The stylist asked if my eyes were sensitive, as this hadn't happened to anyone else. She applied the solution with a brush, starting 1" from the scalp. When I left the salon, I didn't love my hair. My split ends were all sealed up, but my hair felt coarser than usual. It was also tangling badly by the time I got home. I coughed all night that night, thinking I must be getting sick. My throat and chest felt awful the next morning, like I was getting bronchitis. I flat-ironed my hair and my eyes stung again. At work the next day, my head started to itch. I went home early from work and rinsed and rinsed my hair (at the recommendation of the stylist). I could feel some of the product rinsing out. But a few hours later, my head was still stinging and itching like crazy. So I washed my hair with regular shampoo VERY WELL. My hair feels like it has returned to its pre-treatment state, but my scalp is still very itchy and irritated. I've been treating it each night with Rene Furterer products specifically to treat the scalp and praying each day that I don't lose any hair. I'm also still coughing badly and am pretty sure I have a respiratory infection from breathing in the fumes. Biggest regret ever! DO NOT GET THIS DONE! Even if you don't have the experiences I've had, your body is still being exposed to the same chemicals. Oh, if only I could turn back time.

    • profile image

      Health comes 1st 7 years ago

      Formaldehyde (systematic name: methanal) is an organic compound with the formula CH2O. As the simplest aldehyde, it is an important precursor to many other chemical compounds, especially for polymers. In 2005, annual world production of formaldehyde was estimated to be 21 million tonnes (46 billion pounds).In view of its widespread use, toxicity and volatility, exposure to formaldehyde is a significant consideration for human health.

    • profile image

      sharon 7 years ago

      Stephanie, what is thermal ionic

    • profile image

      sharon 7 years ago

      I have had 2 or 3 brazillians and i will not do it again. my hair feels like straw and my scalp is dry, very dry. is there another safe produce to use to relax hair. please help me. i had it done in houston and will not do it again

    • profile image

      Stephanie 7 years ago

      Yes as hair stylist we are in constent contact with chemical but other products less dangerous and as advanced as the Brazilian are now available on Market so as a self employed I will not use anything that contains dangerous chemicals in the first place. Heard of thermal ionic???

    • profile image

      Jon 7 years ago

      It should be obvious formaldehyde is bad for you, but so is everything else in life today and you are exposed to it everyday all day anyways (diet drinks and some buffets use it to help curb appetite) so if you like the results why stop? Its not doing near as much damage as sitting infront of your computer for hours or smoking. If the results make you happy go for it until the next thing that is even "safer" comes out.

    • profile image

      Danielle 7 years ago

      I am a hair stylist And We are all exposed to chemicals anyways what's the difference If we Live in constant fear we never live...

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      w/e 7 years ago

      OK get over it!! everything now a days causes cancer. you might as well stop living!! formaldehyde is everywhere!!! you are already exposed to it everyday it is part of your home and work environments. yes it a high percentage but if you are going to stop because its going to give you cancer then you need to go do some research of your household products and get rid of them too and not be soo ignorant. its in paint, wood, glues, used to add permanent press qualities to clothing and draperies....w/e!! you are gonna die way or another