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The Jackpot on Hair Care!

Updated on December 30, 2014

I Love my hair. I love it up, down, dark, light, messy or otherwise. Blonde, red, I don't care. Anyone who knows anything about me personally knows I am willing to splurge on my hair if it means I'm going to get good results. I feel like I am powerful behind my hair whether it is long or short. I can tie it up or put a ribbon in it and change the outfit entirely. I can leave it down and do nothing and it's perfectly straight and thick.

What I have always done is take into consideration what conditioner I am putting in my hair. I don't need to worry too much about shampoo (in fact, sometimes I have been known to use soap...!). I don't do hair masks and I am terrible about getting trimmed but I do baby my hair and don't put things like curlers or hair dryers in it (or braids usually.).

As I begin to age I notice my hair was starting to lose some of the lackluster I so adored from my youthful days. To add insult to injury my boyfriend held up my hair one day and said point blankly to me:

"You have a lot of split ends!"

To him it was a simple statement. A truth. To me, he could have told me the sarong around my waist was making my behind protrude in a funny, bulbous fashion. I was devastated! I went online and searched reviews all over the internet in hopes I would find some magic elixir that was more than a once a week cure.

Behind, Fekkai.

From the first time I put it in my hair (left it for three minutes and rinsed with cool water) I could feel a difference. As soon as I went out for a breakfast burrito the man at the truck commented on my hair. When I went back inside my dad asked if I'd gotten a haircut. Not for six months!

It was softer and had this glazed look to it. It floated and felt like there was nothing left behind. There was only a silky, lovely feeling and a gentle scent that is just enough to make people tell you you smell good without being able to identify why.

Mind you, this was just the next day. Now I get compliments all the time! I'm not a very loyal hair washer (I feel like every other day is better than every day!) but when I do it I do it right!

Pictures of ME and my hair!

As you can see, I do so love my hair!
As you can see, I do so love my hair! | Source


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    • sousababy profile image

      sousababy 4 years ago

      Hey, Samson thought if he lost his hair, he'd lose his strength. (Yet, I think your writing skills are just as strong as your hair Gina). I'll have to look into this product, my daughter still wants me to have long hair (and the ends are soooo dry and split).