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The LUSH Life

Updated on April 23, 2017


DISCLAIMER : The following are reviews of my experience with the products. I usually do not have reactions to products (so If I note that I do, proceed with caution because I do not have sensitive skin) .

I am in NO way a licensed dermatologist or in anyway liable to anything that may happen with your use. Read ALL ingredients before purchase to be sure you do not have any allergies. Consult in store or on the phone with the Lush representative on what type of skin & allergies you have and what it is you are looking for in the products (to do).

Living Lushly

Lush Invents their own products by hand; while making as natural of products as possible, using little or no perservatives. Products are made from Fresh Organic foods, Oils and safe synthetics (where a natural food won't work.) They Only buy ingredients from companies that do not commission off testing on animals. They test their products on themselves. (seriously Why would you buy something tested on an animal when it could have a different effect on our skin) The products come with a sticker on them, a picture of the person who made it with the experation date.

If you come across a store, be sure you eat before you go in. The first time I came across one, I thought it was a pastry or candy shop, (from the looks of some of the items) & the smells make you hungry. No I didn't try to eat anything but I'll tell ya what, I had asked one of the sales people on the phone if they test for that as well & they told me, "They do try to see if some products are edible."!!

One of the reasons I love Lush (besides that It's not tested on animals..) is that you feel clean after using the products, they lift your spirits, & the scent lasts.Meanwhile with regular soaps from stores even if its liquid, I still don't feel clean afterwards.

I also have never smelled what soap I used at night or day shower like I did with Lush's Lemony Flutter on a luke warm afternoon around 3pm (& I worked outside!) That never happened with regular store bought soaps.

(Details about the products are referenced from U.S. Version of the site or one of my catalogs)

Disclaimer: Lush Logo trademark of LUSH Cosmetics Company, all rights reserved by them. I take no credit for it.(only the creativity for the one I made above the official logo!) They know of the former page this was on & were cool with it!

Not Tested On Animals

Why you should shop at a Lush boutique

The people are VERY helpful and one of the 3 reasons I use LUSH! The tips I give for each are just that, you know your own skin and so on use your judgement based on your own skin. (I do not have sensitive skin I'd have to worry about in that manner so I can pretty much use anything without a problem. Also I have no allergies except for Wool and feather pillows which are the only things I have a reaction to)

If you have sensitive skin & looking for an exfoliant speak with one of the Lush sales personnel for what product would be best, with little or no irritation. (My thought would be Dark Angels & ultra-bland)

Also Not only do they not test on animals, they recycle their black pots many of the products come in (bring back 5 for a free face mask). You can also read the article on how they use biodegradeable packing peanuts. I love how the person describes the smell as "There's just something so fun — magical, even "

product Referral /Shopping list free prinbtable

How to use the Shopping list I made

I found a few at the Lush in The Westchester In White Plains, NY. I thought I'd make my own FULL shopping list that you could print out & just use what parts you needed.

They're for you to write down what your favorites or the Lush Employee to recommend items for your specific needs, or just jotting down those that you have sampled as well as a referral for a friend.

Just print out (& either Fill out & take to the store (in case they end up not having them) & either you write down what you like or the Lush'ologist' (as I call them) can write down what they recommend.

So here I included one I set up myself because the product reviews section(s) are next and you might want to print it out to keep in mind to order or try (They will cut cheap sample size (2-3 dollar) solid soaps) as well as give little samples of the liquid, lotions & powders at the stores. Sadly if you order on the phone or online, they cannot grant specific requests for samples.

Palm oil free soap base

Product Reviews - products I've tried so far & Recommend

*=denotes one of my signature faves

  • *BubbleGum lip scrub - that does taste like Bubble gum. Rub it on to exfoliate your lips to softness then lick off the scrub!

    Bubble Gum Lip scrubCHECK PRICE

    Pow Wow Lip Scrub- They weren't kidding when they said its suppose to pop! Its like they put pop-rocks that popping candy in it! It's Sure to exfoliate those winter stressed lips (sadly with my latest trip to the store.. I think they discontinued it)

    SADLY this was only a Limited Time 2011 Holiday Item :::tears:::

    Popcorn Lip Scrub -Oh my... it tastes like Kettle corn! Love it, actually skip the popcorn at the movie & just use this. (Though you may use up a stick of chap-stick if you do!)

    Chocolate Lip scrub- my friend gave me a little sample from her. Its ok but it has a very light chocolate flavor that to me barely comes through so I'm glad she gave me a sample as I would not buy this in the store.

  • tooth Tabs (Aquatic) I don't know about the other flavors, but this one , I'm glad I tried before I went anywhere with it. The flavor is not good, and for me was very hard to brush with, even to jsut bite into, however I loved that you could keep it in your purse, travel or emergency kit, and jsut needed a brush to use (or in a pinch sure a q-tip would do!)
  • *"No Drought" dry shampoo quite cool & a quick way to refresh & 'clean' your hair after the gym,beach or any reason you may not have water.
  • The new Gorilla Perfumes - like the last time when they put some out, they had a sample set available so I purchased it.

    I think of all the scents, I think there's only 3 I'm not crazy about but the 2 I mentioned I was interested in 1000 Kisses & Cocktail (there's also one called Love) Smells Yummy! Great for that big date or just haning around with your honey

    the Orange Blossom one My mother always asks "what smells so nice" when I have it on.

    Its a lovely floral scent, I don't think you can over do it but best to leave it at putting a bit around your neck, on your wrists, inside of your elbows & behind your ears.

    Orange blossom perfumeCHECK PRICE

  • Skin Skin - I think this is the first retro item I've tried

    Its a lotion that's suppose to smell like cherries. It is a medium density (not too thick or watery but I don't think any of the lotions from Lush are 'watery' like those in the regular stores.) To me it doesn't smell like cherries but its nice and cooling and feels good after a shower. Doesn't make me feel like I'm caked in grease, or feel 'heavy' and hot like thick Lotions feel (and are best used for winter).

  • Honey, I washed The Kids -solid soap. Loved the smell of this, Heck I had a bee sniffing around me as well the day I used it.

    Its a light scent but I'm not able place all the scents to it, I'd have to look it up.. says its Honey & toffee

  • *Ocean Salt -This is my favorite exfoliating scrub, when you wash with it, your face feels a new kind of clean. I love it esp. being during the warmer months my skin gets a bit oily and this helps keep that at bay! You can see how its made here

    *Lemony Flutter cuticle butter -I'm almost always doing my nails. I love to use this in the winter as a hand balm as well (before I go out) to get some extra moisture into my hands. Its of course Lemon scented & can also be used with Ocean Salt as a cuticle scrub.

Mix a bit together (1 part Ocean salt 1 1/2 lemony Flutter or just a little less) for an invigorating hand & cuticle massage.

  • Dark Angels - This i like, its sort of fun in a way, and helps you be sure you don't miss a spot. an exfoliant that's more fine than Ocean Salt, and frankly would be of help on halloween getting that horrid make-up off! When you put it on its black, so if you plan on being a hobo soldier etc. and want to look ike you have a beard, this is perfect instead of that actual pore clogging Halloween make-up. Use this, and your face will feel very clean. (I like to switch hit, between the 2) if its summer & you just get in use the Dark Angels, then before bed use the Ocean Salt.
  • BB Seaweed Facemask (can only be purchased in stores as its made fresh! Bring back 5 black pots and get one free!!)

    I've tried this one before ts for Balancing Oily & dry patches as well as evens out skin tone.

    I liked it and it has real seaweed in it. (If a piece would get on my face I'd put it over my nose, for a laugh & leaves it No particular reason that I can think of)

  • Catastrophe Cosmetic This is suppose to prevent blemishes with cooling vitamin rich blue berries, another I like.
  • cosmetic Warrior This fights blemishes & blackheads if you can deal with the smell. ingredients include, "antibacterial green tea, purifying garlic, and absorbing china clay". Yes It softens your skin, but although I LOVE garlic...unless you can get past the smell..skip it.
  • oatfix Great for soothing troubled skin as well as for change in seasons. Have sensitve skin this is a good Mask for you, dry skin or oily skin as well.

  • *Tea Tree Water toner -spritz Antibacterial , fights clogged pores, mattifies oily zones & keep in your bag to cool off on those warm days.
  • Color Supplements Foundation /Concealer in one (I use Dark Yellow & Dark Pink. as I mix some of the pink into the yellow during the summer when I'm tan as the Dark yellow itself will be too light)

    Mix some in to a moisturizer (be sure your face is slightly damp mix some color & moisturizer together until you have the right color. Now you are ready to spread it evenly over your whole face.

  • *WHOOSH Shower Jellie- looking at it, you think its jello (so keep away from the kids) Whoosh to me smells (a lot) better than the others scents they have in this. Gice it a smell it has a wake you up citrus scent.
  • Sugar Scrubs I use this before I shave to exfoliate my legs & get a smoother closer shave.
  • Sympathy for the Skin lotion A nice thick lotion great for winter months (might be a bit much for the summer) smells like Cookies & cream
  • *Ultrabalm - I love this, I use it for scrapes, I leave some in a couple of sample tubs in my room & on my desk for my lips but be careful as it melts so best to order on the phone during the cold months. Basically everything you use vaseline type stuff can use this instead! It usually lasts me 6 months to a year.

foot Items

T for Toes keeps away stinky feet, Now comes in a bottle instead of the powder shaker.

Stepping Stone scrub away dead skin and smooth those rough spots with this citrus pumice bar

*Fair Trade Foot Lotion tired achey feet? use this minty lotion to cool, soothe, & refresh your tootises

Volcano foot mask cleanse & deotorize rough dry feet while its Softens the soles

  • *Wicci Magic Muscle massage bar I'm not a cinnamon person but I LOVE the smell of this (makes me hungry) I love this soothing bar with aduki beans in it that help to relax tight aching muscles. (and considering my back bothers me abotu 95% of the time..It helps!)

    Solid Shampoo bars

  • Jumping Juniper I love the smell of Juniper & love how squeaky clean this gets my hair! Unlike with regular store shampoos that tell you to wash rinse & wash again.. (who has the time for that?) These solid shampoo bars, get a bit of water on it, & give it a rub through your hair a bit on your scalp & a bit on the longer length then put down & just lather your hair up Rinse out & hear it squeak!

    *Godiva another one I love the smell of & this is a 2 in one shampoo & conditioner so if you are traveling just use this & the Shampoo tin & you are good to go!

  • *Big Shampoo lift up limp hair with this sea salt & lemon shampoo (but to me it smells like cocout! lol)

    *BIG conditioner - YES finally a conditioner that goes with one of the shampoos. I love the smell of both. I've hated shampooing my hair with the lovely smells of Lush to have to rinse it away with using some other brand conditioner.

    (while I have tried their Jungle conditioner, I don't think its done anything much for my hair, also I think it easier to use the shampoo bars, than the conditioner one.

  • Rehab shampoo do you use tons of products on your hair or have shampoo & conditioner buildup? Use this shampoo, (I usually get a sample of it when I order, as I really don't use products much & really only need to use like a drop a month) if you have overly processed hair) use once a week, If only a bit of spray then once a month
  • Putty for your Hands this is a hand soap (yes finally) It feels really nice. Has marshmallow in it & is very moisturizing, for people with overly dry skin. I tried it in the store & purchased a bit for myself I loved the feel of it.
  • **Twilight Shower gel- smells nice & has Lavender and tonka (from seeds of the flower) plus some shimmer stuff as well.

    Oh my Gods! If there's a heaven this is what it smells like! Its so calming and soothing especially great to use before bed, but something to scrub up with before work which will hopefully keep you calm through the stressful meeting.

  • *FUN ...All in 1 preservative free wash & play soap, shampoo & bubblebath! - "Clay' you can mold it and play with it. Great for kids or just big kids. Comes in 3-4 colors/scents.

Blue is Lavender, & chamoile

There's also a pink one, Vanilla & Tonka

Green one - Citrus lemon Lime

Yellow - Vanilla smells sort of like Icecream

Red/orange looking- Mandarin

  • ultra-BLAND Cleanser - not sure how I feel about this. Putting it on I thought my friend made a mistake in labeling the sample she gave me. It goes on feeling more like the ultra-BALM (kind of a light greasy or oily feeling) and kept trying to get the feeling to go away, but after patting my face dry and everything... my face is so soft and definitely moisturized! So this is a GREAT cleanser for the winter and probably for those with sensitive skin. If you are like me & normally have oily skin, you might want to sample it first before purchasing the full amount. Probably a good Idea as well to use on hands knees, and elbows throughout the year (especially after a day in the salty water of the beach)

Travel ideas


Karma Komba Solid shampoo, Ultrablast toothy tabs & None of your Beeswax lip balm

Beach Bumming

Ultra Balm (Multi urpose) + Buffy (for soft smooth skin)


No Drought dry shampoo, Grease Lightning for bites & 9 to 5 for cleansing

Tweet reply from Lush - on this lens!

Furoshiki wrap

If you have a small amount of items to purchase why not buy a wrap, especially if it is a gift, as the 'wraps' are made from recycled bottle plus you save a tree in the process! Then you can either keep it in your purse or tote as a scarf or you can reuse it as a fashionable reusable shopping bag!

(here's some of the wraps on this page Lush gift bags

I saw this first video on another Lens and hope you try it out, and maybe even get creative and com up with your own knot wrapping techniques.

My appologies, for some reason the videos do not seem to want to show. I've been working on this for awhile but have yet to receive an answer as to why.

Charity Pot

100% of the proceedes from Charity pot goes to Grassroots charities

Suggested a Nominee for Lush to Donate $1000 to

Call for a free Catalog


Referrals - please sign the guestbook

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      4 years ago

      Mighty useful. Make no mistake, I aptiecrape it.

    • Zodiacimmortal profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from Yonkers, NY

      @anonymous: LMAO!! Susan. What toner & Moisturizer did you get that you like?

      Well as I try stuff etc I shall post it here for sure! Stay tuned

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      i'm getting into the products too... found a toner and facial moisturizer i a free sample i hope to get to you before it expires! i'm making trips to the mall just to go to lush now!


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