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Best Tips for Applying Makeup on Acne-Prone Skin

Updated on September 14, 2021
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Nilesh Patel is a Writer, Technology Enthusiast, Social Media Lover & all around Digital Marketing Guy.

Don’t we all yearn for a fairy godmother who can grant that one wish of curing all our skin blemishes and acne! It would indeed be lovely to have smooth and dewy skin which shall never fall prey to an unfortunate monster zit just one day before going out on a date. Ladies often seek out the assistance of makeup for camouflaging these blemishes.

But in most of the cases, such makeups simply aggravate the issue rather than covering it up. This is why it is necessary to be cautious about the products of your makeup arsenal and its core ingredients.

Oil serves as the ultimate nemesis of a woman having acne prone skin. Although makeup containing oil extracts might do wonders on the skin of your best friend, it might make matters worse with your skin sensitivity. You should thus steer clear of the oil-based makeups by going through the ingredient list prior to purchasing the same.

How To Prepare Sensitive Skin For Makeup Application

  • It is imperative to apply the foundations for acne prone skin under natural light. Applying the same in a dim lit room might make it extremely difficult to make out the mistakes which otherwise become prominent once you step out in the light.
  • Prior to applying the makeup, you need to wash your face thoroughly. However, you should be careful about not scrubbing your face and patting it dry prior to applying makeup. You can also opt for an exfoliation wash three times a week.
  • Once you are done with the cleaning routine, it is time to moisturize your face. For this, you can use a light water-based moisturizer and allow it a setting time of a few minutes.
  • Next, you will have to apply a primer gel having a matte finish for minimizing your pores and camouflaging all your blemishes almost instantaneously. However, you need to be cautious about only using the clear water-based ones as they can absorb your excess facial oil which is infamous for triggering further skin ailments.

  • You can also nail a natural matte finish look by applying primer prior to proceeding with the remaining makeup. The primer should also be allowed a few minutes of resting time for best results.

Steps Of Applying Makeup

  • The base layer of cream or liquid foundations for acne prone skin should primarily be applied using a clean brush or a soft makeup applicator. You will have to initially dab on the foundation at the five different spots of your chin, cheeks, nose, and forehead before blending it smoothly using circular motions. However, you shouldn’t try to cover up all your blemishes in this very first step itself.
  • Next, you will have to apply some concealer on the prominent spots of your face. It is advisable to opt for the concealer sticks as they are comparatively easy to use. Alternatively, you can also opt for liquid concealer and apply the same with a proper brush.
  • Just a tiny amount of concealer will have to be applied on the visible pimple and acne spots before being blended to perfection. For stubborn pimples, you might be required to re-apply some concealer and set the same by dabbing on more powder.
  • This has to be followed up by the application of loose transparent powder using a natural bristle brush. You need to sweep the same by following the circular upward motion and ensure its application on your hairline, the upper neck area and under the chin.
  • In the case of pimples, acne or oily blemishes which are on the verge of eruption, you will have to dab some transparent powder directly on the same using a small brush in a light circular motion.
  • In the case of pimples, acne or oily blemishes which are on the verge of eruption, you will have to dab some transparent powder directly on the same using a small brush in a light circular motion.
  • A liquid cheek tint can impart the requisite dash of color to your cheeks. For this, you can put small dots on your cheek apples and blend it gently using your fingertips.A liquid cheek tint can impart the requisite dash of color to your cheeks. For this, you can put small dots on your cheek apples and blend it gently using your fingertips.
  • An eyelash curler forms an imperative part of the makeup arsenal of all women as it can open up your eyes magnificently. You need to follow a slightly upward movement while curling your lashes and follow it up with generous coats of mascara. Herein, it is advisable to opt for lengthening mascara in the place of a volumizing one.
  • Your shade of bronzer needs to be one or two shades darker than your natural skin tone. The bronzer will have to be applied on your nose, hairline, chin and eyelid corners for than deeply chiseled look.
  • While deciding on the color of lipstick, you need to select one which compliments your skin tone as well as the outfit. Alternatively, you can downplay the lips by going ahead with a red or pink tinted lip gloss.

Things You Should Refrain While Applying Makeup on Acne Prone Skin

  • You should follow the less is more rule and never use heavy foundations while applying makeup on Acne Prone Skin. Thus, rather than slathering oodles of foundation all over your face, you need to just hide the skin imperfections in a minimalist manner.
  • You should never pick a pimple prior to applying makeup as it will just make the place look irritated and bumpy. It also gets extremely difficult to cover up the ensuing puffiness irrespective of the numerous makeup layering.
  • Under moisturizing can cause your final look to feel chalky and rough by overtly portraying your blemishes.
  • Leaving makeup overnight can deteriorate your acne as your skin cannot breathe properly leading to clogged up pores.
  • You should never use SPF makeup having binder or talc component as that can trigger further irritations. As an alternative, you can proceed with makeups rich in zinc oxide which ushers in anti-inflammatory effects on your acne and pimples.


Contrary to popular belief, ladies suffering from facial blemishes can also sport a flawless look provided they get the proper backing of proper foundations for acne prone skin.

So, stack up your beauty arsenal with makeups which can nourish your sensitive skin tone to camouflage all signs of blemishes while improving your skin texture in the long run.


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