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Beauty Tips For A Round Face

Updated on July 26, 2012

A Round Face

Round faces tend to give a person a more lively, youthful look, but for those who do not know how to work their round face shape may actually distract from there facial features and can even make their face appear heavier. It's very important for women out there with round shaped faces to know how to flaunt this wonderful attribute correctly.

Work Those Eyebrows

If you have a round face, try giving your eye brows a good arch, this will help level your face out a bit making your face not appear 'too' round. Eyebrows that tend to be straight and flat will make your head appear heavier.

Dark On The Eyes And Lips

Wearing darker eye makeup or lipstick brings more focus to the center of your face, and if you have a round one, like myself, you want to always make sure that insides of your face instead of the side to side corners is what you focus on. Wearing darker mascara, eye shadow, or eyeliner is a great way to properly display your round face. Dark lipstick or wearing juicy lip gloss in the center of your lips is another helpful option as well.

Give Height to Your Hair

Try giving height to the top of your head by adding volume up high. It's important though to avoid to much hair volume around you ears area because this can make your face look too full.

Lighten Your Foundation Down the Center

Use a lighter foundation for your face down the center. This will contour your facial features and bring attention to the inner areas of your face. Try adding light foundation at the center of your chin, your nose, a little dot at the top of your forehead, between your eyebrows, and around your eyes.

When It Comes to Blush, Use Not So Much

Although many people may advise to always add blush to the apples, that's not all so true for people with round faces. Because round faces tend to gain weight easily in the apples, applying blush there only makes your cheeks appear even heavier. If you're still wanting to use blush on your apples though, go with a very light pink or even a pinkish color that's no darker than your foundation, and put the blush on the very outer corners of you apples.

Avoid Big Earrings

Big or oversized earrings, usually are a major 'don't' for round faces, since they distract from your best facial features. If your going to wear earrings, try going with a not so big, but not too small earrings that are symmetrical shapes like triangles, squares, or circles.

So there's the basic know how tips on flaunting that beautiful round face or yours.


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