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The Fresh Fruity Flavor Of The Lychee Fragrance

Updated on December 6, 2016


The juicy, fruity flavor of the lychee fragrance has citrus allure that is both fresh and sweet.


Definition: What is lychee?

Lychee scents are derived from the fruit or flowers of the lychee (litchi chinensis) fruit tree. The flowers form in clusters and display tiny, yellow-green petals. The fruit has a leathery outer covering that is pink to strawberry-red in color. The fruit is oval or heart-shaped and about 1 to 1 1/2 inches in length. The sweet and fragrant part of the fruit, found in the center and wrapped around the seed, is a translucent white color and very juicy. Lychee fruit and flowers are used in perfumes, colognes, and body sprays for their fragrance.

History: What is the origin of lychee?

Native to China and Southeast Asia, the lychee is a tropical and subtropical fruit tree. The lychee has a history of being cultivated as far back as 2000 BC in China. There are even reports of the lychee being considered a delicacy in the Chinese Imperial Court. The lychee's introduction to the west occurred around 1782. Today, lychee are grown in China, Thailand, Vietnam, Japan, Bangladesh, Northern India, South Africa, Hawaii, and Florida.

Body Elements: How is lychee perceived?

Fragrances emit esters or molecules that evaporate off of the fragrance. It is the nose that detects and perceives the intricacies of a fragrance as these esters enter the nasal cavity. The lychee scent is perceived by the nose as a juicy and fruity citrus aroma that is crisp, fresh, and also sweet.

Functions: What impression does the lychee fragrance give?

The fresh citrus of the lychee scent is indicative of a bright, crisp, pure and clean fruit flavor that is brisk and refreshing. Its deep fruity juicy essence is vibrant and rich. The lychee fruit scent encompasses a pleasing confectionary sweetness that complements its citrusy flavor eliminating any dry or bitter tartness.


Notes are lychee, apricot, and freesia, pink rose, lily of the valley, peony, iris, and creamy woods.


Audience: Who would benefit from a fragrance containing lychee?

Persons who would enjoy the lychee fragrance are those who want a fresh, bright, sweet fruit fragrance with an aroma that is pure and clean.

Importance: Why is lychee a good ingredient in a parfum or cologne?

Perfumes, colognes, body sprays, powders, etc., most frequently contain more than one scent. They are a mixture or elixir of carefully chosen scents. The inclusion of lychee in a fragrance provides brightening to the scent, allowing for a more clean, crisp fragrance that also has a component of sweetness.


The juicy, fruity flavor of the lychee fragrance has fresh, crisp citrus allure and sweetness.

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