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The Best Swaddle and Sleepwear for Newborns and Infants

Updated on January 20, 2015

What should a newborn wear to sleep?

A Halo Sleepsack or Aden and Anais swaddle blanket are the most comfortable, warmest and safest clothing for a newborn to wear to sleep. Since a blanket, fluffy bedding or anything additional in a crib, can be dangerous, you will need to use the best clothing to keep your newborn warm for sleep.

Aden and Anais make the lovliest swaddle blanket. They are large, forgiving and breathable. You must learn a good swaddle technique to use them for your newborn baby for sleep, and they are great for cooler months as well as over pajamas in the winter. They also make very nice sleepsacks, too. You can find all of these items at or Amazon.

The other option, at the top of my list is the Halo Sleepsack a wearable blanket for a baby to wear to sleep. The company puts safety first, but the sleepsack is also warm, stylish and adorable.

The Halo Sleepsacks seemed to run large for my average sized baby so you can rest assured that buying an age appropriate size will fit and not shrink.

In my experience, the sleepsack was so much easier and faster than a swaddle blanket for all those overnight diaper changes. My son slept wonderfully through the night wearing one. I always felt so lucky to have a baby that slept through the night, but I think I also owe it to his sleepwear!

Finding the BEST Price - Halo Sleepsacks and Aden and Anais Swaddle Blanket Deals

These items are expensive, but there are a few place to look for the best deals.

BEST Everyday Prices has great everyday prices on both the Halo Sleepsack and the Aden and Anais Blankets and Sleepsacks. They often have baby sales where these items are included.

Plus, if you have a Target RedCard, you get an additional 5% off, ALWAYS get free shipping and can return items IN-STORE!

Also, keep an eye out for these items on Target Deals or Clearance. I have seen them as low as $12!

Amazon is another great place to look for Aden and Anais deals and Halo Sleepsacks. I have all their items in my shopping modules below, so feel free to click away if you see something you like! You will be lucky to find a Halo Sleepsack for under $20, but if you have Amazon Prime, or buy enough to get FREE Super Saver Shipping, you will get it shipped for free

BEST Aden and Anais Deal

Amazon has the Aden and Anais 4 pack above for less than $30. Scroll down to the Aden and Anais Deals.

BEST In-Store Selection of Halo Sleepsacks

Babies R Us is the best place to go shop in-store for Sleepsacks. They also often run Buy 1 Get 1 50% off sales and Clearance Sales on Halo Sleepsacks and you can do In-Store Pick-Up to eliminate shipping charges.

Also, sign up for Babies R Us mailing list and you may get coupons you can use on these purchases to get Halo Sleepsacks as low as $10 EACH!

Halo Swaddle Sleepsack - Easy velcro swaddle wraps keep the baby's arms inside


Halo Swaddle Sleepsack simulates a regular blanket swaddle with arms tucked inside.

Halo recommends you use the Halo Swaddle Sleepsack over regular sleepwear. Underneath the sleepsack you may want to dress the baby in light pajamas, heavy pajamas, a onesie or nothing at all according to weather. I put my baby in a light pajama. I would not use fleece or heavy pajamas under a sleepsack, but rather some light or heavier cotton, like the Gerber zip up pajamas. To adjust the temperature of your sleepwear, you can choose either cotton, organic cotton, micro-fleece or velboa fabrics for your Halo Sleepsacks.

The Halo Sleepsack keeps a baby warm and cozy, but is designed so the fabric cannot slip over the baby's head and cause suffocation. The SIDS Alliance (now FirstCandle) recommends the Halo Sleepsack.

The Halo Sleepsack Swaddle with little velcro wrap-around panels simulates a traditional swaddle and is much easier to work with, as far as I am concerned. These were perfect because my son could not wriggle out at all.

My son quickly made it known that he wanted his arms out, though, so we moved on to the standard sleepsack, which he still safely slept in until he could crawl and stand.

Also, they unzip from the bottom, making it super easy to check and change diapers throughout the night. Put on a Pampers Swaddler diaper with the wetness indicator, and you can easily check through those several wee hour diaper changes of a newborn. After sleep safety concerns, I CANNOT stress enough how important it is for new moms to streamline the feed/change/swaddle/sleep cycle throughout the night, so both mom and baby can get some sleep!

I recommend purchasing at least 3 of any option you choose to dress your baby for sleep. This way, you ensure there is a clean change option if clothing or blankets get soiled.

Newborns Can Wear Swaddle Sleepsack with Arms Out - You just wrap the swaddle feature around the body under the arms

I think this is great for added warmth.

Halo Swaddle Sleepsack Swaddle on

Here are some different fabrics and textile designs that are available.

Choose cotton for warmer climates and fleece for the cold. Layer with pajamas if you want extra warmth or a onesie for just a little warmth for the baby.

Get the Perfect Swaddle with Aden and Anais Oversized Blankets - These blankets are another option if you don't use a Halo Sleepsack


The nice extra-large 47" x 47" Aden and Anais blankets are great for wrapping the little guy up in and for snuggling and protecting your baby. They are always white with a small graphic print in different colors and themes. These are blankets you will keep forever and they will always remind you of the baby days.

The Aden and Anais blankets are the largest, cutest and softest blankets you can buy and they are the BEST swaddle blankets for newborns.

I've also tied two corners together and used these blankets to cover up while nursing my son in public. This eliminates the need for another "special" blanket to nurse!

There are 2 methods of swaddling that work great with these blankets - feet tucked or left out. Check out the video and learn the proper technique for blanket swaddling.

Swaddling with Aden + Anais Blankets

Aden + Anais are 47"x47" and the largest swaddle blanket on the market, so they are excellent for squirmy babies, but let an expert teach you how to do it.

So Many Beautiful Designs and Patterns on this Lovely Linen - Be Particular about your Patten

Aden & Anais blankets are collectible with all of their cute designs!

Check them all out all of the Aden & Anais on

Halo Sleepsack (without the swaddle feature)


I started out with the Halo Sleepsack Swaddle, which has panels that you wrap around the baby's arms and velcro in place, but I soon realized that my son preferred his hands out of his sleepsack, so we moved on to Halo Sleepsacks that were swaddle free. Regardless, they all zip from the bottom, which makes it super easy to check/change a diaper and you can choose from cotton, organic cotton, microfleece or velboa fabric.

Cotton Sleepsacks for Summer

Perfect for the summer. They also come in organic cotton!

What the Baby Can Wear in the Winter - Cuddly Fleece or Velvety Velboa


Here is my son with the HALO Sleepsack and GERBER Sleep and Play. This is the fleece sleepsack with the thin pajama.

This is perfect for the winter in Southern California, where I am, as well as anywhere where you're home is between 64 and 68 degrees at night. In colder areas, I would add a warmer pajama underneath, depending on how much you heat your home.

Halo Sleepsacks in Fleece - Cozy fleece to keep your baby warm in cold weather

Pajamas to Wear Under a Sleepsack - Layering Your Newborn's Sleepwear According to Temperature


You have several options of pajamas, sleepsacks and you can choose according to the season and temperature.

If you are in a warmer climate or season, go with a very light pajama, like the Gerber Sleep and Play zip up pajamas. They are nice and thin and you can layer with a cotton Halo Sleepsack OR a fleece one, depending on the level of warmth you are trying to achieve.

Plus they are SUPER economical and you can order from Amazon or If you order from Target and don't like them or have a problem, they can be returned in store. I always like to order from Target for that feature. has free return shipping for a lot of their Amazon Mom items. Look for the Special Offers link under the price to see if the item is eligible for Free 365-Day returns.

Plus, both Sleep and Play pajamas and Halo Sleepsacks are zip up, so it is fast and easy to do nighttime diaper changes, which means more sleep for you!


For the cold months, start with a nice medium thickness cotton pajama for your baby. Then layer a fleece Halo Sleepsack over it. This will keep your newborn cozy and warm.

Carters Sleep and Play is a pajama I would consider a medium thickness. Plus, some have the zip front, which I think are much easier and faster for frequent diaper and wardrobe changes

If it is getting warmer out, but not hot, yet, you can do a short sleeve or long sleeve onesie under a cotton sleepsack. Waking every 2 hours for diaper changes is a snap when you can just unzip the sleepsack and unbutton the onesie.


How Can I Tell if My Newborn is Comfortable?

There are several ways to tell if your newborn is not cozy and comfortable. If a newborn is shivering, that is a no-brainer. Warm that little one up, immediately!

Also, their little feet are an excellent indicator. If they are icy cold, then you need to step it up with a warmer pajama and/or upgrade to a fleece sleepsack.

Their back is another place to check temperature. If your newborns back or neck are sweaty, you need to lay off the layers so you can keep the child a little cooler.

It is not the easiest to read your baby's cries. They cry when they are wet, tired, hungry. Babies will also cry if they are cold or hot, so factor that into your investigation when your child cries. Perhaps you could adjust the sleepwear and/or the thermostat and get your baby back to bed.

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      6 years ago

      You have presented a wonderful selection of Swaddle and Sleepwear for Newborns. This is very informative. I love them all, theyâre so beautiful! Thanks for sharing.

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      pennyhart lm 

      6 years ago

      @Kailua-KonaGirl: Thank you! I'm enjoying sharing my experiences, here :)

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      June Parker 

      6 years ago from New York

      Welcome to Squidoo! Nice start on your new lens.


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