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The Amazing Salamander

Updated on December 16, 2014
Magon the Dragon
Magon the Dragon | Source

The Amazing Salamander

The amazing Salamander is a mythical lizard born of fire, and Salamander lizards are often kept as pets too, but Salamander is also the name of one of my favourite stores back home in Lincoln, UK. I was only in Salamander yesterday and I thought it would be a great thing to tell you about.

Should you ever be in Lincoln, visit this little shop, which is like a genuine Aladdin's Cave. Salamander, Lincoln is full of luxurious colours and fabrics, sweet smelling incense, celtic, tribal and steampunk jewelry and unique Christmas gifts for him and for her. It is also a very welcoming place where people meet up and chat happily with store owners Kim and Pat and the lovely people who help them. This page is not about selling clothes although I might try to sell you a jewelled lizard or three. (The owners do not sell these) I would not sell clothes while we have stores like Salamander to buy them from. I just want to show you a little of store owner Kim's magic and tell you where to go!

Photos of clothes, jewelry and other products on this page are used with permission but are not for general distribution.

All rights reserved.

Pretty Green velvet
Pretty Green velvet

Salamander Lincoln - My Favourite Store for Clothes

Ethnic and Steampunk Clothing For All Occasions

I have a lot of velvet skirts and dresses. I can't resist the clothes I find in Salamander. I am all greens, blues and purples myself, so walking into Kim's store immediately lifts my spirits. Having filled my wardrobe at home, I set about filling my friend's closet in Canada...

If you adore the feel of velvet and satin, the pretty embroideries and laces that are timeless fashions, Salamander, Lincoln is the place to be!

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What Is Your Favourite Style of Clothing from Salamander?

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Salamanders - the Essential Lizard for Jewelry - Shop for Salamander Brooches and Cufflinks

I hope you enjoy this lovely salamander jewelry. It has a great vintage vibe to it!

Salamander Jewelry
Salamander Jewelry

Steampunk Jewelry at Salamander

Jewelry that keeps pace with the times and trends...

Salamander, Lincoln has a great variety of Celtic, Ethnic, Tribal, Steampunk and Organic jewellery to delight the eye. Here are a few Steampunk designs in pewter, brass and silver metal.

A lovely salamander print that I thought was in character.
A lovely salamander print that I thought was in character. | Source

Ethnic Throws for the Home

My latest visit resulted in a couple of lovely ethnic throws. I have cats and they enjoy action art and sculpture with the furniture. Throws have become an essential item of home d├ęcor and so I went to Salamander to buy a couple of new throws. One is gold with beautiful multi-coloured birds of paradise and one is glorious orange and red with green and red tree patterns. As my room has a lot of green in they are perfect for brightening things up.

Organic Jewellery
Organic Jewellery

Organic Jewellery at Salamander

Tribal Jewelry Designs

Here are some organic jewellery designs you might enjoy! These designs are inspired by nature and made of natural materials. They also look to be inspired by dragons, so Magon approves!

Salamander Sells Lots of Items - A Sale at Salamander

What do you usually buy from Salamander?

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Stunning and Pretty Blouse
Stunning and Pretty Blouse

Stunning Tops at Salamander

Gorgeous Satin and Velvet Fashions

The picture shows such a pretty corset style blouse. I would love to wear a pretty blouse like this, but I should probably lose a bit of weight first! If you are young and slim this would be a wonderful thing to wear.

This is the sort of thing that makes it difficult to pass Salamander, Lincoln

Incense from Salamander - Because we all love incense...

What is your favourite incense?

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Lizard and Salamander Figurines - Lizard Statues make cute gifts

Guardians are great for all those little treasures in the home and what better creature to guard them than a salamander?

All things bright and beautiful!
All things bright and beautiful!

All Things bright and Beautiful!

Hats, gloves, socks and woollies at Salamander.

When I see these lovely hats, socks and mittens I can hardly wait for it to snow again. These woolly hats and gloves would make perfect Christmas gifts for him or her. Salamander sell gorgeous chunky jumpers too. If we get snowed in again this year I can see there being a run on these cheerful woollies! If they don't warm you, the dragons will!

Tien Lung Print

Tien Lung Print
Tien Lung Print | Source

Where is Salamander - How to find Salamander, Lincoln

This is how you get to Salamander!:
Salamander, 6 Park Street, Lincoln, LN1 1UF Lincolnshire, UK

get directions

Salamander Shop Review - Salamander Store Lincoln

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    • profile image


      7 years ago

      Awesome! Super love it. Thanks for sharing. Squid-liked!

    • TheLittleCardShop profile image

      Malu Couttolenc 

      7 years ago

      I've nenevr been to Salamander because I don't live in the IK but for what I've seen Im sure I'd buy Celtic Necklaces, cards and incense :) Great page to intriduce us to Salamander.


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