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The Man With the Most Tattoos

Updated on August 24, 2017

The Most Tattoed Man - Lucky Diamond Rich

Lucky Diamond Rich is considered the World's Most Illustrated Man. When I say "man, I also refer to women. I have not seen any women that have had this much tattoo layering although someone may exist. Rich lives in New Zealand but now lives in Australia. According to sources, he has spent thousands of hours in body modification. He was indeed considered the "Illustrated Man", not the Ray Bradbury version but a modern day version. He did not limit himself to one artist, but used many different artists. After becoming bored with his tattoos, he had his body covered in 100% black ink. When we say "covered", we also talk about the skin between his toes -OUCH!, his complete eyelids, the gums of his teeth (not sure how he could stand that) and also inside his ears, descending into the ear canals. After being "blackened", not seared like a catfish, he started getting tattoos that were lighter in color to the black. He used mostly white and then used colored designs on top of the white! I guess there was no limit to his tattooing and it appears to be more of an obsession than anything else! Read further about his history and even a video interview! I'll just stick with the temporary stuff if I want to go to this extreme look!

Creative Commons Photo Credit

C'Mon Folks!

I created this website for the purpose of shock, but not for the purpose of trying to convince you to do this yourself! I have seen some extreme characters in the realm of tattoos, body piercings, etc. This is the extremest of the extreme. I hope this does not cause you to go out and try to top it. Characters like this belong in Psychological journals but it is up to you what you want to do with your body. Have fun and please comment. I intended this to be an awe-inspiring site! Have fun!

I Read This Book as a Youngster - This is the movie version of the book by a true Sci-Fi pioneeer, Ray Bradbury

The Illustrated Man
The Illustrated Man
When I first saw Lucky Diamond Rich, I immediately thought of this Ray Bradbury novel, turned into a movie. I read the book as a kid, but then became enthralled with it and the different tattoos on this man. Each tattoo, when started at, would begin to move and tell a story. This came out as a movie and I also believe, a television series. It is worth a watch and if you like tattoos at all, let your imagination run wild!! Worthwhile watch, even though it can be a little cheesy because it doesn't have the special effects of today.

Great Books and Merchandise on Tattoos From Amazon

We know that you will probably not go as far as the man with the most tattoos, but here is some interesting tattoo reading material and merchandise so you can either begin your career or catch up with Lucky!

If Lucky Diamond Rich were to Remove Tattoos, he would probably use Wrecking Balm

Wrecking Balm Tattoo Fade System
Wrecking Balm Tattoo Fade System
Wrecking Balm® tattoo fade - removal system is an easy three-step remedy that only takes 3 minutes every second day, to gradually fade or discard unwelcome tattoos. Wrecking Balm,® the unequalled in-home tattoo removal system that has an FDA-approved dermal process whch safely combines to eradicate the upper layers of skin. This process increases cellular regeneration, and in the process breaks apart tattoo pigment and lifts the ink.

2 Interesting Videos of The Man WIth the Most Tattoos

Here are a couple of videos on the man with the most tattoos, he is obviously very content with his decisions!

Your Thoughts On Lucky Diamond Rich

How do you feel about Lucky Diamond Rich?

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