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Stylist on the side

Updated on August 19, 2015
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Today you need a few life hacks just to cut through the jungle of information and distractions. Denise has a few that help her cope.

Do it yourself.


Hair Clippers Kit

Hair clippers kit comes with combs scissors, hair clips for styling, the electric clippers and several attachments, all for about $25.

For less than the cost on one cut and style, you can do your own for the next 10 years. That is based on the fact that I have been cutting my husband’s hair for the past 30 years and need to replace the clippers only about once a decade. With the current price of hair cuts for men (at least around here) being between $15 and $30 (not counting the tip), and taking the average of that $22; that means we save $264 a year or $2,640 for the decade life of these clippers. To me that makes them well worth the cost.

Time and Money


How much can we save?

However, that is only the beginning. My husband also trims my hair for me with this same clipper kit. Using the scissors and combs more than the electric clippers, my husband trims and styles my hair about once every two months. With the cost of just hair cuts at a beauty salon being from $25 to $50 for just the shampoo, cut and style (not counting the tip), and the average of that being about $37; that means I have saved $222 a year or $2,220 this past decade. Together we have saved $486 a year or $4,860 for the life of the clippers.

Family Care


Since oil and a little brush to clean the clippers comes with the set, you don't need a lot of extras. However I like having a little cordless set for the side burns and neck hairs.

My mother was the barber and beautician, as her mom was before her.
My mother was the barber and beautician, as her mom was before her. | Source

Pass down the tradition

And that's not all. I have also been requested from time to time, to trim my son’s and my grandson’s hair. If they lived closer, my guess is that I would have a steady hair cutting routine. However when my son and daughters were still living in my home, I cut their hair regularly too. The estimate for the frugal family is almost incalculable. I realize this may not be the perfect gift giving appliance, but it is one of those "can't live without" items that I put on my list.

Have you ever had a bad cut at a salon?

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A few lessons

I realize that there is more to this. A good stylist can give you a makeover that brings out the best part of your facial structure and makes you feel good about yourself in the process. Not to mention the fact that having someone else shampoo, comb and cut your hair FEELS great. I mean, I hardly care what my hair looks like if only my husband will touch my head and goof with my hair. He can cut off my whole head if he just pets my hair for an hour or so. Did I say that out loud? Well, many people will pay ANY price to feel that great. Looking great afterwards is a plus. With practice comes experience and I would say that my husband’s cuts are consistently good cuts, as well as the ones he gives me.

Also cosmetologists take classes, practice daily, have high quality equipment, and the experience to do a good job. Still, I have had good cuts and bad cuts from professional stylists as well as, good cuts and bad cuts from my husband's dear hands. All in all, in this economy, I would recommend the clippers and home styling over the professional. The savings, to me, outweighs the benefits of the professional. Isn't that what our pioneering spirit is all about it this country? We can survive anything with care and determination.


Hairy comments welcome.

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    • PAINTDRIPS profile image

      Denise McGill 3 years ago from Fresno CA

      I've been styling my husband's and my children's hair for as long as I've been married. I think the savings has been worth it.