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Effective Cellulite Remedy

Updated on July 8, 2012

What is cellulite?

Any individual, a man or a woman, is blessed to be good-looking and attractive. People notice those with a flawless skin and good personality and would like to befriend them. Everyone is aware of this popular truth. Is it surprising then that all of us want to be noticed in a large group?

Of course, for this to be true, you must put in quite an effort to make yourselves noticeable. You can do all that is possible to maintain a clear skin and put on the right amount of make-up to look gorgeous; but there are certain things that are beyond our control and cellulite is one of them.

Cellulite is a natural occurrence that is more prominent in women than men. People often confuse the term 'cellulite' with 'cellulitis' which is an extremely painful inflammation of the tissues.

Cellulite is the lumpy looking fat deposits just beneath the skin surface, giving the skin a dimpled look. 90% of women develop cellulite on the thighs, bottom, the lower part of the abdomen and the upper arms, though the last two occurrences are less common. Its dimpled appearance gives it the 'orange-peel' effect and it is also called the 'orange-peel syndrome'.

Naturopaths, beauticians and many cellulite cream manufacturers believe that cellulite is the outcome of toxic impurities in the body tissues due to a diet devoid of fruits and vegetables and rich in processed foods.

But most medical professionals and scientists go with the fact that cellulite is just ordinary fat that gets accumulated under the surface of the skin. They find no relation to toxins in the cause of cellulite. Cellulite is seen, not only in fat women, but also in women who are lean.

Factors that influence cellulite formation

  • Hi carb and fatty foods and low fiber content is said to be a major cause of cellulite.
  • It may be hereditary.
  • The female hormone estrogen is responsible for the formation of cellulite.
  • People who have sedentary lifestyles without much exercise are prone to this condition.
  • Tight inner wear that restricts blood circulation can also cause cellulite.

What if you have cellulite?

Cellulite often causes low self-esteem in women who feel depressed by its unsightly appearance. As they grow older, loss of collagen and elastin make the dimpling of the skin more prominent, thus wrecking their confidence. But there is hope for people suffering from this condition.

Treatment for cellulite

Several methods of treatment are available to reduce cellulite, a few of them being liposuction, cellulite injections, magnetic therapy, heat therapy etc. Topical applications may temporarily conceal the cellulite. However, a few things that can easily be done by you, can certainly help in considerable reduction of the unattractive cellulite.

What you should do:

  • Take a diet rich in fiber and low in fat including plenty of vegetables and fruits.
  • Work out regularly. Swimming, brisk walking, running and cycling are believed to be helpful in strengthening your muscles and reduce the fat.

What you should not do:

  • Never expose your skin to excessive sunlight because it causes the skin to lose its elasticity.
  • Don't attempt to lose weight rapidly if you are overweight. This can aggravate the cellulite.

If all these natural methods do not give you any relief from cellulite,then it is best to resort to this excellent method of cellulite cure.



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