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Thors Hammer

Updated on May 18, 2013

The most famous Viking Hammer: Mjolnir

Thor was the thunder God of the vikings. He was known for his strenght and his magic hammer. The name of Thors hammer is Mjolnir and it was believed that with it he could create lightning The meaning of Mjolnir is crusher and the hammer was created as a weapon for Thor to help him when he was hunting the frost giants (Jætter). Thunderstorms were referred to as Thors wrath as when it stormed it meant that Thor and his hammer was out and about.

The vikings feared him, but they also reverred him as can be attested to the many Thors Hammer pendants and necklaces left behind from the viking age. The hammers were often inscribed with futhark (the name for the old runic alphabet) and was seen as a symbol of strenght and worn for protection.

Today a Thors Hammer pendant or necklace is the perfect gift for strong people or for people who can use the symbol to draw strenght and is a cool reminder of the rich culture of the viking age. You can even get Thos Hammer Earrings if you that is more your style.

This could be the perfect and very special Valentines present for your loved one. If you are a trying to find a Valentines Gift for him then this might be it.

Have a look and get inspired! :)

Picture courtesy of Mistel. Please do not use without permission.

Simplistic Bronze Thors Hammer Pendant

Genuine Bronze Thors Hammer Pendant Necklace Odin Norse Viking Mjollnir
Genuine Bronze Thors Hammer Pendant Necklace Odin Norse Viking Mjollnir

Sometimes simple is just better. In the viking ages not everyone would have been able to afford a gold or silver hammer, however it was still important to seek the protection of the Gods. This is the perfect Mjolnir for people who do not like too many distracting details. Because it is smooth, it is also easier to clean which means your Thors Hammer pendant will always be shining bright at your chest.


Thors Hammer in Gold

Thor's Hammer Necklace 14k. Gold
Thor's Hammer Necklace 14k. Gold

This Thors Hammer is made of 14k gold. The runes on the hammerhead reads Mjolnir and is written with Elder Futhark runes. The purchase includes a black leather cord.

In the viking ages only the riches of rich could afford a Thors hammer made of gold, silver was more common, however silver hammers coated with gold has also been found.


Thors Hammer Sterling Silver Pendant

Thors Hammer Sterling Silver Pendant Necklace Jewelry
Thors Hammer Sterling Silver Pendant Necklace Jewelry

This Hammer is inscribed with Futhark runes granting the wearer courage and strenght. Even if you don't believe in the old Gods they can serve as a great reminder, that you possess strenght. The runes read Mjolnir.

There is an incredible power in the old runes that you can draw from and take courage in.


Thor's Hammer Pendant tip #1

If you are buying a Thors Hammer pendant for a female you should go for a smaller and lighter version.

Preferably with a bit more details on it (unless the woman you are buying Mjolnir for specifically do not like details).

Thors Hammer pendant - Sterling silver

Thor's Hammer Celtic Nordic Viking God Large Sterling Silver Slide Pendant
Thor's Hammer Celtic Nordic Viking God Large Sterling Silver Slide Pendant

A Thors hammer featuring Thor's face and ligning bolts. This is quite a large Thors hammer being 1.5" high and the same in the width. The hammer is decorated with a nordic knotwork pattern giving it the feel of an viking jewelry piece.


Thors Hammer - Pure Solid Bronze

Real Bronze Thors Hammer celtic pendant mjollnir
Real Bronze Thors Hammer celtic pendant mjollnir

This solid Bronze hammer features beautiful viking designs, from the bail to the hammerhead it is covered with tiny details. It is one of the bigger Thors hammers featured here and it is certain to be noticable if you wear it around you neck. The matted look gives it an ancient and realistic feel so it is almost like wearing a piece of history in a chain.


Thors Hammer - Bone pendant

81stgeneration Women's Men's Handcarved Bone Celtic Norse Thor Hammer Amulet Charm Pendant Necklace
81stgeneration Women's Men's Handcarved Bone Celtic Norse Thor Hammer Amulet Charm Pendant Necklace

During the viking ages resources were limited and as such people tried using every part of an animal. Bones were used for combs, needles, jewelry and many other things. The horns of oxes and goats became the know famous viking drinking horns.

This Thors hammer is made from cow bone and is perfect if you want a different kind of Thors Hammer.


Chains for your Thors Hammer Pendant - Keep Mjolnir in a string

Thors Hammer Earrings

Sterling Silver Scandinavian Norse Viking Thor's Hammer Earrings
Sterling Silver Scandinavian Norse Viking Thor's Hammer Earrings

Double up on your protection from the Norse Gods by wearing this Sterling Silver Thor's Hammer earring set.

Also makes a great gift to someone you love.


The story of Mjolnir

How Mjolnir was created and became the weapon of Thor.

Most of the stories we have about the Vikings comes from the Edda, a collection of word of mouth stories, poems and songs collected by Snorri Sturluson.

The story of Mjolner goes as follows:

Loki once snuck into Thors house and cut off the hair of his sleeping wife(Sif). When Thor awoke the next morning he was furious and Loki got scared. He promised to replace the hair. He went to some dwarves he knew and had them create a golden wig for Sif. They also created Skidbladner (a ship that could be folded into a small package fitting your pockets and furthermore the ship always has the wind in the back). On top of these they created a spear called Gungner which would always hit its target.

Loki was really happy with these items and started home, but on the way he met another dwarf called Broki. Loki started bragging about the 3 wonders he had obtained and he bet his head that Broki and his brothers could not create anything better.

Broki took the bet and started crafting. First he created a pig with golden skin, that could run faster than a horse. Then he forged a golden ring called Droepner. Every ninth night 8 exact replicas of the rings would "drip" from it. At this point Loki got scared and he turned himself into a fly and started bothering the dwarves as they were forging. He succeeded somewhat because the shaft on the final item got a bit too short, however the hammer was created with all the powers it was intended to have. Mjolnir was created, the hammer that always hits it target and that will always return to the hand of its owner.

Loki and the dwarves now travelled to Asgaard to have the Gods judge who had one the bet. After some discussion they decided that Loki lost and then the dwarves wanted to claim their prize; The head of Loki. Of course Loki wasn't too keen on this and he said that they were welcome to his head, but his throat had not been part of the bet, so they were not allowed to touch that.

The dwarves got furious and in their anger they sewed together Lokis lips.

Mjolnir was given to Thor and it has been his ever since.

Source: Snorris Edda-myths.This text is my own interpretation and translation and may vary slightly from the original. If you are interested in reading the original text you can find it in danish and norwegian here.

Mjolnir gives you strenght and courage

Mjolnir pendants looks really cool and they gives you a bit of a mystical air as well. A Thors hammer around the neck shows the world that you are a strong, couragous and confident person and it is a great subject for conversation. Especially if you also take the time to learn to spell your name in Futhark.

I hope you found the the perfect Thors Hammer for you and that you found the information listed here interesting.

Who are you buying a Thor's Hammer pendant for? - I hope you enjoyed your stay. Why not leave a message?

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      anonymous 5 years ago

      Great lens! I've been getting into norse mythology and music lately.

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      murchada 5 years ago

      There's a really cool Thor's Hammer pendant that features a skull and the Viking runes might.... it's at

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      An extremely cool lens. Enjoyed the stories.

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      WriterJanis2 6 years ago

      Very much enjoyed this lens.

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      Heidi 6 years ago from Benson, IL

      Cool...I thought it was hilarious that the one girl in the Thor movie kept calling the hammer "Mew-mew." Considering Thor's temper, I'm surprised she didn't get a mouthful of his fist.

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      Mistl 6 years ago

      @toldyaso lm: Haha. Afraid not. ;)

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      If I purchase Thor's hammer, does Chris Hemsworth come packaged with it?

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      SteveKaye 6 years ago

      This is excellent example of how to set up a lens that helps everyone (including the lens maker). Thanks!

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      Iain84 6 years ago

      Great lens - i love Thor!