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Want To Look Thinner? Try These Tips!

Updated on July 30, 2011

Every woman would love to look thin and beautiful. What matters is how you look at yourself. If you don't have confidence on your looks, then you might look down on yourself. Always have confidence and remember that you are beautiful no matter what they say. The number one thing to remember is having a good posture. Try to recalled the times when someone advised you to straighten up by pulling your stomach in and your shoulders back. Bad posture causes you to look shorter, less balanced, back fat when you sit down, and add pounds visually. Your hair style is as important as good posture. Pull your hair up, away from the shoulders could actually slim your face down. A high ponytail will do the trick as well.

Choose monochromatic outfit. Clothing in one color gives you a clean, lean look. What is monochromatic? It means head to toe one color. It doesn't have to be black color. Nuh-uh. Other dark colors could also give you a lean look. The one color creates a long, unbroken line. What not? Additionally, dark color reduces the appearance of belly fat, muffin tops, and it slims everyone! There are a few things to avoid. Tight clothes are a big mistake. Many women think that thigh clothes make them slimmer, instead it makes them look fatter! The biggest rule: your clothing MUST fit your body. Oversized clothes don't solve the problem either. Excess fabrics cause your body to be bulkier, do you really want that? Think twice. Avoid horizontal stripes because it will make your body wider. Tight pant is also a pain in the ass. Imagine wearing tight pants that cling your thigh and hips. Last but not least, avoid bulky sweaters and sweatshirts.

Choose items which make you look thinner such as V neck and open jacket. The V neck broadens the shoulders and slims the waistline, while highlighting the face instead of the body. An open jacket creates a strong vertical line making you look taller and slimmer whereas a buttoned or closed topper can accentuate a top, heavy figure.

The last three tips are sorta funny yet work perfectly. Slip into some sexy panties instead. Yep, sexy panties. If you think sexy panties are only for dates or special occasion, then you are underestimating them. The hidden sexiness could also be a marvelous idea for a regular workday. High heels also create a miracle. We all know that high heels could hurt like shit! But damn girl, you gotta wear them. It adds sexiness to any outfit, and makes you look taller! Try them if you are not the high heels type! When you are eating, don't bother to multitask like watching T.V while eating a meal. Why? You might not even remember you are eating in the first place. Listen to your tummy, not your emotions.

Ladies, keep in mind that beauty comes from your inner self not from others mouth. If you want people to compliment you, you got to learn how to accept yourself. Don't ever look down on yourself.


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